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Show us a man who never makes a mistake and we will show you a man who never makes anything. The capacity for occasional blundering is inseparable from the capacity to bring things to pass. The only men who are past the danger of making mistakes are the men who sleep at Greenwood.
H. L. Wayland
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James Enos "Jim" Clyburn (born July 21, 1940) is an American politician and a member of the United States House of Representatives for South Carolina's 6th congressional district. He is a Democrat and currently serves as the House Majority Whip.


  • Today President Bush has failed the American people and especially people of color. Despite the lip service he and his party have given in recent weeks to building racial unity, his latest action seeks to perpetuate the current effects of past discrimination. ... President Bush's decision to join this misguided attempt to resegregate our public institutions is regrettable.
  • Has he paid his dues? Is he black enough? ... John Lewis and I were out there marching and organizing sit-ins back in the '60s so that his children and my children would not have to do it. ... We would have been failures if [Obama] had to do the same things we did.

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