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Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj (1922- present)[1] is one of India's foremost spiritual teachers. [1] Shree Kripaluji Maharaj] is the 5th Jagadguru of this age.

Quotations of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj

The Divine Love of Radha Krishn

  • "Your soul is yearning for such a love that could extend the peace and happiness of your mind to a non-ending limit and make your heart blissful forever."
  • "Drink the nectar of Divine love of Both, Radha and Krishn, as They are one."
  • "Fill up the pot of your heart with the nectar of Divine love of Radha Krishn and drink it all the time."
  • "Krishn loves the loving heart. He submits Himself to His selfless lover."
  • "The Divine nectar of Radha Krishn love is such that once the pot is filled it always remains full."
  • "‘Radha’ name is Radha Herself. If you just realize this truth, it is enough to explode your feelings of love for Her and to really feel Her presence in front of you…"
  • Radhey Radhey

The Importance of Devotion

  • [w:Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj|Kripaluji Maharaj] says only selfless love for Krishn can evolve Divine love virtues in the heart of a devotee, not the mechanical chanting or repetition of the name or any other worshipping formalities.
  • "It is the devotee’s purity, sincerity and love for Krishn, which makes it possible to experience the ‘sweetness’ of the name. One shouldn’t think that mechanical chanting of the name without loving remembrance will reveal God or award spiritual experiences."
  • "Whatever is difficult to receive, whatever is unattainable, and whatever is beyond the imagination of the human mind, is all obtained through bhakti. Apart from bhakti to Krishn you do not need to do anything else."
  • "When you have faith in someone, you begin to like him. When you like him more, you begin to love him. When you love him, you like to serve him. When you serve him, you become humble and like to be near him, and all that ends up in deep affinity. A true affinity has no demands and no requisites. There is only one desire: to love him and to serve him and to make him happy, because you feel happy in his happiness. Such feelings for Radha Krishn is bhakti."
  • "Set aside some time every day where you shed tears of loving remembrance for Radha Krishn, and sing and remember Their name, virtues and leelas. In the remaining time when you are fulfilling all your necessary worldly duties, feel that your beloved Krishn is close to you watching all of your actions."
  • "Dear souls, do devotion, do devotion, do devotion."

Loving Meditation

  • "First, meditate upon the form of Krishn according to your liking. Meditation means lovingly remembering Krishn (Radha Krishn) while trying to imagine that He is present near you in His Divine form."
  • "Meditation means feeling the Divine presence of Radha Krishn or your Master near you. You can also feel Their touch or the perfume of Their body or the perfume of the garland They are wearing. You should try to visualize in your imagination any leela of Braj or Vrindaban or Barsana where you are either an observer or participant in that leela. You can be very close to Radha Rani or Krishn in the leela or be in the crowd, as you prefer."
  • "The most important thing in devotion is that devotion should be done by the mind and not by physical senses alone."
  • "Along with the meditation on the form of Radha Krishn, you should also remember Their loving leelas and Their virtues, just like: They are the true friend of every humble soul (deen bandhu) and true companions to every fallen soul (patit pavan)."
  • "Along with meditation on the form of Radha Krishn, sing the name, virtues and the leelas of Radha Krishn."
  • "Meditation in raganuga bhakti is not a physical disciplinary act of concentration in the brain area. Meditation means feeling the Divine presence of Radha Krishn or your Spiritual Master near you."

The Spiritual Master

  • "The first step of devotion is to have full faith in your Spiritual Master and surrender to his lotus feet."
  • "Understand from your Spiritual Master your true relationship with your beloved God."
  • "Do not think that there is even the slightest difference between God and the Spiritual Master."
  • "True surrender is to join your mind with the Divine Spiritual Master by obeying his instructions without any questions or hesitation."


