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Killer7 is a video game jointly developed and published by Grasshopper Manufacture and Capcom which was a highly anticipated title for its mysterious plot, stylish cel-shaded graphics, and un-orthodox gameplay.

Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow.

Character Quotes

Harman Smith

(Select) "Ah, long has it been?"

Garcian Smith

(Select) "Don't make me say it again. I'm a cleaner."

(When Reviving) "Look. I'm a cleaner. I can feel no remorse from seeing a dead body. To me, it's merely cold, rotting flesh."

(Kill) "Son of a bitch."

(Down) "Yeah!"

Dan Smith

(Select 1) "Wait here."

(Select 2) "You wanna die! huh?"

(Select 3) "Maybe"

(Select 4) [laughs] "You still are an ugly fella'. How's it been, huh?"

(Select 5) "Oh, is this a bad time? I hope I'm not interrupting anything...or am I??"

(Select 6) "I feel my blood rushing through my body. Yes, this is it, the feeling, it's coming back to me! The sensation of killing! The doom and darkness... The dark streets, they're calling me. Calling me to the ultimate ring!"

(Select 7) "You called?"

(Kill) "This is too easy."

(Counter) "You little bastard!"

(Down) "Yes."

(Special) "Collateral shot!"

Coyote Smith

(Select 1) "¿Qué?"

(Select 2) "Sorry pal, but this is the moment I've been waiting for. I have to do this or the anger inside, will not go away."

(Select 3) "What did you say?"

(Kill) "Pfff... You're fucked."

(Counter/Select 4) "Fuck em'!"

(Down) "Bye bye!"

Con Smith

(Select 1) "La~ater! Peace."

(Select) "Okay then!"

(Select) [laughs]

(Kill) "Fuck you!"

(Counter) "Later!"

(Down) "That's what I thought!"

(Special) "Dangerous...!"

Mask de Smith

(Select 1) "Yeah. I'll take care of it."

(Select 2) "I'm not a monster, it's only a mask."

(Select 3) "Okay. I'll just set them on fire. Piece of cake."

(Select 4) "Destiny."

(Lightning Round) "¡Adios!"

(Lightning Round) "¡Nos vemos!"

(Special) "They know who's the strongest."

(Down) "Ha!"


(Select 1) "I've changed my makeup, did you notice? Ah, men. They never notice these kinda things."

(Select 2) "...The fuck are you looking at?"

(Select 3) "Shit...Fuck it!"

(Kill) "Hurts, doesn't it?"

(Counter) "Fuck it!"

(Down) "Aww..."

(Special) "You...are a ghost!"


(Come across(Angel)) "We're in a tight spot!"

(Come across(Sunset part 1)) "This is bad!"

(Come across(Sunset part 2)) "This is harsh."

(Come across(Encounter part 1)) "This is great!."

(Come across(Encounter part 2)) "That won't do."

(Come across(Alter Eg0)) "This is it!"

(Come across(Smile part 1)) "It is dark."

(Come across(Smile part 2)) "It is hot."

(Saying Goodbye) "In the name of Harman"

Voice on answering machine

(At the beginning of every chapter except Angel and Lion) "Hello, Mr. Smith. The election is right in the air. Have you decided on your vote. If you haven't, please let the Republic party make the most of your precious vote. Thank you and have a nice day."

Note: The quotes are separated into separate Acts or levels of the game.

Target 00: Angel

  • Christopher Mills: May the Lord smile...
    Garcian Smith: ...and the devil have mercy.
  • Cloaked Figure: You don't wanna go any further. It's dangerous. My friends are all dead. They were people who look like this. (Transforms into a Heaven Smile) I have been chosen...
    Dan Smith: (Shoots him) Shit! There's more than 14. The bastards are breeding...
  • Hooded man: (runs from Heaven Smile) Help me! (stops to catch his breath, but Smile catches up) HELP ME!!!! (Smile attacks and kills him in an explosion)
  • Angel: I'm the mother of this sacred place. Our four children served their purpose, they did not die in vain. But our other nine children were killed by you. (Rises from the chair) What do you want from us? We're only serving our gods. At Heaven's command, we will kill the unwanted. We must get rid of bad trees from their roots. I not one of them.
    Harman Smith: Good night, child. It's past your bedtime.
  • Kun Lan: Oops, I guess my trick didn't work on you.
    Harman Smith: Tricks are for kids, Kun. I'm an old man.
    Kun Lan: Ahh, yes.
    Harman Smith: Nothing has changed for 30 years. No matter how many times you try, the result will be the same.
    Kun Lan: Ahh, yes. Like our chess games, you always seem to win.
    Harman Smith: Do you know why?
    Kun Lan: You tell me.
    Harman Smith: Because you're a bad player.
  • Kun Lan: A new generation of children will bring order to this age.
    Harman Smith: You're a good friend. But unfortunately, our interests are not mutual. We have both become burdened with so much, and we don't have time for fun anymore.
    Kun Lan: No, there's always time for fun. It's Friday night.
    Harman Smith: Let's dance.
  • Harman Smith: Are you awake from your dream?
    Kun Lan: Harman, the size of the world is changing. It will get to the point that you can control it with your hand, just like a PDA. The world will...keep getting smaller.
  • The day when laughter disappears from this world draws near. - Closing quote.

