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Inuyasha is Japanese manga created by Rumiko Takahashi and also TV animation series based on manga.


  • [After seeing the TV for the first time] This is the strangest box I've ever seen!
  • Damn! (variations include "Dammit!, Damn it all! or Dammit to Hell!")
  • Stone Wielder Boulder Griever!
  • Want me to scratch your back?
  • What does this have to do with Jewel shards?
  • I've heard that from a number of poor souls whose memories I keep alive by dancing on their tombstones!
  • Shut up and let me protect you!
  • [After being reminded he is a half-demon and cannot hope to win] Half is all I need to kick your scaly hide!
  • You're such a useless monk...
  • What kind of monk are you?!
  • Your brain's broken or something.
  • I will always protect you.
  • [To Kagome, clad in miko garb] Hey, get undressed. [gets hit with large rock] I didn't mean get naked stupid. I just can't stand seeing you in those clothes!
  • If you're trying to reason with me, come up with something reasonable.
  • No use crying over spilt blood.
  • The one who's going to defeat Naraku is me. That wimpy wolf will only be getting leftovers in his supporting role.
  • If you don't want to become my claws' victim, meekly bring over the Shikon no Tama.
  • Keh, women; no sense of priorities.
  • [to Kaede, an old woman] I'd come up there and kill you if you weren't half-dead already!
  • Hey, Shippo! Your village called, and they're missing their idiot!
  • [Opening a bag of potato chips] Fried potatoes!
  • [Concerning Miroku's lechery] You're possessed by something, but it ain't a demon.
  • You're not crying, are you?
  • If ya got a problem, just spit it out already!
  • K-Kikyo...
  • I'll never let him harm Kikyo!
  • I'm not one or the other -- not really a demon, not really human. I'm not either, that's all. There was no place for me, so I had to make one for myself. Then I realized: I had a place, but I was the only one in it. I didn't know any other way to live.
  • Yeah yeah, roar roar to you, too, buddy. Let's get it over with.
  • [After Miroku proposed to Sango] He poses a what?
  • Wounds of the heart, huh? To heal those, revenge is the best way! That is why we have to find Naraku fast. Let me go ask her again!
  • [To Miroku after he threw a piece of wood at him] What the hell was that for?!
  • Myoga! [Blows him away]
  • [to Sesshomaru] I'm gonna slit your stomach, take out your guts, and put 'em in a bowl!
  • I'm glad you were by my side too...
  • Kagome! Stay back! He's another one of Naraku's incarnations!
  • Mangy wolf!
  • I dare you to say SIT!
  • Oh cut the crap Sesshomaru, and don't come crying to me afterwards!
  • Stay outta this Kagome!
  • Don't you faint on me, you stupid girl.
  • Somehow, without my ever noticing it, it felt so natural, having Kagome near.
  • [Inuyasha pulls Kagome into a hug]I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.
  • [thinking about Kagome] As long as she's alive and well, that's all I hope for. I can't bear to see another woman die...
  • I'm gonna slit your stomach, take out your guts, and put them in a bowl. By the time I'm through with you, you're going to wish it was you who was dead.
  • That's pretty bad when you can even give a half demon the creeps.
  • [speaking to Kagome as Mistress Centipede is crushing her against a tree that Inuyasha is pinned to] "What about you ? Are you ready to die yet ?"
  • She said 'I'm going home.... STUUUUPIIID' [After being told by Kaede that that was a bad impression]I'm a demon, not a comedian!
  • [While chasing after Ginka and Kinka] "With brothers fighting like that, it causes a hell of a lot of trouble for everyone else. I can't believe them." *everyone glares at him*
  • [to Miroku] Oh, so now I'm your faithful terrier all of the sudden! Wondering if I've sniffed out a scent or heard something with my little doggie ears. Damn it! You guys piss me off! Every single one of you.
  • [holds up a deflated vollyball] I'm not gonna let something like this hurt Kagome! {stomps on the ball]
  • [to Miroku] Maybe you should explain what you do with women!
  • [to Kagome] Alright, alright, I'll avenge you, already.


