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Kim Possible is a Disney animated series about a teenage crime fighter of the same name.

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Main Groups
(1) Team Possible (2) Villains
Kim Shego AND Drakken
Kim (Humorous) Shego
Ron Drakken
Ron (Humorous) Drakken (Catchphrase)
Ron ("This Time" Quotes) Senior & Junior
Wade Monkey Fist
Motor Ed
Frugal Lucre
Side Groups
(3) School (4) Kim's Family (5) Various
Bonnie Mr. & Mrs. P Various Villains
Barkin Jim & Tim Various Others
Middleton High Sign (10) External Links/TOC
By Season, Episode
(6) Season 1 (7) Season 2 (8) Season 3 (9) Season 4
All the News 29 The Golden Years 60 Team Impossible 68 The Big Job
33 Commodore Puddles 69 Trading Faces
37 Christmas 79 Mathter and Fervent
47 Mother's Day 87-88 Graduation

Team Possible


  • Kim: What's the sitch?
  • Kim: No big!
  • Kim: So not the drama.
  • Kim: I can do anything!
  • Kim: Please and thank you!
  • Kim [to Ron]: Doctor Drakken will see you now.
-(The Twin Factor) Season 1
  • General: That's it. I'm activating the base's self-destruct sequence.
    Kim: Wait, general, we still have one last line of defense.
    General: And what's that?
    Kim: Me.
-(Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles) Season 2
  • Kim: Ron, I couldn't save the world without you.
-A Sitch In Time: Present
  • Mrs. P: Kimmy! ...Where's Ron?
    Kim [crying]: I don't know!!
-(A Possible Christmas) Season 2
  • Kim: If I could just learn to cover more ground faster...
    Ron: Or you could just learn to say no.
    Kim: I'm not programmed that way, Ron!
-(Queen Bebe) Season 2
  • Ron: So that whole crush thing was all the Moodulator?
    Kim: No, there's still fireworks.
    Ron: You think so?
    Kim [points to fireworks above them]: Yeah. Look.
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Kim: I never thought I would be saying this. But, Dr. Drakken: I'm counting on you.
-(Bad Boy) Season 3
  • Kim: You know what I really hate?
    Shego: That your date melted?
    Kim: No... YOU!
-So The Drama
  • Kim: You know Ron, we better hurry... [gives Ron a loving look]
    Ron: hurry where?
    Kim: [grabs Ron's hand and runs] You'll see.
-So The Drama
  • Bonnie: Is that your boyfriend out there running like a sick chicken?
    Kim: Yeah, that's my guy.
-(Ill Suited) Season 4
  • Ron: Wait, wait, it's not what you think!
    Kim: Oh, so you're NOT a cheater, a liar and a thief?!
    Ron: Okay, it IS what you think...
-(Ill Suited) Season 4
  • Ron: So you weren't gonna...
    Kim: Trade up my BF? Ron I don't care about dating a jock, I care about dating you, Ron Stoppable, no matter who he is- as long as he's honest.
-(Ill Suited) Season 4
  • Kim: Motor Ed and Shego? Why would they be working together?
    Ron: Well, I mean weirder things have happened. Just look at us!
    Kim: True, but there's a major diff' between "weird" and "wrong on all levels."
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Kim [surprises Ron]: Hey, Ron.
    Ron: (screams)
    Kim: What are you doing?
    Ron: Nothing!
    Kim: You're weird!
    Ron: Kim!
    Kim: Shh, [romantically] I like weird!
-(The Cupid Effect) Season 4
  • Ron: I guess I'm not cut out to give people advice on life choices.
    Kim: I'm not so sure about that. After all, you helped me choose you!
    Ron: Okay, that time I was a genius.
    Rufus: Yuck!
-(Mentor of our Discontent) Season 4
  • Kim: Okay, future. I'm ready for anything you can throw at me.
-(Graduation I) Season 4

Kim (Humorous)

