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Humbert Wolfe CB CBE (1885-01-051940-01-05) was an Italian-born English poet, biographer, literary critic, translator and civil servant. Hugely popular during his own lifetime, his poems have since fallen into neglect.


  • The children play
    At hide and seek
    About the monument
    To Speke.
    And why should the dead
    Explorer mind
    Who has nothing to seek
    And nothing to find?
    • "Speke", from Kensington Gardens (London: Ernest Benn, [1924] 1927) p. 50.

  • Space is a wind that does not blow
    On Betelgeuse and time – oh time – is a bird,
    Whose wings have never stirred
    The golden avenues of leaves
    On Betelgeuse.
    • "Betelgeuse", from The Unknown Goddess (London: Methuen, [1925] 1927) p. 34.

  • You cannot hope
    To bribe or twist,
    Thank God! The
    British journalist.

    But, seeing what
    The man will do
    Unbribed, there's
    No occasion to.
    • "Over the Fire", from The Uncelestial City (London: Victor Gollancz, 1930) p. 30.

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