  • SIT, BOY!
  • [after Inuyasha tries to stop her from returning home] SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT! SIT!
  • I'm going home, STUPID! You're such a jerk!
  • Inuyasha..!
  • What about just helping people?
  • Couldn't Grandpa just tell them I had a cold?
  • Wow, this is awesome... Look! A fish!
  • Why doesn't Kikyo just disappear from our lives forever!... [then to herself] How can I think like that?
  • (reffering to Inuyasha) Give me a break! Who could fall in love with a spoiled, selfish, nasty, violent jerk like him?
  • My arrows will only strike bad guys!
  • What's frightening you, aren't you a man?
  • [about Inuyasha's dog ears] I want to touch them.
  • You've had that big attitude since earlier but are you strong?
  • Can I stay with you?
  • [to Inuyasha] What the HELL are you doing?!
  • How could I forget? He's into dead girls!
  • [to Inuyasha] You dough head!!
  • [about Shippo] Ooh, a fox! It talks! Let me touch it next.
  • I-InuYasha!
  • [regarding Inuyasha's appearance] He's cute, but only if you're into dogs.
  • I can't compete with Kikyo. Afterall, I'm still alive.
  • Before I knew it... I've grown to love him [Inuyasha] so much...
  • GO!
  • I-Inuyasha... R-run away!
  • My voice can't reach him anymore, my hands can't touch him anymore... I'll never see Inuyasha... Ever again!
  • You're so dense!
  • Don't you think I have any pride?!
  • I'm Kagome! Not anyone else!
  • But, Inuyasha, I also know that it was no accident you and I met.
  • I sense a jewel shard.
  • Top-knot, top-knot, top-knot...
  • He's basically a big cuddly puppy dog.
  • I can't run away... And leave Inuyasha when he's struggling for his life!
  • Inuyasha, may I ask you a single question? Inuyasha, will you let me stay?
  • I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don't know what exactly I'll be able to do for you, but I'll always be by your side.
  • Someone the exact opposite of Inuyasha. That's the perfect guy for me!
  • Maybe it's just the morning light, but he looks pretty cool standing there with his sword.
  • He's thanking me? That can't be good.
  • Inuyasha, we said we always wanted to be together right?
  • Oh no, She's re-arming herself!


  • You shouldn't talk to yourself. People would wonder.
  • I've got to keep it together!
  • Inuyasha is so stubborn.
  • Alright, me too! [freezes in midrun] I'm just a weak little kid!
  • Wait! Don't leave me!!!
  • Fox fire!!
  • Naraku is a man. How can he give birth to a woman?
  • You're right, Kirara!
  • [about Inuyasha or Miroku] Idiot.
  • 'Kagome,are we going to get,devouered?
  • Swallow your pride and get Kagome back
  • [Kagome just complained about her bottom hurting from riding her bike] Inuyasha! Do you want Kagome's butt to get deformed?!
  • Guess that means you haven't gotten very far with Kagome then? [After seeing Inu's reaction] I don't know what that means, but people never seem willing to answer.
  • Reason gave way to passion? What does that mean?
  • Inuyasha's so strong that it makes up for the fact that he's stupid, childish, and just plain weird.
  • [finds Inuyasha head-down on the ground] By the depth of this hole, I'd say she's [Kagome] as feisty as ever.


  • Would you consider bearing my child?
  • [to Inuyasha after they were slapped from watching Kagome and Sango bathe] It was worth the pain; that was a wonderful sight we just saw.
  • I want you to bear my children.
  • It's improbable, it's impossible, it's against my religion.
  • Would you bear my child?
  • Forgive me. I've been so worthless.
  • [about Inuyasha] He's such a simpleton that he just had to THINK he could lift the sword...
  • Ah... I see you are going to have many babies in your future... Let's get started.
  • [to Kagome] I wish for you to bear me a son.
  • [to shrunken water goddess] You are very tiny, but I'm willing to give it a try...
  • Oh, so you want to bathe with me?
  • If we defeat Naraku and the curse of my wind tunnel is gone and we manage to make it out alive, would you come and live with me, Sango?
  • [to Inuyasha] Be nicer to the women-folk!
  • [to Sango when possessed] You truly are a fearsome opponent. I’m glad that we’re usually on the same side.
  • Wind Tunnel!
  • [during the second movie, when Sango prepares to hurl boulder at him]Wait, Sango...DON'T BE RASH!!!!
  • [After InuYasha explains unclearly what he did with Kikyo] "Ah, ghastly! You mean you did that in front of Kagome!?"
  • Life itself is a frightening image for every human being... being strong in life isn't easy.
  • "At times like this, that's why I want to be with you. It's not as though I could leave you behind and go enjoy myself."
  • [sees InuYasha on the ground] I recognize this position, meaning Kagome must be somewhere nearby.


