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Idi Amin Dada (May 17, 1925August 16, 2003), commonly known simply as Idi Amin, was a Ugandan dictator who served as the President of Uganda. Amin joined the British colonial regiment, the King's African Rifles in 1946, and advanced to the rank of Major General and Commander of the Ugandan Army. He took power in a military coup in January 1971. Dissent within Uganda, and Amin's attempt to annex the Kagera province of Tanzania in 1978, led to the Uganda-Tanzania War and the fall of his regime in 1979. Amin fled to Libya, before relocating to Saudi Arabia in 1981, where he died in 2003.


  • Sometimes people mistake the way I talk for what I am thinking.
    • Quoted in "Leaders and Their Followers in a Dangerous World" - Page 17 by Jerrold M. Post - 2004
  • In any country there must be people who have to die. They are the sacrifices any nation has to make to achieve law and order.
    • Quoted in "101 People You Won't Meet in Heaven" - Page 11 - by Michael Powell - History - 2007
  • You cannot run faster than a bullet.
    • Quoted in "The Mammoth Book of Zingers, Quips, and One-Liners" - Page 51 - by Geoff Tibballs - 2004
  • I am the hero of Africa.
    • Quoted in "Simpson's contemporary quotations" - by James Beasley Simpson - Page 1
  • Politics is like boxing - you try to knock out your opponents.
    • Quoted in "Brewer's Cabinet of Curiosities" - Page 64 - by Ian Crofton - 2006
  • Although some people felt Adolf Hitler was bad, he was a great man and a real conqueror whose name would never be forgotten.
    • Quoted in "The Evil 100" - Page 78 - by Martin Gilman Wolcott - Social Science - 2004
  • I am not a politician but a professional soldier.
    • Quoted in "When Illness Strikes the Leader: The Dilemma of the Captive King" - Page 57 - by Jerrold M. Post, Robert S. Robins - 1993
  • My mission is to lead the country out of a bad situation of corruption, depression and slavery. After I rid the country of these vices, I will then organize and supervise a general election of a genuinely democratic civilian government.
    • Quoted in "Uganda, the Human Rights Situation" - Page 13 - by United States Congress. Senate. - Civil rights - 1978
  • His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular.
    • About himself. Quoted in "Africana: The Encyclopedia of the African and African American Experience" - by Appiah, K. Anthony; Henry Louis Gates, Jr. (1999)


  • If we knew the meaning to everything that is happening to us, then there would be no meaning.

About Idi Amin

  • Racist, erratic and unpredictable, brutal, inept, bellicose, irrational, ridiculous, and militaristic.
    • U.S. Ambassador Thomas Patrick Melady, about Amin's regime, 1973
  • Killer and clown, big-hearted buffoon and strutting martinet.
    • Time magazine article

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