Target 01: Sunset

  • Waiter: Irashaimase. Welcome. How many in your party?
    Mask de Smith: I wanna talk to the owner.
    Waiter: May I ask what it's concerning?
    Mask de Smith: Yeah, I'm here to kill Mr. Fukushima.
    Waiter: Certainly, we'll be delighted to serve you. (Morphs into Heaven Smile)
  • Travis: The cold rain this evening is like my damn tears, you hear me? A blood-red flower's gonna go up like a firework.
  • Travis: Smith, there's no sex discrimination here. Don't hesitate. Take her out like the rest of 'em!
  • Kurahashi: Look at you. Don't even have balls to pull trigger.
    Akiba: I can say this much,

this boy's got no future.

  • Kun Lan: Tsk tsk tsk tsk, a real gentleman would dress more appropriately for his death.
  • Mask de Smith: Children are pure. They know who's the strongest.
  • Travis: Nice work, chief. Have you had your fill of picking off small fries? Well, the big fish are still fair game.
  • Christopher Mills: What can you do when the whole world has its eyes on you?
    Garcian Smith: Almost everything. Destroying one or two nations, heh, it's an easy task here. The promise made thirty years ago wasn't a guarantee, it was only the beginning of a countdown. (Pulsar missiles fly overhead) Look at them, they're headed toward hell.
    Christopher Mills: What's sad is that we've gotten used to this, I mean our senses. It's pathetic.
    Garcian Smith: That doesn't necessarily mean that we're not human.
    Christopher Mills: Okay, now you're not helping.
  • Laughter is the countdown to devastation. - Closing quote

Target 02: Cloudman

  • Andrei Ulmeyda: The name's Andrei Ulmeyda. I am a man with a plan. The people will come to me for salvation. I have a hunch, that something's gonna happen, take this Stacy concert goin' on right here. Something very bad is gonna happen here. You know the kinda people that come to these Stacy concerts, these dudes have got energy to spare. (Motions a pumping fist) I'm talking guys who beat off four times a day! This is an epicenter of energy, man. But this Stacy they love, she's an, she's an illusion, but in the new age, there's no foolin' them, no sir, they won't be fooled by illusions anymore! Oh, oh my God! I can't hold back! Oh, oh, God! Oh, I'm comin'! Oh, oh, Whaaa-hah! Hoo! (Concert building in the background explodes) See, I told ya'... This is real !
  • Susie: Well, hello, Smith. ('_')ノ How do you like this weather? ::.".".:: The sun's bright here, isn't it? I think towns in the south are just fab. (.'_'.) Because Susie just adores sweet desserts! What? My name? Yeah, that's right, it's Susie! You gotta problem with it? Just what about my name? So what I hate it too! The name Susie just bites..."Susie the doozie," "The queen of prudies, Susie," "Susie packs an Uzi." I despise men! They're all creeps, as far as I'm concerned! ("" ""#) So I rounded up those sons of XXX, and took 'em and XXXX and then I XXXXX. Yeah, you bet they were screaming for mercy when I cut off their XXXX! With the shape they're all in now, they can't even go out in public! Oh, here you are, handsome! (^-^) oO *gives player the Stamina Ring* Oh, I just love chocolate sundaes! A big scoop of ice cream, with a big shot of whip cream, all topped off with delicious chocolate sauce! This is what I love about the South! Everything's big in Texas! Just my style! ( ' - ') So even if I take his big XXX and stick it in XXX, we can all just laugh it off! Gotta enjoy life while you can, that's what I say! Well, guess I can't say the same for the dead one here. Tee hee! ('^v^') What kind of a cold-blooded psychoe would do such a thing?
  • Andrei Ulmeyda: You see, people. Judge. Books. By their covers.
  • Cult Member: What lies in the line between truth and fiction is a miracle.
  • Cult Member: Believe in the tank top!
  • Cult Member: Trust the numerous pigeons!
  • Travis: The pamphlet of First Life contains 93 lies and 7 truths. The truths don't provide any answers.
  • Travis: Dazzle people with smoke and mirrors, and swoop down like an eagle to clutch their hearts in your claws.
  • Andrei Ulmeyda: So, I infected myself with all kinds of deadly viruses. I overcame them, time after time, discovering vaccines and creating medicine all the way. I overcame all the symptoms. (Sighs) But them "Smileys," ooh, they're different. The risks involved are at...another realm. It's like flirtin' with...fuckin' death itself. I...I...I want you to kill me. If I catch Heaven Smile, you gotta kill me. I hear you're the only one who can kill them.
  • General Lynch: I'm General Lynch from the United States countermeasure defence department. I want to thank you for your cooperation in the capture of Mr. Ulmeyda. As you may know, this "city" is run by the military. This city remains a vital instrument to our government's priority safety standards. So I ask you... forget what you witnessed here today!
  • Clemence: Wait... This blood... it tastes like Mr. Ulmeyda's. So... he's dead, isn't he. I always knew I had a 6th sense. If I had only obtained Mr. Ulmeyda's level earlier!
  • The day when he stops smiling is the day we remember his smile. - Closing quote