  • Kim: A naked mole rat? Ron, ever think about getting a normal pet?
    Ron: Like what?
    Kim: I don't know, something... not naked.
-(Crush) Season 1
  • Ron: Kim, Drakken's in jail. Christmas was saved! What's the big?
    Kim: Okay, first of all: he was not... trying... to steal... Christmas.
-(Crush) Season 1
  • Kim [to Ron]: Let no one doubt your mad fence-jumping skills.
-(Car Trouble) Season 2
  • Kim: I can do anything!
    Ron: Right, you can do anything, including fail. See the logic?
- (Car Trouble) Season 2
  • Kim: The sky is- blue! My name is- Possible! Pro wrestling is- fake! Nooooo!
-(The Truth Hurts) Season 2
  • Ron: The mad dog cannot be caged, leashed--
    Kim: Or housebroken.
    Ron: That game was in triple overtime, I couldn't leave the court! I got a little excited, and, well, accidents happen.
-(The Full Monkey) Season 2
  • Kim [About Dementor's gift shop]: I remember when it used to be about the villainy.
-(Bonding) Season 3
  • Kim: How could anybody who did so much good go so bad?
    Dr. Possible: Ah, don't worry, Kimmie. I'm sure it won't happen to you.
    Kim: Dad!
    Dr. Possible: Oh, that's not where you were going with this.
-(Rewriting History) Season 3
  • Dementor: I am impressed, Frauline Possible. How did you know I would be here?
    Kim: Uh, your "To Do" list helped.
-Ill Suited (Season 4)
  • Kim: Boys. They're ALL tweebs!
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Kim: Whoop! Whoop! Over-reaction alert!
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Kim [to the Mathter]: Okay, one more lame math reference, and I am going to LOSE IT!
-(Mathter) Season 4


  • Ron: Booyah!
-Various Episodes
  • Ron: That would be so cool if it wasn't gonna to hurt us!
  • Ron [mocking Kim]: Oh, I'm Kim Possible, I can do anything! ...Except believe in my best friend!
-(Attack of the Killer Bebes) Season 1
  • Ron [to Kim]: You blue foxes think you know everything!
-(Animal Attraction) Season 1
  • Kim: You're acting like my life is a piece of cake.
    Ron: You're pretty, smart, athletic, and popular: Sounds pretty cakey to me!
-(Mind Games) Season 1
  • Evil Ron: Gah! Kim Possible!
    Kim: Since when do you use my full name?
    Evil Ron: Since I realized my full evil potential!
-(Bad Boy) Season 3
  • Evil Ron: Sidekicks need to know their place... right?
    Shego [standing over a shark tank]: Y-Y-Yeah, absolutely! And that evil laugh? heh, love it! Loooove it!
-(Bad Boy) Season 3
  • Shego: Why didn't Drakken ever think of that?
    Evil Ron: That's why I'm the big dog now. WOOF WOOF, BARK!
-(Bad Boy) Season 3
  • Ron: Dating could be good, ya know, the date thing... But what if it tanks? It could totally wreck our friendship! No. No! I can't let that happen! Only one thing to do: break up with Kim! Thanks, man. You've been a big help.
    Barkin: Stoppable, how did you get in my house?!
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Ron: There are guys out there that are better for you than Eric... guys that are real, for one thing.
    Kim: Do you really think there's a guy out there for me?
    Ron: Out there... in here...
    Kim: Oh... really?
    Ron: Sure, y'know, guys like- [rufus pops out] Rufus?
-So The Drama
  • Ron: You know, all that stuff was bad, KP, but do you know what's worse? ...Spending the whole summer away from you.
-So The Drama
  • Hego [notices Ron was hit by personality reverser]: What happened to him?
    Shego: I think he's evil now.
    Hego: Oh. How bad can that be?
    Shego: You'd be... surprised...
-(Stop Team Go) Season 4
  • Evil Ron [to Electronique]: You're going about this all wrong; You're acting like an evil poser!
    Electronique: You want to see my power?!
    [charges up and fires multiple times. Ron avoids beams and steals personality reverser.]
    Evil Ron: Ooooohhh someone's a little touchy! You couldn't even figure out that the first person you should have used this on... [aims personality reverser] ...was Kim Possible!
-(Stop Team Go) Season 4
  • Ron: After grad you're-- you're heading to the stars and um...
    Kim: Ron... what?
    Ron: I'm stuck on Earth, but I don't want to hold you back, so whatever happens... I'm ok with it...
-(Graduation I) Season 4