  • Do what on her?
  • Kirara, GO!
  • (crawling out of dirt that she was burried under) I am alive! I will not die!
  • Stop repeating yourself!
  • (to Miroku) So that's it? I just assumed you'd try something lecherous...
  • (to InuYasha in episode 160) Sit boy! No good. I guess it only work when Kagome says it
  • Kohaku, you don't remember me?
  • (to Kagome) Miroku and I don't have that kind of relationship...
  • It's something that happened a long time ago, right?
  • Mind explaining what you're doing there, Monk?
  • (To Miroku) Well, you haven't changed a bit, pervert.
  • (to Miroku when he proposed) You... will... stop... flirting... right?
  • Hiraikotsu!
  • (in third movie,after Miroku gropes her and finishes his story about boys)Over come that,you pervert!(punches him,leaving with a black eye).


  • I tried to kill her. What is it that you plan to do about it? Will you kill me?
  • Does that girl mean more to you than I do?
  • Why did you betray me, Inuyasha?
  • Go Naraku, gather the shards of the jewel, and once you've found them all, then I will send you to Hell.
  • Demon Naraku? Or is it half-demon Naraku?
  • The red thread of fate, once broken, can never be rejoined.
  • Once the threads of fate are tangled, they cannot be undone.
  • To live, is to die. To die, is to live.
  • My soul, is so much more free then it was back then. I am free to love, free to hate.
  • (To Inuyasha) My spirit cannot rest in peace until I see you dead!
  • Inuyasha, after meeting you I renounced my position as a shrine priestess. I became an ordinary woman. I longed to embrace you like this when I was alive...
  • I've...never seen you make a face and cry like that...
  • I am free to hate now.Free to hate,and free,to love.


  • Jaken, are you pretending to be dead?
  • This plan is beneath me. Should it fail, Jaken, you will die.
  • We'll talk first, kill later.
  • You little men annoy me. Go.
  • Well, Totosai... don't you think it's a pity for Tetsusaiga? All InuYasha can do is wave about a sword with all his strength... It's the same whether its a famous sword or a log.
  • Mind your own business. I don't like human food.
  • (Regarding Rin) What's she so happy about? I just asked about her appearance.
  • InuYasha... that you were not able to kill I, Sesshoumaru, is... something you will come to regret.
  • (Regarding humans) Why protect them? Why miss them? Why love them?
  • (Regarding the untransformed Tetsusaiga) This blunt sword is not in any way suitable for I, Sesshoumaru.
  • Are you a fool, worm? Wake up.
  • Just because you have Tetsusaiga, it doesn't mean a low-life like you can master it.
  • You made me think about that disgusting half-youkai thing.
  • Compared to me, you were never any good.
  • (Regarding his father's tomb, located in a pearl placed behind InuYasha's left eye) It's in such an incredible place that even I, Sesshomaru, failed to perceive it.
  • (Regarding Rin) She intends... to rescue me... huh.
  • Our father's great power... but I did not inherit his merciful heart for human kind.
  • InuYasha... be like your half-youkai self and... CRAWL ON THE GROUND!!
  • (Regarding Kagome) How dull. That was just an ordinary girl.
  • We will discuss your intentions later. If you're still alive, that is.
  • To fend off that kid's weapon... InuYasha, I didn't know you thought so well of me.
  • You now are not a perfect Youkai. In the end, you're nothing but a Half-Youkai.
  • I'll kill him eventually... But at the moment... for someone who doesn't realize anything at all, killing him has no value.
  • A hanyou should act like a hanyou... AND LICK THE GROUND!!!
  • Neither I, nor you could pull out the Tetsusaiga. But she has easily gotten past the barrier. You want me to ignore this?
  • (Regarding Naraku) What a cunning bastard.
  • You're nothing but a pitiful halfbreed, InuYasha.
  • So we meet again, little brother.
  • All that for a memory and a dead mortal girl? If I'd have known that's what it would have taken for you to fight, I would have killed her sooner.
  • You haven't even released the full power of the Tetsusaiga. Watch as I destroy 100 demons with one blow.
  • You're truly stupid, aren't you? You know, you could just hide and run away...For you, the image of that wouldn't be disgraceful. Because, after all, your living soul in itself is already the pinnacle of disgrace.
  • Everything you say is TEDIOUS!!!
  • If you have any last words, say them now...
  • Inuyasha, you were the one who was unable to save her.
  • Even without a mere sword, it is simple for me to rip you apart with these claws.
  • Inuyasha, you worm, you've lost your way, haven't you?
  • By decorating Tetsusaiga with weird powers, you can't even finish off this one small-fry youkai.
  • You're an eyesore... If you get in the way again, I'll go after you instead.
  • So, you transformed eh, Moryomaru. You've gotten even uglier.
  • If you won't move, then never mind. I'll rip you apart together.
  • This arm is only meant to hold a sword.
  • Now, was that aimed at me?
  • [In third movie] I,Sesshomaru,have no one to protect
  • (Regarding Kagura) I will be the only one to decide whether she died in vain or not.


