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Katherine Alice Applegate (born 1956) is an American novelist. She is the author of the Animorphs, Remnants, and Everworld book series.


  • "Well, stuck is kind of relative, isn't it? Stuck for how long? There's short-term stuck, like when you're stuck at a red light. There's long-term stuck, like when you're on a plane waiting to land at O'Hare. And then there's eternally stuck, like when you're waiting for telephone tech support for your computer."
  • "Working with a real place as your model makes it so much easier to control the geography."
  • "My son was born premature in April of 1997 and spent six weeks in Neonatal Intensive Care. ...I remember sitting in a dark, abandoned lobby at the Minneapolis Children's Hospital every night, typing away at four in the morning on Animorphs as exhausted and worried as I could be. After that, all the books were dedicated to Michael and Jake." (Jake is a main Animorphs character, as well as the name of Applegate's son, who she named after the Animorphs leader)

"They were going to eat MY buns!" - Ax, Animorphs

  • "Who knows when a jelly eyed centipede or a walking salad shooter from hell is standing at attention?" - Marco, Animorphs
  • "Really, I thought I was just staring into empty space. But then again, empty space, your head, what's the difference?" - Jake, Animorphs
  • "Thanks. I got it at Abercrombie? It's, like, on sale? Forty-two fifty marked down to twenty-seven ninety-five." - Rachel, Animorphs

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