Ron (Humorous)

  • Ron: Tokyo! I love the French!
-(Crush) Season 1
  • Ron: Hey, I helped with that avalanche too you know.
    Kim: Ron, you STARTED it.
-(Crush) Season 1
  • 8-Year-Old Ron: Mom, hey, it's me again. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I just called three minutes ago. But I just wanted to ask you one more time... can you please get me out of here?!
-(Sink or Swim) Season 1
  • Ron: Cootie Alert!!!
-(So the drama) Season 3
  • Ron: There it is: Killigan's Island. ...What?
-(Number One) Season 1
  • Kim: There's plenty of teams and clubs out there. You could join... the Mathletes!
    Ron: Yeah, right! I can't get in that kind of shape!
    Kim: How about the debate team?
    Ron: Look, I'm not going to argue with you, Kim!
-(Attack of the Killer Bebes) Season 1
  • Gill: So, Ron, did you ever hear why they shut down the camp?
    Ron: Uhhh
    Gill: It turns out - oh, you're gonna love this - the lake had been polluted with runoff from the Science Camp! [Cuts to Science Camp]
    Ron: I thought that was Band Camp.
    Gill: No, that's Band Camp. [Cuts to Band Camp]
    Ron: Really? I thought that was Clown Camp.
    Gill: No, that's Clown Camp! [Cuts to Clown Camp]
    Ron: Oh, yeah. I loved those clowns.
-(Sink or Swim) Season 1
  • Kim: Gill, we can get you help. We know a lot of scientists who-
    Gill: Science?! Science made me this way!
    Ron: Are you sure it wasn't the clowns?
-(Sink or Swim) Season 1
  • Kim: Watching wrestling, playing video games, and downing snackage. It must be brutal being you.
    Ron: Try the pressures of raising Rufus as a single parent. And the difficulty in maintaining my image. [Kim gives him a sideways glance] Okay, so I don't have an image yet; but I'm working on it. And frankly, it's exhausting!
-(Mind Games) Season 1
  • Kim as Ron: Ron and I will distract them, while you disarm the neutronolizer.
    Ron as Kim: How come, when I finally get to be you, I still end up being the distraction?
-(Mind Games) Season 1
  • Ron: [to Drakken] Hi, I'm Ron Stoppable. We've met, but you always seem to forget my name.
-(Go, Team Go) Season 2
  • Ron: Is using a calculator in algebra cheating?
    Kim: I don’t use a calculator.
    Ron: Ok. Well, is cutting and pasting stuff from the internet and calling it a term paper cheating?
    Kim: You are kidding, right?
    Ron: What?
-(Car Trouble) Season 2
  • Ron: You know, you should cut down on the extra-curric's.
    Kim: And be a lazy, uninvolved sloth like you?
    Ron: Hey! Don't knock the sloth! Do you know they don't have go to the bathroom for a week?
    Kim: Er, any more fun sloth facts?
    Ron: No, no, I think that's it... Oh! They sleep upside down!
-(Queen Bebe) Season 2
  • Ron: Why is it always monkeys?! Why can't I ever be attacked by crazed super models?!
-(Exchange) Season 2
  • Ron: Oh, sure, he has looks, attitude, and a bon diggity ride, but can he do this? [Stuffs an entire can of chips into his mouth]
    Kim: ...why would he want to?
-(Exchange) Season 2
  • Ron: Oh, sure, you save the world on a regular basis, and no one remembers your name. But you lose your pants six or eight times, and they never let you live it down!
-(Showdown at the "Crooked D") Season 2
  • Ron [To Monkey Fist]: Y'know, you're the only one who ever remembers my name; I respect that.
-(Overdue) Season 3
  • Evil Ron: You're too late, Kimberly Ann Possible!
    Kim: The middle name is so overkill.
    Evil Ron: Oh, but isn't that the idea? Booyahahahaha!
-(Bad Boy) Season 3
  • Ron: You can't spell inspiration without procrastination!
    Kim: Eh . . . Yes you can.
    Ron: Not the 'ation' part. Booya!
-(Rappin' Drakken) Season 3
  • Ron: Sinking! Sinking! Oh man, now the tugging! Why is there tugging?!
-(Roachie) Season 3
  • Ron [walking in]: Nacos, plenty of Diablo sauce and some snackies...
    Kim: Sneaking Bueno Nacho into school?
    Ron: Hey KP! No, just picked up some snacks for a, erm, er field trip [looks around guiltily].