  • (To Sesshomaru) Come back, okay!
  • (regarding Kagura) Rin's not alone now... But it looks like she's been all alone the whole time.
  • (To Kohaku) I'm often told to shut up, you see.
  • (regarding Kagura) I think she really likes Sesshomaru!
  • (regarding Sesshomaru's heart) It's strong and kind, right?
  • Jaken... How come Sesshomaru got hurt?
  • (to Takemaru) A real man wouldn't hit a girl like that!
  • Wait for me Lord Sesshoumaru!
  • (to Sesshoumaru) If I died one day, I was wondering; would you always remember me?
  • Jaken, you should practice turning each of your sighs into flowers. Then there'd be pretty flowers everywhere!


  • You're so strange.
  • Release me at once!
  • Mother was right, I should have become a ferryman.
  • (regarding his feet while standing on molten lava) I smell roasting meat!
  • (Regarding making a sword for Sesshomaru) Are you there Totosai? Have you finished the sword you were commissioned to make? This is the promised date of delivery!
  • (Regarding Sesshomaru) Maybe he's become like a squishy ripe persimmon. No, almost certainly.
  • You brazen child!
  • Face powder does wonders.
  • Yes, Mi'lord.
  • Ah, Lord Sesshomaru! Wait for me!
  • Alas, the dismal fate of Jaken...
  • Behold the Staff of Two Heads!


  • Wait, Master Inuyasha!
  • I didn't run away!
  • Mmm... blood!
  • [Regarding Inuyasha's father] Your fathers' blood was very tasty.
  • [Regarding entering the cave where the Jewel of Four Souls was born] Oh, I can't belive I'm about to do this! ENTER MYOGA!! [jumps, is repelled back by barrier] Now, why did THAT happen?!
  • (After InuYasha steps on him)"The Fate of a flea"


  • I love Kagome.
  • Stupid mutt InuYasha
  • Oh, dog-crap, you're still alive?!
  • I am Koga, the young leader of the wolf tribe!
  • Kagome is my woman now!
  • (To InuYasha) What? You mean you were that close to Naraku, and let him escape? If I were there he would be dead by now.
  • (To Ginta and Hakkaku) What took you guys so long?
  • (To Ayame) Rgg, I already have a fiance named Kagome
  • I don't have time for dog-training today.
  • Kagome, I really love children.


  • I am the wind, and someday I will be free.
  • Just hurry up and DIE!
  • (To Sesshomaru) You have a fine face.
  • I am the wind... the free wind...
  • (Regarding Naraku) How soon we forget those we detest.
  • Damn you Naraku
  • (After Inuyasha locates the Wind Scar) You wish to slice through it, I imagine.
  • Are you aiming that weapon at me?
  • If you only look down, you will lose your head!
  • (Thought) Will it end here? Just by myself... this is the freedom I was seeking.


  • (dying) H-help me, Sango... I'm so afraid...
  • I'm not a ninja.
  • I won't simply die.
  • What have I done?
  • That lady. I can't forget her face.


  • ...
  • ...
  • I don't know...He's not here...
  • Give me your soul...
  • The wind... Kagura...?
  • The light will kill Naraku...


InuYasha: (Yawns) I wonder what's taking Miroku so damn long. But considering that lecher, and considering how long he's been with the princess, right about now he's probably...

(Sango fires a glare at InuYasha, and he stops abrubtly)

Shippo: Nah, not even Miroku would try anything in this demonic aura.

(Sango growls and continues and intensifies as InuYasha continues to speak)

InuYasha: Get real, he's a pervert. A little thing like this won't stop him. I can just picture him right now and believe me, its not the Demonic aura he's feeling.
Kagome InuYasha, sit boy!


Inuyasha: I'm gonna slice you for kidnapping Kagome!
Koga: Kagome?

