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Kenneth Patchen (1911-12-13 - 1972-01-08) was an American poet and painter.


  • Have you wondered why all the windows in heaven were
    Have you seen the homeless in the grave of God's
    Do you want to acquaint the larks with the fatuous
    music of war?
    • "The Character of Love Seen as a Search for the Lost"

  • O my love my dear lady
    The world is not very big
    There is only room for our wonder
    And the light leaning winds of heaven
    Are not more sweet or pure
    Than your mouth on my throat
    O my love there are larks in our morning
    And the finding flame of your hands
    And the moss on the bank of the river
    And the butterflies
    And the whirling-mad
    • "'O My Love the Pretty Towns'"

  • Your lips have splashed my dull house with print of flowers
    My hands are crooked where they spilled over your dear
    • "As We Are So Wonderfully Done With Each Other"

  • To leave the earth was my wish, and no will stayed my rising.
    Early, before sun had filled the roads with carts
    Conveying folk to weddings and to murders;
    Before men left their selves of sleep, to wander
    In the dark of the world like whipped beasts.

  • The animal I wanted
    Couldn't get into the world...
    I can hear it crying
    When I sit like this away from life.
    • "'The Animal I Wanted'"

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