    Kim: Field trip?
    [Yori enters]
    Yori: Everything is ready, Stoppable-Son.
    Ron: Yori! [nervously] Haha, um Yori, this is Kim and Monique. [Kim and Monique look sceptically at him]
    Yori: Ah! Kim Possible! [She bows] I have heard much!
    Kim: Really? I haven't. [Glares at Ron]
    Ron: Oh... sure, KP... you know Yori from seventh period History?... No, no she's an old pal from Camp Wannaweep...
    Ron: We never met actually. What do you want? Who are you, stranger I do not know?
    Kim: But you just said her name is Yori.
    Ron [nervously]: Yori, well, it's a common name... ya know... in Japan... Well, i... i... i gotta go! Bye! [Pulls Yori off with him]
-(Gorilla Fist) Season 3
  • Ron: That would be so cool if it wasn't going to be the last thing we ever saw!
-So the Drama
-(Ill Suited) Season 4
  • Kim: Ron, this is ludicrous!
    Ron: I know! You'd think a swank joint like this could spring for a real box of crayons! Oh, and watch your vocab, Kim, "ludicrous" is kind of a grownup word. Remember, you're 12, so maybe "doofy" or "stupido"?
-(The Big Job) Season 4
  • Monique: You know Ron, if you had a job, then you'd have--
    Ron: Impossible hours?
    Monique: No--
    Ron: Mean bosses?
    Monique: No!
    Ron: On the job injuries?
    Monique: NO!!! MONEY! You'd have mad money!
    Ron: [Pauses] Oh, that reminds me-- Kim, can I borrow 5 bucks?
-(The Big Job) Season 4
  • Martin Smarty: I like to reward people who save my life.
    Ron: And I like to be rewarded... you hear that, KP? A reward! Hehehe!
    MS: How about a job?
    Ron: Maybe we have different thoughts on that word "reward"...
-(The Big Job) Season 4
  • Ron: I get showed up on every mission we go on, you don't hear me whining! [Kim and Monique give him a sideways glance] I could whine more... A lot more!
-(Trading Faces) Season 4
  • Wade: Shouldn't I just be myself?
    Ron: No, that only works in cartoons.
-(The Cupid Effect) Season 4
  • Jim/Tim [to Kim]: We can get your car running!
    Ron: Hmmm, ya know, they did build a spacecraft out of a lawn mower, a toaster, and well ya know, rocket parts, but still it worked, kind of!
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Ron [out of breath]: K...P! Okay.. who wants a piece...of me?
    Drakken: Ooh, something is different about him...
    Killigan: Gawd, what have you done to yerself? You look gastly, man!
    Monkey Fist: You really should take better care of yourself!
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Mutated Ron: [On seeing a giant metal donut] Ahh donut...Ron want! [bites it] Ow! Ow! Donut hurt Ron! Ron smash!!
  • Mutated Ron: [The metal donut detaches from the stand and rolls down a hill] Oh no...donut run away...come back donut!!
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Mutated Ron: [On seeing a giant clown statue] Ron hate clowns! [from behind it Kim shoots a roast chicken at him] Clown throw chicken? Ron smash!!
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Ron: Ow! Ow! The hot, steamy badness!
-(Clothes Minded) Season 4
  • Wade: Uh-oh!
    Ron: "Uh-oh" good or "uh-oh" bad?
    Kim: When is "uh-oh" ever good?
    Ron: I don't know, maybe THIS TIME?
-(Mathter & Fervent) Season 4
  • Ron: Hermit crabs! They're just hard-shelled ungratefulness!
-(Mentor of Discontent) Season 4
  • Ron: I see, yes, yes, interesting. Well, if I had known I was supposed to be teaching her ninja skills, i would have, like, oh I don't know, TAUGHT HER SOME NINJA SKILLS!!! AAGGHH!!!
-(Oh no! Yono!, Season 4)
  • Ron: Go in through the garbage chute.
    Shego: Right, there's not gonna be a . . .
    (garbage comes flying out of a chute in the ailen spaceship)
    Ron: And the first booyah in space . . . A-BOOYAH!
-(Graduation, Season 4)
  • Ron: Looks like the Wraithmaster's captured all the players
  • Zeta : Come On! We've got to help them!
  • Ron : Are all girls like this, or just the ones "I" know?!
-(Virtu-Ron, Season 2)

