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Peter Hugh Dennis (born 1962) is an English comedian, writer, actor and voice-over artist.

Mock the Week

  • I was run over by a white van man once and there were two Chinese men in the van and as they hit me I flew off my bike I looked across at them and there was no expression on their face [imitates a depressed Chinese man] as if there are a lot of bike accidents in China.
  • (German Accent) Why are we speaking English? (Lines you wouldn't hear in a war film)
  • Good news and bad news for you; congratulations sir, you've given birth to a healthy baby boy, the bad news is it's blown your cock off.
  • (Things you wouldn't hear at the olympics) And the french have four faults there. Their language, their food, their underarm hair and the fact that they are french.
  • As Jimmy Saville "Do you like the music of Showaddywaddy?"
  • The only reason he wins is cause he eats plankton.
    • Talking of Michael Phelps
  • That's a double for being a woman, the other for being German.

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