Koga: Hey, dog-face! I am gonna let you go for now, but stay away from my woman!
Inuyasha: (shocked) W...woman?
(Everybody turns to Kagome)
Kagome: (embarrassed) No... He's lying!
Inuyasha: (To Koga) You... How dare you make lies like that?
Koga: I am not lying! Kagome can see sacred jewels and is brave. She is a fine woman... She is perfect for me! I love her! I TRULY LOVE YOU KAGOME!
Inuyasha: You... you...

Shippo: Kagome is beautiful, so she must be already eaten by now.
Inuyasha: Like I said, just what makes you think that Kagome is beautiful?
Myoga: I've been pondering this for a while, but Inuyasha's sense of beauty seems a little off.
Shippo: Aargh! That would explain his weird hairdo, and ugly fashion sense!
Myoga: Truly, his totally red outfit does have a problem. I'm sure there are better-looking clothes.
Inuyasha: Aaaargh! You guys shut up! Why did the subject get changed to my clothes?!

Shippo: I am a new fighting man!
Inuyasha: Stop trying to show off! (hits him)
Shippo: Kagome! Inuyasha is being so mean!
Kagome: (sweetly) Inuyasha...
Inuyasha: No! Kagome wait!
Kagome: SIT!

Kohaku: Is it true that demons breathe fire and toxins?
Sango: Sometimes.
Kohaku: Then it is true!

Miroku: Just what happened between you and Kikyo?
Inuyasha: Same thing you do with women.
Miroku: Ah, Ghastly! You mean you did that in front of Kagome!?
Inuyasha: Maybe you should explain what you do with women!

Princess: Don't leave me Miroku, I'm scared.
Miroku: You're scary enough yourself.
Princess: Monk, how can you be so cruel?!

Inuyasha: Is it my imagination, or is there some kind of jealousy thing going on here?
Sango: (Gives Inuyasha a really bad look) It's your imagination!
Inuyasha: (Tries to hide behind Kagome)
Kagome: Whatever you say.

Inuyasha: Kagome... Tell me something... Why were you crying?
Kagome: ...Back in the other room? Because... I thought I was going to lose you. I thought you were going to die!
Inuyasha: You shed tears for me... Cried for me... Kagome, if it's not too much trouble, may I lie on your lap?
Kagome: Huh? Mhm. *time passes* How do you feel? A little better than before?
Inuyasha: Yes. Kagome... You smell kind of nice.
Kagome: Huh? Ok that's it! You made a point of telling me before that you couldn't stand my scent!
Inuyasha: I did... But I was lying.

Kaede: So you smelt my blood on her, did ye?
Inuyasha: It didn't shock me... The way you're always getting sliced up.

Inuyasha: Someone's talking shit about me.
Kaede: Inuyasha, it's no surprise if someone talks shit about you. If you did something stupid like that...
Inuyasha: What? Hey old hag, you are calling me stupid, huh?
Kaede: You are the stupidest of the stupid. To find the Shikon shards, you've got to have Kagome. Although, I don't know what happened. Why did you piss her off like that?
Inuyasha: Shut up! She just left like that. (Imitates Kagome) I'm going home, stupid. (Stops imitating) Like that.
Kaede: Inuyasha...
Inuyasha: What?
Kaede: That was the worst impression I have ever heard.
Inuyasha: I'm a Demon! Not a Comedian!

Sango: She is someone who said she'll even bear your child.
Miroku: No, that's something I ask of all the ladies I meet.
Sango: Except one.
Miroku: Sango, would you...
Sango: SPARE ME!

Kagome: Don't move an inch!
Inuyasha: (stuck underneath two huge boulders) Sure. Ow.

Sango: It's just for tonight, why don't you comfort her?
Kagome: Koharu doesn't know much about this town either.
Miroku: I can not. If reason gave way to passion and Koharu becomes pregnant, she will be burdened with my likeness.
Shippo: Reason gave way to passion? What does that mean?
Miroku: I'm delighted you asked.
Kagome: I'M DELIGHTED YOU WON'T ANSWER! Shippo's still a kid, remember!?!

Miroku: At any rate, you can use the Tetsusaiga now.
Inuyasha: Hehehe. That's not all! Watch this! One, two...!! (Destroys a mountain)
Miroku: The Wind Scar!
Inuyasha: What do you think? I can use the Wind Scar whenever I want! (Destroys three more mountains)
Sango: Hey, stop it Inuyasha!
Miroku: You shouldn't be playing with a dangerous sword like that!
Inuyasha: It's okay! There's no one who can defeat me! Make me stop if you can!
Kagome: Inuyasha! SIT!
Miroku: You get so cocky when you get a few compliments.
Kagome: Really, he's so simple minded.
Inuyasha: Damn it... Kagome was here.