Ron ("This Time" Quotes)

  • Well, I wasn't the one talking into a chicken, ya know, this time. -(Fashion Victim) Season 4
  • Nobody spits up into my backpack except Rufus! ...And sometimes me. -(Big Brother) Season 4
  • Oooh no, I'm not gonna be caught wearing a dress... this time. -(Cap'n Drakken) Season 4


  • Kim: Wade, Ron's missing. Can you find him?
    Wade: Do you think I have him chipped, or something?
    Kim: Well, do you?
    Wade: [reluctantly] Yeah, hang on...
-(Attack of the Killer Bebes) Season 1
  • Wade: Activating parachute measures now! ...Oops!
    Ron: Wade! You forgot to put in the parachute!
    Wade: Yeah, it's sitting here in my closet!
-(Blush) Season 2
  • [On a "gravy ghost" haunting the school cafeteria]
    Wade: I don't know what to tell you Kim. After watching the cafeteria security tape, I can't explain what happened either.
    Kim: Did you analyze the gravy sample?
    Wade: Yup.
    Monique: And?
    Wade: You don't want to know.
    Wade: Not till graduation.
    Wade: From college.
    Monique: I say we trust him on the gravy.
-(Gorilla Fist) Season 3
  • Wade: Apparently impersonating a President is against mall regulations!
-(The Cupid Effect) Season 4
  • [Wade reads a love note for Monique that Ron gave him]
    Wade: The humble earthworm is vital to agriculture, it moves through the soil by excreting lubricating mucus.
    Kim and Monique: Eww!
    Ron: Wait! That's my biology report! Oh no! That means...
    [Camera cuts to Mr. Barkin grading Ron's "biology report"]
    Barkin: [sniffs] That's a beautiful thought. A-plus, Stoppable!
-(The Cupid Effect) Season 4
  • Ron: Shego has credit cards?
    Wade: And a surprisingly good credit score for a villain.
-(Mad Dogs & Aliens) Season 4
  • Kim: Wade, we have a major Ron problem, here!
    Wade: You mean the fact that he's been turned into a fifteen foot tall rampaging behemoth?
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Kim: Wade? What are you doing in France?
    Wade: Uh, I'm here to fix the internet? It's broken.
    Monique: Isn't the internet everywhere?
    Ron: Not when it breaks into pieces!
-(Cupid Effect) Season 4


