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Kim Kaphwan is a video game character in the King of Fighters and Fatal Fury series.

King of Fighters '94

  • (vs. Brazil): "It's us who will go forward!"
  • (vs. China): "My fists are invincible!"
  • (vs. England): "You fought the wrong opponent!"
  • (vs. Italy): "You have neglected training!"
  • (vs. Japan): "You get stronger by training."
  • (vs. Korea: "I don't forgive you, fraud!"
  • (vs. Mexico): "I wanna fight you again!"
  • (vs. USA): "Don't make light of Tae Kwon Do!"

King of Fighters '95

  • "I can't lose! I fight for truth, justice, and the Korean way!"
  • "Justice will always win. Sulk in defeat, you bad person, you!
  • "I fight in the name of justice. Meet my wrath, kimchee breath!"

King of Fighters '96

  • "The only enemy I have is me...and my old girlfriend.... And...
  • "You can't win by luck alone. But it sure does help, huh?"
  • "You need to find the true meaning of battle. Pain!"

King of Fighters '98

  • "Hey guys, how about it? Let's do the Tae Kwon Do thang!"

King of Fighters '99

  • "What a boring opponent! Too overconfident...."

King of Fighters 2000

  • (Win): "My sons should learn to fear battle. What a rush!"
  • (Lose): "Carelessness is an awesome enemy...."

King of Fighters 2001

  • "Whoo hoo hoo. You can't ever defeat me!"
  • "You want to beat me? Well get an army, fool!"
  • "If you want power, follow me. I will make you mighty."
  • (vs. AOF Team): "Kyokugen Karate is strong, but nothing to justice's might."
  • (vs. NESTS Team): "Hoo, hoo. I'll make upstanding humans of you yet...."
  • (vs. Sie Kensou): "Those who speak of justice are but tools of corruption."
  • (vs. May Lee): "Hmm. I read you like a book. You're too weak for justice."

King of Fighters 2002

  • "How about it? You'd be a champ at Tae Kwon Do!"
  • (vs. evil characters^): "You never learn, do you? Time to teach you a lesson!"
  • (vs. May Lee): "You've gotten better...but you're still a loser!"
  • (vs. Chang and Choi): "You need work.... Maybe a crash course in combat?"

^ Evil characters = Angel, K9999, Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie, Orochi Chris, Iori Yagami, Riot of Blood Iori, Mature, Vice, Ryuji Yamazaki, Billy Kane, Rugal Bernstein, Kusanagi, Goenitz, Geese Howard

King of Fighters 2003

  • "Violence is not the answer. Belief soothes a lost soul."
  • "Immature! So immature! Tae Kwon Do is what you need!"
  • "What a tough fight.... But oh how I've matured!"
  • "Strength without justice is simply violence. Got that?"
  • (vs. Ash Crimson): "Your might is not right., I shall make you!"
  • (vs. Malin): "Concealed weapons! Blasphemy! Repent while you still can!"
  • (vs. Shen Woo): "You're just a brute. All the more reason to repent!"
  • (vs. Kim Kaphwan): "You again? When will you stop impersonating me?"

Capcom vs. SNK

  • "Tae Kwon Do is the sport of kings!"
  • "We are the future!"
  • "You've got guts to be a fighter! But do you have the means?"
  • "Training is the best exercise for a perfect body and mind."
  • "I am the wolf and you are the sheep!"
  • "Didn't you realize how amazing Tae Kwon Do was?"
  • "Your lack of justice is only one of your many flaws...."
  • "Justice will prevail every time!"

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