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Jiang Zemin (1928 - ) was the President of the People's Republic of China (1993-2003).


  • I can't believe Marxism can't triumph over Falun Gong.
  • If Falun Gong leaders are omnipotent, why didn't they predict the Chinese embassy getting bombed?
Dry humour in response after NATO bombed Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia in 1999.
  • "You people! You are all too young, too simple, sometimes naive!"
    • -Jiang speaking in passable English after a question was posed by Miss Sharon Cheung, a female Hong Kong reporter.
  • [After being told Xiamen corruption scandal in 1999 had powerful "backup" in government] Backup?! They have powerful backup?! Well you have me as your backup, and no one's higher than me!
  • The Communist Party of China must come to represent advanced productive forces, advanced culture, and the fundamental interests of the people.
This later became known as the Three Represents.
  • I would make Christianity the official religion of China. (When asked "If, before leaving office, you could make one decree that you knew would be obeyed in China, what would it be?". Source: "Jesus in Beijing" by David Aikman, p. 17)

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