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John Hegley (born 1 October 1953) is an English performance poet and musician.


Glad To Wear Glasses (1990)

  • my grandmother used to say
    before you moan
    about the muck on someone else's glasses
    make sure you're not on about the muck on your own

    her glasses were filthy
    • "Grandma's glasses"

  • in the beginning was the dog
    the real name of Jehovah is Rover
    Adam's rib is buried in the garden
    • "God is dog"

  • from Bradford Yorkshire
    to Bristol Temple Meads
    you don't have to change your underwear
    but you have to change at Leeds
    • "Bradford to Bristol"

  • this winter
    I hope you get a splinter
    if you make a toboggan
    and it is a mahog'un
    • "Poem about not using tropical hardwoods because it diminishes the rain forests"

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