Ice Princess

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Ice Princess is a 2005 Disney live action film, directed by Tim Fywell.


Gen: People know I don't have a talent!
Tina: Gen, perseverance is nine-tenth of mastering any sport.

Tina (to onlooking crowd): If you have any self-perseverance, you'll scatter.

[Casey chooses skating over Harvard]
Joan: You can't do this, Case. You're giving up your dream.
Casey: No, Mom. I'm giving up your dream. I'm going after mine.

Casey: I want you to coach me for sectionals.
Tina: Why on earth would I do that?
Casey: Because you don't have a skater and I don't have a coach. We're a perfect match.

Casey: What's wrong with wanting to feel strong and graceful and beautiful for once in my life?

[After filming and witnessing Casey landing a double lutz, and Casey was shocked that she landed a double jump.]

Ann: When you sign with Nike, remember I wear size six-and-a-half.

[Before Casey's long program]

Tina Put these in. (Hands her earplugs)
Casey Why?
Tina Believe me, you don't want to know. If they fall, you'll get cocky. If they bring the crowd to its feet, you'll feel pressured. No one else exists. Go into the bubble.