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Killzone is a Playstation 2 game.

Colonel Gregor Hakha

Hakha is a half-Helghast, half-Human spy. A former chief of Staff for General Lente, Hakha is a well read and intelligent individual. Due to his Helghan origin he is hated by Sergeant Rico Velasquez. Sergeant Rico attempts at numerous occasions to kill or neutralize Hakha. However both have a grudging respect for each other.

  • Even a monkey can write Shakespeare, given enough time.
  • I'm a spy, It's my JOB.
  • (To General Adams, when he declares both are traitors) You try to compare us? You made a choice, General, based on your own goals and morals, as did I. We may both seem traitors by our opposite appearance, but that is where our common ground ends.

Captain Jan Templar

Templar is the protagonist of the game. Under the command of General Voughton, he leads the team formed by Hakha, Velasquez and Luger in the Second Helghan War. When he discovers the treason committed by General Adams, the team goes on a crusade to kill Adams and stop the Helghast invasion in Vekta.

  • (Stops a conflict between Hakha, Rico and Luger with a gunshot, then shouts) THAT'S IT! ENOUGH! 'Cause it's a long way to the fortress, and our chances, even if WE make it out together, are somewhere between slim and nil! So for the last time, get your shit together, and start acting like soldiers!
  • (When Adams declares he's a traitor) You're a murderer, Adams! A murderer, a traitor and a coward!

Sergeant Rico Velasquez

Velasquez is the typical strong man of Templar and his team, who prefers to shoot first and ask later and make direct assaults rather then sneaking in. He hates Hakha and the Helghast due to the fact that the Helghast killed all of Rico's platoon.

  • (When he sees several dead ISA soldiers) Executed, fuckin' Helghast style.
  • (mumbling) What the fuck is a Shakespeare?
  • (to himself) I'll shove it up your asshole and pull the trigger ... Yeah, that's right ... What was that? What did you say to me ... (grabbed by Luger and pulled out of sight)

Scolar Visari

"My people. Sons and daughters of Helghan.... For many years, we have been a broken nation... Shunned, oppressed, and conquered by those we sought to escape. ...Ten years ago, I asked for time, and that time was granted by you. You, the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams.... Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all mankind... An exodus for freedom. Helghan became that freedom... Our new world changed our bodies. At first, it weakened us, but in fact, we were growing... stronger. In the time you have given me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, and I have rebuilt our pride!... Our enemies at home have been re-educated. We have given them new insights into our cause. On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored NO MORE! Defenders of the Helghast dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!"


  • (The team meets Colonel Hakha, who's imprisoned in a chair)
Shadow Marshall Luger: Oh, God...
Captain Jan Templar: What is it?
Sergeant Rico Velasquez: (Loads and aims a pistol in Hakha's head) Mother Fuckin' little piece of Shit!
Shadow Marshall Luger: He's a Helghast.
Sergeant Rico Velasquez: WAS a Helghast.

  • (Templar asks Hakha if he's sided with the Helghast)
Captain Jan Templar: You're Helghast?
Colonel Gregor Hakha: Half Helghst, half human.
Sergeant Rico Velasquez: Heh, I don't wanna fuckin' imagine how THAT works...

  • (Luger questions Hakha's loyalties)
Shadow Marshall Luger: Which side are you on, Hakha?
Colonel Gregor Hakha: My side.

  • (Rico and Hakha talk about Templar and Luger's relationship)
Sergeant Rico Velasquez: What's up with them?
Colonel Gregor Hakha: (surprised) Oh, you haven't worked it out?
Sergeant Rico Velasquez: (skeptical) No. What do YOU tell me?
Colonel Gregor Hakha: Well, Special Forces Captain falls in love, he promises her the world, but she has another plans.
Colonel Gregor Hakha: (grabs a pistol) Nine months later they meet again, except now that "Captain Sweet Heart" is a cold assassin. Trained to kill.
Colonel Gregor Hakha: (Loads the pistol) Trained to think, not feel. Act, not reflect. (Looks at Luger) Oh, she's almost... perfect.

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