Jurassic Park 3

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Jurassic Park III is a 2001 film that is the third film in the Jurassic Park film series.

Dr. Alan Grant

  • There is no such thing as safe on this island!
  • (about velociraptors) All our theories about raptor intelligence, what they were capable of, we weren't even close! They were smart. They were smarter than dolphins or whales. They were smarter than primates!
  • (after Billy said he stole raptor eggs "with the best intentions") With the best intentions!? Some of the worst things imaginable have been done with the 'best intentions.' You know, as far as I'm concerned, you're no better than the people who built this place.
  • (calling Ellie for help while being attacked by a spinosaurus) The river... Site B! The river!
  • That's the important thing.
  • (Finding a dinosaur carcass) It's okay, it's dead. (T-Rex raises it's head from behind the dead dinosaur) Nobody move a muscle! (T-rex roars and everyone besides Grant runs away)
  • God bless you, Ellie.

Eric Kirby

  • (about Ellie Sattler) Wow! You have to thank her now. She sent the Navy and the Marines!


Paul Kirby: (hearing distant roar) What was that?
Billy: That's a tyrannosaur.
Grant: I don't think so. It sounds bigger!

Amanda Kirby: (about the abandoned laboratory) So, this is where you make dinosaurs?
Grant: No. This is how you play God.

Eric Kirby: I read both your books. I liked your first one more, before you were on the island. You liked dinosaurs back then.
Grant: Back then they hadn't tried to eat me!

Paul Kirby: We called everyone; we did everything we could. No one would help us. The Costa Rican Government says this is a no-fly zone; the US Embassy, that's our US Embassy, told us we should accept the inevitable. Can you believe that!?
Billy: You let a twelve-year old go parasailing alone!?

[Paul and Amanda both say "No"]

Amanda Kirby: He was with a friend.
Paul Kirby: Ben Hilldebrand.
Amanda Kirby: Paul and I divorced about a year ago.
Dr. Grant: Alright, so why me?
Paul Kirby: He told me he needed someone who's been on the island before.
Udesky: Yes, but I did not tell you to kidnap someone.
Dr. Grant: I have never been on this island!
Paul Kirby: Sure you have. You wrote that book.
Billy: That was Isla Nublar. This is Isla Sorna, Site B.
Udesky: You mean that there are two islands with dinosaurs on it, then.
Dr. Grant: So, how long have they been missing?
Paul Kirby: Eight weeks.
Amanda Kirby: Almost eight weeks now.

Billy: So Mr. Kirby, when you climbed K2, did you base camp at 25 or 30,000 feet?
Paul Kirby: [hesitatingly] 30,000 feet. We were pretty close to the top.
Billy: Yea, you were about 1,000 feet above it, actually.
Paul Kirby: No, no, no. That's a common mistake
Grant: Mr. Kirby, there's no such thing as Kirby Enterprises, is there?

Paul Kirby: It's Kirby's Paint and Tile Plus. The "Plus" stands for bathroom fixtures; we're in the Lakewood Shopping Center in Enid, Oklahoma.

Grant: Oh my God!
Amanda Kirby: What is it?
Grant: It's a bird cage!
Amanda Kirby: For what?

Billy: (Injured) I rescued your hat.
Grant: (jokingly) Well, that's the important thing.


Sam Neill- Dr. Alan Grant

William H. Macy- Paul Kirby

Téa Leoni- Amanda Kirby

Alessandro Nivola- Billy Brennan

Trevor Morgan- Eric Kirby

Michael Jeter- Udesky

Laura Dern- Dr. Ellie Sattler