(2.1) Shego AND Drakken
(2.2) Shego
(2.3) Drakken
(2.3.1) Drakken (Catchphrase)
(2.4) Senior & Junior
(2.5) Monkey Fist
(2.6) Motor Ed
(2.7) Frugal Lucre

Shego & Drakken together

  • Drakken: So, Kim Possible, you think you can thwart my plan!
    Shego: Don't stop to tell her the plan!
-(Crush) Season 1
  • Drakken: First, you'll be sealed in a reinforced titanium box. Next, you will be dropped into this bottomless chasm. Then, the chasm will be filled with water. Then, man-eating sharks and a giant squid will then be released into the water!
    Shego: Wait, if the chasm is bottomless, how can you fill it with water?
-(Hidden Talent) Season 2
  • Drakken: I love this. Hand me a fork.
    Shego [under mind control]: Yes, Dr. Drakken!
    Drakken: Get me a Dodo bird.
    Shego: Yes, Dr. Drakken!
    Drakken: Psyche! Dodo birds are extinct! Oh, I'm being silly.
-(Twin Factor) Season 1
  • Drakken: I'm serious, Shego- Kim Possible has foiled my plans for the last time!
    Shego: Yeah, the last time today, maybe.
-(Blush) Season 2
  • Shego: Huh, he's kinda cute. I approve.
    Drakken: What are you, her sister all of a sudden?
-(Blush) Season 2
  • Shego: I don't get it. If you're such an evil genius, how come you never invent your own stuff?
    Drakken: It's called outsourcing, Shego!
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Shego: Brrrr. Cold weather: perfect for cuddling. Latte?
    Drakken: I like latte, but as to the cuddling... Pasadena.
    Shego: Why?
    Drakken: Because... uh... because you're freaking me out, that's why!
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Shego: I was thinking it's time for some evil.
    Drakken: Evil, you say? You mean "take over the world" type evil or "Drakken goes ouch" evil?
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Shego: You'll just gorge yourself on corndogs and hork on Dementor again.
    Drakken: That was last year and those were funnel cakes!
-(Bad Boy) Season 3


  • Kim: [Fighting Shego]

[Drakkens Machine works]

  • Kim: it actually works
  • Shego: Hey i'm just as shocked as you

  • Hego: The more we fought evil, the more Shego liked it.
    Ron: The fighting?
    Kim: The evil.
-(Go Team Go) Season 2
  • Ron: Has Shego always been this cranky?
    Hego/Mego: Oh yeah.
-(Go Team Go) Season 2
  • Hego [to Shego]: You may be a smart-mouth, prone to excessive violence, but deep down, you are still a member of Team Go: a hero.
-(Go Team Go) Season 2
  • Shego: You always got to be the hero?
    Kim: You always got to be a pain?
-(Dimension Twist) Season 3
  • Shego: I don't do cakes, okay? I don't bake 'em, and I don't jump out of 'em!
-(The Big Job) Season 4
  • Shego: I got an early parole. Only here to say "hi."
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Shego: Great, Kimmie gets a car and she's everywhere... like bacteria.
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Shego: There's no way I'm gonna let this she-thing just waltz in here and destroy Kimmie! That's MY job! Ya hear me?
-(Mad Dogs & Aliens) Season 4
  • Shego: Mmmmmm! That's good cocoa-moo!
-(Stop Team Go) Season 4
  • Electronique: How did the four of you ever manage to get anything done?
    Hego/Mego/Wego: Shego.
    Hego: She had a way of keeping things focused. When she left, the team sort of...fell apart.
-(Stop Team Go) Season 4
  • Shego: [to Frugal Lucre] You know what else he likes? Questions.
    FL: Oh, I've got lots of those!
    Shego: And he likes getting tapped on the shoulder... er, and you know how he likes getting blown on to get his attention?
-(Mentor of Discontent) Season 4


