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John Stanyan Bigg (1828 - 1865) was an English poet of the Spasmodic School.


Ode to the Centenary of Burns (1858)

  • No royal palace was prepared for him;
    No silken courtiers slid from room to room,
    Gathering together in the gorgeous gloom
    Of purple hangings, drooping rich and dim;
  • For him no silver cressets shed their light,
    No eager joy-bells sounded through the night
    From city minster, or from village tower;
    No loud "hurrahs," sent from deep-chested men,
    Lifted the midnight mist from off the glen
    In celebration of his natal hour.
  • He came, and no man knew it; no man knew
    The wondrous boon to Scotland given;
    That there—beneath that grim and wintry blue—
    A glorious Poet, strong and true,
    Had newly dropp'd from heaven!

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