Inuyasha: Where's Kagome? (to the Thunder Brothers)
Hiten: Do not worry. We have done nothing to her yet. Now hand over the shards of the Sacred Jewel or you'll never see your lover again!
Inuyasha: (looking quite confused and surprised) My lover?
Kagome: (Thinking) Some people just can't take a joke...
Inuyasha: Lemme get this straight, you and me are supposed to be lovers?
Manten: (To Kagome) You little vixen! I knew you were fibbing!
Inuyasha: You actually thought that I would hand over the jewel shards as a ransom to get you back?!
Kagome: Of course you would! 'Cause that's what a lover would do!
Inuyasha: But we ain't lovers! And without love, the whole argument kinda falls apart!

Inuyasha: (regarding some other yokai brothers) With the brothers fighting like that, it causes a hell of a lot of trouble for everyone. I can't believe them.
(Everyone stares at him)
Inuyasha: Hm? What are you acting like that for?
Miroku: No, no. I was just thinking about what you said...
Shippo: Inuyasha would be one to know of annoying fighting with his brother, wouldn't he?
Miroku: Indeed.
Inuyasha: You asshole! Don't compare me to those two! Not to mention it's not my fault! It's Sesshomaru who comes in and messes with me!
Miroku: Yes, yes. All those who fight with their brothers say that.

Jaken: (sneezing)
Rin: Jaken, you have a cold?
Jaken: Idiot! Me, a Yokai, catch a cold?! I had done it instead of Sesshomaru.
Rin: Jaken, that's amazing!
Jaken: It is to be expected of Sesshomaru's underling.
Sesshomaru: (Hits Jaken on the head)
Rin: He's saying to mind your own business, right?

Kikyo: (to Inuyasha) We are unable to turn back the hands of time. So please... Allow me to embrace you a little longer.
Inuyasha: (still in Kikyo's embrace) I can't save you... I can't do anything to help you... Except stay like this. (pauses) If only time could stand still!
Kikyo: Would you agree to that? If I did stop time?
Inuyasha: Yes. I don't care. As long as... As long as... I'm with you.

Jaken: (bragging to Inuyasha about Sesshomaru)
Sesshomaru: Shut up, Jaken.
Jaken: Huh!? I didn't say anything.
Rin: Why are you telling such lies, Jaken?

Rin: I think I better tend to his wounds. (regarding Sesshomaru)
Jaken: He himself insisted that he wasn't injured. Can't you read his mood?
Rin: Mood?
Jaken: I'm saying we should go along with him faking being okay. (Sesshomaru suddenly looks to the side and stands up)
Rin: Ah, he got up.
Jaken: (Panics) He heard?

Koga: Don't think that you've won here. There is no way I'm going to give up on Kagome.
Inuyasha: Bah! You've lost. Can't you see eh, sto-o-opid?
Koga: Heh, don't get elated over just a hug, sto-o-opid.
Inuyasha: Bah, mortified eh. How pitiful, sto-o-opid.
Shippo: Those who call others stupid, are stupid themselves.

