Horatius Bonar

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The happy think a lifetime short, but to the unhappy one night can be an eternity.
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Horatius Bonar (December 19, 1808 - May 31, 1889) was a Scottish churchman and poet.


  • Thou must be true thyself,
    If thou the truth wouldst teach;
    Thy soul must overflow, if thou
    Another's soul would'st reach!
    It needs the overflow of heart
    To give the lips full speech.

    Think truly, and thy thoughts
    Shall the world's famine feed;
    Speak truly, and each word of thine
    Shall be a fruitful seed;
    Live truly, and thy life shall be
    A great and noble creed.

    • "Be True," from Hymns of Faith and Hope (1867)

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