  • "All the time in your heart you must remember the name ‘Radhey Shyam’ or ‘Radhey Radhey.’"
  • "“Remember Me every moment and continue to perform physical actions.” In other words, continuously remember Krishn in your mind and keep on performing your duties in the world. This is called karm yog."
  • "And always feel that God and the Spiritual Master are with you. With whatever time you have available, bring God and the Spiritual Master into your mind. Remember them. Then your heart will keep purifying."
  • "When you inhale say ‘Ra’ in your mind. When you exhale say ‘dhey’ in your mind. And remember Radha.
  • "While performing all household duties, the Gopis constantly remembered Krishn with love. You also have to perform actions in the same way."
  • "All the Saints and scriptures stress that the name should always be remembered or chanted with selfless love; only then it will sprout the seed of Divine love that lies dormant in the heart of the devotee."


  • "Always desire for Krishn’s happiness. Do not desire for your own happiness."
  • "Whatever is God’s wish or the Spritual Master’s wish, it should be your wish."
  • "Whether Krishn gives you His Divine vision or not, keep shedding tears of love and longing continuously."

Longing and Separation

  • "Increase the feeling of longing for the full Divine vision of Krishn."
  • "Become very restless in separation from Krishn, and deeply cry for Him with humble tears of love and longing."
  • "Increase your longing for Krishn’s vision to such an extent that without His vision a moment feels like an eon."

Miscellaneous Advice

  • "Do not talk unnecessarily. Only speak what is necessary and relevant. Speak less and speak sweetly."
  • "Do not have ill feelings for anyone, even in dream or by mistake."
  • "You should always think that your Divine Beloved (Radha Krishn) and your beloved Master are always with you and are protecting you. Never ever think that you are alone."
  • "You should practice remaining alert all through the day, and at the time of going to sleep, you should think: "When did I get angry today? When did I become greedy or lustful? When did I hurt others?" You should feel that, think about that, look into your own faults in this way. Make a determination to be more alert the next day. Learn from each fall. The next day it will be less. And then it will be less. Ultimately, it will end."
  • "Austerity, yog, or vigorous practice of meditation etc., are never required in order to receive Grace of Radha Krishn as They are causelessly merciful by nature. Just have unflinching faith in Them. That’s all you have to do. Your eternally ruined luck will be instantly transformed and you will become Theirs forever."
  • "Give respect to everyone. Do not desire for others to respect you."
  • "Always look towards your own faults. Do not dwell upon or look for faults in others."
  • "Shed tears of love and separation, and ask Krishn for His Divine love and Divine vision."
  • "Don’t think that Krishn is Almighty Supreme God Who is not easily accessible to common souls. He is just yours."
  • "Always keep the feeling of humbleness like a blade of grass in your heart. Grass is tread upon by everyone but it never grumbles."

Quotations about Shree Maharajji's Writings by Others

  • "Prem Ras Siddhant” of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj is a book of unparalleled Divine wisdom that reveals all the Divine aspects of the supreme God,especially the Divine love aspects of Radha Krishn. I was thrilled to read this book. It will help all the Krishn devotees to understand the devotional secrets and to proceed on their path of God realization." - Shree Dhananjaya Das, Kathiya Baba, Vrindaban.
  • "The greatness of “Prem Ras Siddhant” is that it explains even the most intricate topics of our scriptures in an easily understandable style. It is my heartfelt desire that the followers of the path of Divine love should study this book of Divine love with great love and dedication." - Shree Prabhudatt Brahmchari, Sankirtan Bhavan, Jhusi, Allahabad.
  • "The Divine truth that has been manifested in this book represents the omniscient intelligence of the writer. The expression ‘to engross your mind in nam sankirtan is devotion, and to be fully engrossed in nam sankirtan is the perfection’ encourages a devotee to proceed on his path. While producing the essence of the Vedas and Darshan Shastras, Shree Kripaluji Maharaj has also revealed the unlimited loving beauty of God in such a style where intellectuality subsides and criticism disappears forever. Incredible is this work and incredible is its writer." - Shree Pathikji (his articles were frequently published in “Kalyan” Gita Press, Gorakhpur).
  • "I read “Prem Ras Siddhant” of Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj which thrilled my heart to a great extent. All the major questions and the criticisms regarding religion and the path to God are answered and brilliantly reconciled. According to the need of today, such a Divine book was a necessity of this age. I give thousands of salutations to the author of this book." - Shree Rampadarthdas Vedanti, Janakighat, Ayodhya.

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