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Take good care not to judge me wrongly, because you will put yourself in great danger...
Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth.

Jehanne Darc also known as Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc) (141230 May 1431) was a mystic visionary, military leader, martyr, saint and heroine of France. Executed by fire as a heretic after sentencing by a tribunal of pro-English clergy, she was later cleared of the charges during an appellate trial of the Inquisition on 7 July 1456, and canonized as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church on 16 May 1920.


  • Of the love or hatred God has for the English, I know nothing, but I do know that they will all be thrown out of France, except those who die there.
  • You say that you are my judge. I do not know if you are! But I tell you that you must take good care not to judge me wrongly, because you will put yourself in great danger. I warn you, so that if God punishes you for it, I would have done my duty by telling you!
    • Jeanne's warning to Bishop Cauchon, Trail records (15 March 1431)
  • Children say that people are hung sometimes for speaking the truth.
    • As quoted in World Famous Women: Types of Female Heroism, Beauty, and Influence from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time (1881) by Frank Boott Goodrich, p. 126
  • About Jesus Christ and the Church, I simply know they're just one thing, and we shouldn't complicate the matter.
    • As quoted in The Catechism of the Catholic Church (1994)
  • If I am not [(in the state of grace)], may God put me there; and if I am, may God so keep me.
    • Trial records


  • It is true I wished to escape; and so I wish still; is not this lawful for all prisoners?
    • When told she must be kept in irons, thus preventing her from a escape, which they also took note previously from her last escape, which she leaped from the tower.
  • I do not accept such a prohibition, if ever I do escape, no one shall reproach me with having broken or violated my faith, not having given my word to any one, whosoever it may be.
    • When told she is forbidden to leave the prison.
  • I learned to spin and to sew; in sewing and spinning I fear no woman in Rouen.
    • When asked about her childhood and what she did.
  • Pass that by [Passez outré]. I was thirteen when I had a Voice from God for my help and guidance. The first time that I heard this Voice, I was very much frightened; it was mid-day, in the summer, in my father's garden. I had not fasted the day before. I heard this Voice to my right, towards the Church; rarely do I hear it without its being accompanied also by a light. This light comes from the same side as the Voice. Generally it is a great light. Since I came into France I have often heard this Voice.
    • When asked about if she received the Sacrament of the Eucharist at any other Feast but Easter.
  • It had borne the burden; it was only right that it should have the honor.
    • When Asked why her standard had a place of honor at the King's coronation.
  • What I said was: 'Go boldly among the English,' and I went among them, too!
    • Asked if she told her troops that copies of her pennant would bring luck.
  • The poor folk gladly came to me, for I did them no unkindness, but helped them as much as I could.
  • Everything I have said or done is in the hands of God. I commit myself to Him! I certify to you that I would do or say nothing against the Christian faith.
  • Ha! You take great care to put down in your trial everything that is against me, but you will not write down anything that is for me!
  • I am a good Christian, properly baptized and I will die... a good Christian.
  • I came from God. There is nothing more for me to do here! Send me back to God, from Whom I came!
  • Most sweet Lord, in honor of Your Holy Passion, I implore You, if You love me, to instruct me in what I am to say to these churchmen. As regards to my clothes, I fully understand the order by which I accepted them, but I do not know how I am to set them aside. In this, may it please You to teach me.
    • When asked how she summoned her voices.
  • Truly, if you were to tear me limb from limb and separate my soul from my body, I would not say anything more. If I did say anything, afterwards I would always declare that you made me say it by force!
  • And if I were condemned and brought to the place of judgment and I saw the torch lit and the faggots ready, and the executioner ready to kindle the fire, and if I were within the fire, yet I would say nothing else and I would maintain unto death what I have said in this trial!
  • Through His Saints, God informed me of His great sorrow for the treason that I had committed by signing the abjuration. To save my life I betrayed Him and in so doing I damned myself!
    • In the margin of his paper the court notary wrote: "Responsio Mortifera" which means, "fatal answer."
  • My Voices have since told me that I did a great evil in declaring that what I had done was wrong. All that I said and revoked that Thursday, I did for fear of the fire!
  • I saw them with these very eyes, as well as I see you.
    • On how she recognized the saints of her visions.
  • I am not afraid… I was born to do this.
  • Take heart and come on! I will not fly away.
    • At the town of Troyes to Brother Richard
  • I fear nothing, except treason.
    • At the town of Chalons, speaking to a friend from Domremy
  • You touch them! Your touch will do them as much good as mine.
    • At the town of Bourges, speaking to Madame Touroulde referring to religious items that some people brought for Jeanne to bless by her touch.
  • In God's name, Count, you mock me! Ransom? How you jest. You have neither the will nor the power to do so!
    • Reply to the Count of Luxembourg, at an offer of freedom.
  • I know well that these English will put me to death, because they think that after I'm dead, they will win the Kingdom of France. But even if there were hundred thousand more Godons than there are now, still they will never have the Kingdom!
  • Alas! Am I to be so horribly and cruelly treated? Alas! That my body, clean and whole, which has never been corrupted, should this day be consumed and burned to ashes! Ah! I would far rather have my head chopped off seven times over, than to be burned!
    • When informed of her inpending execution.
  • Alas! Had I been in the Church prison, to which I submitted myself, and been guarded by the Clergy instead of my enemies, as I was promised, this misfortune would not have come to me! Ah! I appeal to God, the Great Judge, for the great injuries done to me!
  • Bishop, I die because of you!
    • Bishop Cauchon strongly protested his innocence. Jeanne replied: "If you had placed me in the Church's prison and gave me into the hands of competent and suitable Church guardians, this would not have happened. That is why I appeal to God for justice against you!"
  • Rouen! Rouen! Must I die here? Ah, Rouen, I fear you will have to suffer for my death!
  • I ask you priests of God, to please say a Mass for my soul's salvation.
  • I beg all of you standing here to forgive me the harm that I may have done you. Please pray for me.
  • Good Brother Martin, I thank you for comforting me, but you must leave this place... now.
    • As the execution pyre was lit.
  • My Voices did come from God and everything that I have done was by God's order.
  • Hold the crucifix up before my eyes so I may see it until I die.
  • Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!
    • Last words.
  • I fear nothing, for God is with me.

Quotes about Joan of Arc

  • Jehanne... If you come from God, I do not fear you ... if you come from the Devil, I fear you even less.
    • Constable de Richemont, who went on to serve at her side in the Battle of Patay.
  • Joan was a being so uplifted from the ordinary run of mankind that she finds no equal in a thousand years. She embodied the natural goodness and valour of the human race in unexampled perfection. Unconquerable courage, infinite compassion, the virtue of the simple, the wisdom of the just, shone forth in her. She glorifies as she freed the soil from which she sprang.
  • God forgive us: we have burned a saint.
    • Reported words of an English soldier after the execution.
  • Whatever thing men call great, look for it in Joan of Arc, and there you will find it
    • Mark Twain
  • Now, back in the 15th century, this French girl started hearing the voices of saints and said she needed to go lead French forces in driving out the English. And then she got barbecued. And now we have a game about it. Here's Joan of Arc. But it's spelled in French.
    • Morgan Web of X-play before the Jeanne D'Arc PSP game review.

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