Target 03: Encounter

  • Ayame Blackburn (in Japanese): Like a flower that blooms in the soil of our carnal and corrupt society, I shall administer retribution to stray vermin that graze this land. For I am the Chairman of the Educational Guidance Council, Ayame Blackburn!
  • Garcian Smith: The blood of innocent children is unnecessary.
  • Travis: What a pitiful pervert. Doesn't deserve to live. And Pedro? He's probably a filthy bastard as well. They're all the same. Rats who profit by bartering in human lives. And you know who should settle this? The Hellion. Cause he's been around it from the start. A fitting way to tie up old ends, right?
  • Travis: The Chief knew. Knew this was an unlucky day. It ain't good for the old man, either. 'Cause one dip down below, and all the skeletons come out of the closet.
  • Curtis Blackburn: Dannyboy, look at you. You've changed considerably. Into a badass, if I may.
    Dan Smith: Yeah, you've changed a lot too; into an old man! I went to see the devil, now it's your turn!
  • Curtis Blackburn: I got rid of those Smiles. There's no one to disturb our game. It's just you and me.
    Dan Smith: Sounds fair. Cause I hate holding back. Even for an old fart like yourself."
  • Curtis Blackburn: All I wanted was to shed light on my life.
    Dan Smith: You have no idea. You're nothing but a sick maniac.
    Curtis Blackburn: Guess it's time to close the curtains.
    Dan Smith: Tryin' to die in style? Gimme' a break you sick old man!

  • Curtis Blackburn: Life...wonderful indeed.
  • The maiden save the world with their laughter. - Closing quote

Target 04: Alter Ego

  • Guitarist: This is a lost city, you must find the key. (Plays guitar) For your tranquility...(strums)deep within. Guide to your soul, find your place, then you'll find your way...
    Dan Smith: And if I don't?
    Guitarist: (Smiles and laughs, lightly) The darkness will swallow you, and then you'll become a resident of the city of smiles, where eternal darkness rules all.
    Dan Smith: When I'm gone, sing me that song, will ya?
  • Travis: Is it right for time to march on like this?
  • Dan Smith: Sorry, but your stupid series ends today. I'll finish you all at once if that's more convenient.
  • Trevor Pearlharbor: It's Dan Smith... The man!
    Dan Smith: Yo, how's it going with next weeks story?
    Trevor Pearlharbor: Wow, this is unbelievable! You really came! I didn't think I had such power!
    Dan Smith: You're one lucky guy, you know that? Let me ask you: what happens to your prophecy if I shoot you right now?
  • Con Smith: Wow, it's the handsome men! Awesome!
  • Harman Smith: To decide where you will die is a gallant act.
  • Love Wilcox: Pleased to meet you, Mr. Killer Garcian.
  • Garcian Smith: Love, your passion is inspiring to us all.
  • Unmask your heart. Show us your smile. - Closing quote.

