I Am Sam

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I Am Sam is a 2001 film about a man suffering from mental retardation and his struggle to gain custody of his mentally normal daughter.

Written and directed by Kristine Johnson and Jessie Nelson.
All you need is love.

Sam Dawson

  • That's a wonderful choice.
  • OK, remember when Paul McCarthney wrote the song "Michelle" and then he only wrote the first part, Annie said. And then he gave that part to John Lennon, and he wrote the part that said, "I love you, I love you, I love you." And Annie said that it wouldn't have been the same song without that... and that's why the whole world cried when the Beatles broke up on April 10, 1970.
  • You made her.... cry... :(

Rita Harrison Williams

  • Sam, I can go another nine rounds but you've got to let me in.

Lucy Diamond Dawson

  • All you need is love.


Social Worker: Lucy, it's quarter to five. You only have a few minutes left.
Lucy: You can leave if you want to.

Rita: Now, Ms. Cossell, in all the time that you've known them, have you ever questioned Sam's ability as a father?
Annie: Never.
Rita: Never?
Annie: Never. Look at Lucy. She's strong. She displays true empathy for people, all kinds of people. I know that you all think she's as smart as she is despite him, but it's because of him.
Rita: So what you're saying is you don't worry about Lucy's future?
Annie: No, I do.
Rita: Ah...
Annie: I worry all the time. I worry if they take Lucy away from her father they will take away an enormous piece of her, and I worry that she will spend the rest of her life trying to fill that hole.

Sam: I need to get Lucy back. We need, we need - to be professional!
Rita: Do you know what that means?
Sam: When dealing with Starbucks' customers, 'be friendly but not familiar'. I can be your friend.


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