Inuyasha: Kagome... She’s ok.(thinking)
Shippo: Kagome!
Sango: Kagome!
Miroku: You're okay!
Kagome: What are you looking around for, Inuyasha? (Inuyasha stops and can't respond) If it's Kikyo, she already left. Why don't you go after her?
Inuyasha: Kikyo was here?
Kagome: That's right but she already left even though I told her to stay and see you.
Inuyasha: (Breathes a sign of relief)
Kagome: (thinking) So he's happy about it.
Miroku: Inuyasha, what are you going to do? Are you going after her?
Inuyasha: Kagome, did something happen between you and Kikyo?
Kagome: (Thinking as she remembers how she saved Kikyo) At that time I was trying so hard to save her but I can’t believe how lousy I feel now...
Inuyasha: Hey Kagome. (No answer from Kagome) Hey! What the hell are you sulking about?!
Kagome: Be quiet! (Inuyasha draws back) Everything is all your fault!! Oh, I HATE you!!!
Inuyasha: Wh-what...
Shippo: (Now completely hiding behind Miroku’s shoulder) She's really scary.
Inuyasha: What the hell did I do? Hey! If you don’t cut it out I’m really gonna get mad!
Kagome: SIT!!
Sango: What do you think about this Miroku?
Miroku: I don’t know the exact circumstances but either way Inuyasha’s probably the bad guy here.
Shippo: Yeah, because Kagome says so.
(A few moments later, they’re all sitting around a fire where Kagome is still in the same spot as before with her head buried in her knees and everyone else is on the opposite side of the fire)
Sango: Say sorry.
Inuyasha: Why me?
Sango: Look at Kagome... have you ever seen her look so lonely?
Inuyasha: But still...
Miroku: Inuyasha, before that I have something to ask you. Are you sure you don’t have to go after Kikyo?
Inuyasha: I can’t go when Kagome is like this.
Sango: Oh, so if Kagome smiled and said go ahead you would’ve gone?
Kagome: (Thinking) I’m such a horrible person. I got all worked up and took it all out on Inuyasha. He probably hates me now. (She slightly lifts her head then notices Inuyasha’s presence. He is squatting but this time with his back towards her)
Kagome: (Still somewhat upset) What?
Inuyasha: Are you still mad?
Kagome: Aren’t you going to go after Kikyo?
Inuyasha: When I was alone at the foot of the mountain, I saw Hijiri-sama. (The mysterious person the group was going after to find out if it was Kikyo or not.) But that was only a puppet controlled by Kikyo. I heard that the real Kikyo was being eaten away by Naraku’s miasma and her life was nearing an end.
Kagome: So he knew about it. (Thinking)
Inuyasha: How was Kikyo?
Kagome: She was wounded and sleeping. But the miasma was cleansed so she should be okay now.
Inuyasha: You did it?
Kagome: (Nods) Yes.
Inuyasha: I see.
Kagome: (To herself) Of course he's worried. (To Inuyasha) Inuyasha, go ahead and go. Don’t try so hard to hold back.
Inuyasha: (Abruptly turns around) I won’t go! You’re the one trying too hard. You saved Kikyo right?
Kagome: (Nods) Yes.
Inuyasha: Then she’s okay now. I’m not going after her.
Kagome: Really?
Inuyasha: Yeah. (Kagome smiles a bit) So take back what you said before.
Kagome: Huh?!
Inuyasha: Don’t tell me you forgot! You said you hated me.
Kagome: I said that?
Inuyasha: (Wearing his comical surprised face) Whaaaaat?
Kagome: Sorry. I completely forgot.
Inuyasha: Do you know how hurt I was with that!?
Sango: He was still hung up about that?!
Shippo: He's so naïve.

Kohaku: (dying) H-help me, Sango... I'm so afriad...
Sango: Don't worry... I'm here...

Bankotsu: We'll just make the kid send the note. Anyways, ninjas are fast. (to Renkotsu)
Kohaku: I am not a ninja!

Inuyasha: Take off those clothes.
Kagome: (hits Inuyasha on the head with a rock)
Inuyasha: What... was that for...?
Kagome: You're an animal.
Inuyasha: I didn't say 'Get naked!' Just get back into your own weird clothes!
Kagome: Because these make me look like Kikyo?!
Inuyasha: That has nothing to do with it.
Kagome: (thinking) Is he a demon or a Junior High kid?

Kagome: I know what's going on here!
Inuyasha: (nervously) Uuh...
Kagome: You're afraid of spiders, aren't you!?
Shippo: (transforms into a spider) Who's afraid of the big, bad spider?
(Inuyasha pushes Shippo to the ground)
Kagome: I'll take that as a yes?
Inuyasha: (annoyed) I'm not afraid of spiders!

Inuyasha: Wounds like that won't take me three days to heal.
Miroku: If it was me, I probably could not move for a month. Besides, it's not only the damage to her body, she has lost all her relatives, the wounds of her heart are much harder to heal. (Refering to Sango)
Inuyasha: Wounds of the heart, huh? To heal those, revenge is the best way! That is why we have to find Naraku fast. Let me go ask her again!
Miroku: (throws a piece of wood at his head)
Inuyasha: What the hell was that for?!

Inuyasha: Hey Sango, how do you unlock the shield of this cave anyway?
Myoga: That's right! When she uses the spell that has been passed for generations in this village, the shield will be gone in a flash!
Sango: There is no such spell like that.
Myoga: Huh? Then how??!!
Inuyasha: Myoga! (Blows him away)

Sango:Wait! Miroku it might be a trap!
Miroku:Now Sango,you know that the teachings of the monks tell never to ignore one in need. If this is a trap,I shall gladly fall for it.
Sango:(Annoyed)How incredibly selfless of you Miroku.

