Japanese mnemonics

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Mnemonics in the Japanese language.

1st line:SuiHei (lit: sailor)
2nd line: Liebe BoKuNo OFuNe (lit: lover, my ship)
gives: Sui (ja. Water = Hydrogen), He : Helium; Li : Lithium; Be : Beryllium; B : Boron; K (= C) : Carbon; N : Nitrogen; O : Oxygen; F : Fluor; Ne : Neon.
  • To remember the months with less than thirty one days (in Gregorian calendar)
Nishimukusamurai (lit: a samurai facing the west)
gives Ni : 2; shi : 4; mu : 6; ku : 9; samurai : 士 (kanji for samurai; considering as composition of two kanji, 十 (ten) and 一 (one))


  • To give the year of 794
nakuyo uguisu Heiankyō
gives na : 7; ku : 9 : yo ; 4, thus 794, the year the capital Heiankyō (now Kyoto) was founded.
  • To give the year of 1192
iikuni tsukurou Kamakura Bakufu
gives i : 1, ku ; 9 : ni ; 2, thus 1192, the year Kamakura shogunate was founded.