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This page is for quotations from the series of movies featuring the character Indiana Jones

Feature films

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Television series

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles (1992 - 1993, 1995 - 1996, 1999)

Amusement park rides

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Indiana Jones

  • Great! I ask for help and they send me tourists. Ugh...swerve left, up to the left! had to look, didn't you?
  • You looked?! There's powers here you can't possibly comprehend! Ugh! Quick! Take the left passage, it's the only way out...Nice driving, pal!
  • Tourists?! You had to look, didn't you? We got a problem over here. Turn left, up to the left! And watch it, there's big steps up there!
  • You made it! Uh-oh, we got company! Back up, back up!
  • Hey! Get some light up here. I got a bad feeling about this!
  • Hey! get a light down here! Uh-ho. Careful, we got company!
  • Hey! Get a light down here! Great, let me in, uh-oh get me out, get me out!
  • Snakes?! You guys are on your own!
  • Not bad for tourists. Now stay out of trouble, will ya?
  • Next time, you are on your own.
  • Next time, wear blindfolds, okay?
  • Tourists. Why'd it have to be tourists?
  • There...that wasn't so bad...was it?
  • You were good in there. You were very, very good.
  • Now don't tell me that wasn't big fun.


  • Welcome my friends, to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye.
  • Look, the Observatory of the Future opens to receive the travelers ahead. Which path will you be taking?
  • Look, look! In the mirror ahead, fellow travelers enter the Chamber of Earthly Riches. A rewarding experience.
  • Sallah speaking. Look into the mirror. Your fellow travelers are entering the doorway to the Fountain of Eternal Youth. On which path does your destiny lie?"
  • Hello, hello? Are you now coming in? Please make sure your seat straps are securely fastened.
  • Attention, attention please! Sallah speaking. Please check your seat straps and make sure they are securely fastened.
  • Ah, come in. As you entered your transport make sure your seat straps are fastened.
  • Ah, hello, hello? Oh, my friends, ah the brakes may be needing a little adjustment. Easy on the curves, haha.
  • Go easy, easy, EASY!! The wheels may need a little adjustment, haha.
  • " The acceleration devise appears to be sticking but do not be concerned the breaks are very good haha."
  • Ah, welcome back! You entered the Observatory of the Future. In that case, I don't even have to tell you that we would like you to stay seated until the transport comes to a complete stop.
  • Greetings. You will no doubt be having many jewels and coins in your possession. Please, stay seated until the transport comes to a complete stop, and step out carefully with you treasure.
  • Friends! I celebrate your arrival!! If you drank too much from the Fountain of Youth, we will be happy to assist you with strollers. But please, stay seated until your transport comes to a complete stop.

Mara - God of the Forbidden Eye

  • You have chosen wisely. This path leads to timeless youth and beauty.
  • You seek the future. I will lift curtain of time. It is your destiny!
  • You seek the treasure of Mara: glittering gold. It is yours!
  • Foolish mortals! You looked into my eyes, your path leads to the Gates of Doom. Muhahaha!!
  • You looked into my eyes! Your destiny now lies beyond the Gates of Doom. Muhahaha!!

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