Sesshomaru: (slices through Jaken with Tenesegia)
Jaken: Lord Sesshomaru, whyyyyyyy...??? (falls on floor, looks dead)

short pause

Sesshomaru: Jaken...get up. You're fine.

Koga, the Wolf Demon: Got a problem with that, mutt-face?
Inuyasha: Did you just call me a mutt?
Koga: No, you're right. That would be an insult to canines. You smell much worse!

(later in same episode):

Inuyasha: (on all fours, sniffing the ground) Alright, I've picked up the scent of the wolves. I'll be able to lead us to them, no problem.
Koga: (in a flashback) No, you're right, that would be an insult to canines. You smell much worse!
Inuyasha: That cocky bastard! I can't believe he called me a mutt! (continues sniffing the ground)

(Kagome rolls up on a bicycle about 10 meters from Inuyasha, with Shippo in the basket)

Shippo: (to Kagome) I don't blame him for getting upset over being called a mongrel, but when he's sniffing the ground, he sure looks like one.
Inuyasha: (yells) I heard that, Shippo! Come here and say that, I dare you!
Shippo: (frightened, jumps past Kagome) Whoa! He can hear me from that distance? What a bloodhound, talk about canine power.
Inuyasha: (yells) Canines are carnivorous. Remember that, you little runt!

(later in same episode, Miroku and Sango arrive on the back of Kirara, a flying wolf)

Inuyasha: It's about time you guys arrived! Can you fly any slower?
Miroku: Inuyasha, can you smell or hear anything unusual about this area?
Inuyasha: Oh, so I'm your faithful terrier all of a sudden? Wondering if I've sniffed out a scent or heard something with my doggy ears? Damn you guys piss me off, every single one of you!
Miroku: Relax, I'm simply asking if you sense another presence in the air, like we do.

(Inuyasha jumps and lands on Kagome's bike)

Kagome: What do you think you're doing!? You broke my bike! Look at it!
Sota: Too bad. You had it all nice and shiny, too.
Inuyasha: Heh. All you have do to get it back is this. (bends handlebars)
Kagome: (annoyed) Inuyasha!
Inuyasha: Yeah, yeah. I'll fix it, all right.
Kagome: Keep your hands off my bike!
Inuyasha: I said I'd fix it.
Kagome: Thanks but no thanks.
Inuyasha: Then stop being all huffy!
Kagome: It's ok!
Inuyasha: It is not ok!
Kagome: SIT!
Inuyasha: (yells) (groaning): Kick stand's right in my spleen.

(later in the same episode)

Inuyasha: (tries to fix Kagome's bike and punctures the tires with his claws) Oh, no! It collapsed!
Inuyasha: (twists the bike like a pretzel, destroying it) Damn it! Why isn't this working?!
Inuyasha: (hand gets caught in the wheel) What the- Hey! Let go of me you stupid- YAAH! I said let go!
Inuyasha: (throws the bike to the ground) Ok, fine. We'll do it your way! IRON REAVER SOUL STEALER! There's no way a couple of rings could defeat me! Thought you had me there, didn't you, buddy! (grunts,yells)



Inuyasha - Richard Ian Cox
Kagome - Monica Stori
Miroku - Kirby Morrow
Sango - Kelly Sheridan
Shippo - Jillian Michaels
Kikyo - Willow Johnson
Naraku - Paul Dobson
Sesshomaru - David Kaye
Jaken - Don Brown
Rin - Brenna O'Brien
Kagura - Janyse Jaud
Kanna - Janyse Jaud
Hakudoshi - Chiara Zanni
Koga - Scott McNeil
Myoga - Paul Dobson
Kohaku - Alex Doduk, Danny McKinnon(Ep 102+)


Inuyasha - Kappei Yamaguchi
Kagome - Satsuki Yukino
Miroku - Koji Tsujitani
Sango - Houko Kuwashima
Shippo - Kumiko Wantanabe
Kikyo - Noriko Hidaka
Naraku - Hiroshi Hanaka
Sesshomaru - Ken Narita
Jaken - Yuichi Nagashima
Rin - Mamiko Noto
Kagura - Izumi Ohgami
Kanna - Akiko Yajima
Hakudoshi - Ai Kobayashi
Koga - Taiki Matsuno
Myoga - Kenichi Ogata
Kohaku - Akiko Yajima

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