Inside Monkey Zetterland

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Inside Monkey Zetterland is a film written by and starring actor Steve Antin as the title character. It is about a former child actor the the zany assortment of family members and friends in his life.


  • You're a fag, baby!
  • Throw it all out into the universe, baby!
  • Stop bein' such a pussy about your fuckin' curtains.


  • My father used to shirk his parental responsibilities by saying that life was an illusion; karma was also a convenient excuse for foul-ups. In my mind echos: "Sorry I sold your baseball cards, Monkey, but it's your karma, and life is just an illusion anyway, boy."
  • Brent, you live in a beautiful shell. Go with it.


  • Una el coka dieta!
  • Excuse me, very rude and obnoxious stranger.
  • Tami Peterson has always been hyper-critical of my performance art. I mean she even delivered a speech in the quad about it called "Imogene: What do You Mean?" I mean, how could she do that to me? I've always been so nice to her!


Imogene: Now let me ask you something I've always wondered about. After you have the baby, does your pussy ever go back to it's natural tightness?
Cindy: I'm a dyke. It's not an issue.

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