Target 05: Smile

  • Kun Lan: Check.
    Harman Smith: What a coincidence; check.
    Kun Lan: This time, the game is mine. ...Do you want to hear a story, Harman?
    Harman Smith: Why not?
    Kun Lan: There once was a young man who had a promising future. The center back position was his to keep and no one could take that away from him. Any play was a fair play, nobody blew the whistle on him. Everybody loved him. Not to mention his campus sweetheart... oh, she was something. They were the perfect couple. He graduated from Columbia with an MBA. His opportunity was infinite. He could do whatever he wanted with his life, but was he satisfied? No. Every night he would cry, begging the Lord. Something deep within needed awakening. Then one day it happened, that moment where the subconscious rises to the surface. Well the way it triggered was very simple. It happened when his mother came onto him one night. As if the spirit of Jack the Ripper had taken over his body, he stabbed and stabbed until you couldn't tell who she was. You know what I think? An angel whispered into his ear. The angel gave him the extra courage he needed to give her the divine retribution she deserved.
    Harman Smith: Sure she wasn't "the hell's angel"?
    Kun Lan: I'm pretty sure she only had good intentions.
    Harman Smith: You really are a villain.
  • Travis: There you are, Smith. I was waiting for you. Do you remember this hotel? Let's talk straight for a second. Well, suit yourself. I was stuck into this sofa. I found it again. What does this bullet mean? You know, right chief? The charade is all over, my friend.
  • Travis: This is the spot where the homeland's elections originate. The spot for the primaries for the first presidential election. The first president of the US was the principal of this school. Win over your neighbors, and win over the world. That's the way politics works.
  • Benjamin Keane: You and I, we're both sick! the only time we feel alive is when we put our lives on the line. It's a sad reality, but we people are never satisfied. We'll always seek a higher rush! The history of the United States rests within the walls of this institution; it's an old tradition that continued since the first presidential election! I want you to see it through to the end. And by the way, women are all the same!
  • Yoon-Hyun: If you want to survive in this world, these are the words you should burn on your chest: "Don't rely on anyone."
  • Travis: Can I ask you straight up? Why doesn't Harman fight? This conspiracy is Harman's problem. Harman's linked to this school. I know you can't believe it. But it's the cold, hard truth. If you have any doubts, go to the gymnasium. But I'm warning you, the truth is too big to even begin to scratch the surface. But Smith, I do believe that you can find the truth. I'm almost sure of it. Because you're on the ground. Mills waits at the hotel. The final battle is not far off. I'm telling you straight up, this is about it from me. I wish you all the luck, and die like a dog. Then laugh it off. I'll be waiting for you with a grin as wide as the truth.
  • Dan Smith: So, you must be the one they call "the Bloody Heartland." You here to kill the Smiths, is that it? Rule of thumb; don't set your goals too high. What do you want? What do you want, huh?
    Garcian: You. (Shoots him)
  • Young Harman Smith: Within you, ever so quietly, evil had opened its eyes.
  • Kun Lan: (Harman and Kun Lan are playing chess) What took you so long?
    Harman Smith: Nice view, isn't it?
    Kun Lan: It's different. Time here is warped.
    Harman Smith: To finish this game peacefully is my last wish.
    Kun Lan: Guess that won't happen, we've been interrupted again.
    Harman Smith: Has another come to service?
    Kun Lan: Hmm, a sight for sore eyes.
    Harman Smith: (To the camera) Haven't seen you around for a long time.
    Kun Lan: Come in.
    Harman Smith: Please.
  • Garcian Smith: (remorsefully) It wasn't can't be. It's all a misunderstanding.
  • That wonderful smile is gone for eternity. - Closing quote

Target 06: Lion

  • Kenjiro Matsuoka: You boys are almost done here, you don't need to go around killing everybody any more. The last of the Heaven Smile is in the back, the big boss. If you do him, then that means you've eradicated all of them. No more terrorism. "Hail to the free world." But I wonder, what'll become of you guys if terrorism is the law of nature? No, you should kill me now, because you don't want us hanging around, know what I mean? If I'm alive I'll give you a run for your money, even an assassin like yourself. Better be prepared, because blood must atone for blood. So, which will you choose? Your own country, or watch our retribution? Your fuckin' decision.
  • Harman Smith: Are you awake from your nightmare?
    Kun Lan: Harman, the world won't change. All it does is turn. Now, let's dance.
  • Thank you for playing Killer7. - Closing quote