Honduran proverbs

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  • Un indio menos, una tortilla más.
    • Translation: One indian less, one extra tortilla.
    • Meaning: That when one leaves or dies, there is more left for everybody else.
  • Cuando menos se espera, salta la liebre.
    • Translation: The hare jumps when you least expect it.
    • Meaning: Things will happen when you least expect it.
  • Es mejor tostón asegurado que dime apostado.
    • Translation: Secured 10 cents are better than 20 cents in the betting pot.
    • Meaning: It is better to have a stable job that pays less than an unstable job that pays more.
  • Andas tirándote pedos, pero nunca cagas.
    • Translation: You fart, but you never take a dump.
    • Meaning: Said to someone who talks about doing something but never does the deed.

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