  • Drakken: Kim Possible, you think you're all that, but you're not!
-Various Episodes
  • Drakken: Why did she have to be a cheerleader?! If she was on the debate team, I would have vaporized her by now!
-(Crush) Season 1
  • Drakken: Eat magma, Milwaukee! ... Why isn't Milwaukee eating magma? Please, do not tell me that this place is actually made of cheese! I thought it was a cheese-covered building!
    sinking tour guide: Oh, golly, no. You'd be surprised... BLUB BLUG GLUG...
-(Bueno Nacho) Season 1
  • Drakken/Killigan: Kim Possible!?
    Killigan: You know her?
    Drakken: Know her, hate her. Shego!
-(October 31st) Season 1
  • Drakken: [to henchmen] To clone any one of you would be a crime against humanity that even I am incapable of.
-(Kimitation Nation) Season 1
  • Drakken: I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!
-(Sick Day) Season 2
-(Golden Years) Season 2
  • Drakken: Mmmmm, that's good cocoa-moo!
-(Bad Boy) Season 3
  • Drakken: Who am I kidding? I've never fit into a size six.
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Drakken: Kim Possible and her sidekick! ...whose name escapes me.
-So the Drama
  • Drakken: Farewell, Kim Possible, farewell... what's his name again? Whatever, you know who you are!
-So the Drama
  • Drakken: Kim Possible, you have something that doesn't belong to you. Well, technically, it doesn't belong to me either, but I'm a villain, so I don't particularly care!
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Kim: We're not trapped here for long! ...
    Drakken [to Kim, after a pause]: Grrr! I find your youthful optimism irritating.
-(Graduation II) Season 4
  • [Ron is having a hard time flying due to having Drakken on his back]
    Ron: The piggyback thing really drags down my coolness.
    Drakken: Well, pardon me. Not all of us have the power of flight.
    Ron: Oh, complain, complain. You know, when life gives you lemons...
-(Graduation II) Season 4

Drakken (Catchphrase)

Dr. Drakken's catchphrase is "Kim Possible! You think you're all that, but you're NOT!", which he usually utters at the end of the episode after suffering a humiliating defeat. He has also modified the phrase to suit various situations. Modifications include:

  • "You think your car's all that, but it's not!" -Car Trouble
  • "Nana Possible! You think your lemon squares are all that, but they're not!" -Golden Years
  • "You think you're all that... blah blah blahbitty blah." -A Sitch in Time
  • "You think you're all that, but you're- EEEEP!" -Bad Boy
  • "You think you're all that, but they are!" -Team Impossible
  • "You think you're all that, but you're not even close!" -So The Drama
  • "Okay, maybe she IS all that..." -So The Drama
  • "You can't possibly be all that, Kim Possible! You're not, you're not, you're not!" -Mad Dogs and Aliens
  • "You think your new mission clothes are all that, but they're not!" -Clothes Minded
  • "You think you're all that lass, but nay, 'tis not so!" -Cap'n Drakken
  • "You used to think you were all that, but you don't remember the 'all that-ness' that you used to think that you were then ... but not now..." -Clean Slate
  • "You... were a worthy foe. You were indeed 'all that'. Farewell... Kim Possible!" -Graduation II

Senior & Junior

  • Kim: Your house sucks up so much power, it's causing blackouts all over Europe.
    Senior: And these people without power, they are... inconvenienced? You see, Junior, how awful it is to be poor?
-The New Ron (Season 1)
  • Ron: You've got doors that go -- that go "whoosh"!
    Junior: I always wondered about the "whoosh"...
    Senior: I like the "whoosh." It's the door saying, "I am closed."
-The New Ron (Season 1)
  • Senior: The piranha won't be here till Monday, but I assure you, the koi have not been fed in days.
-The New Ron (Season 1)
  • Shego [Watching Junior run the obstacle course]: Pretty good time... for a wounded tortoise.
    Senior: Hey Junior, I thought we could work on our evil laughs together?
    Junior: Father, can you not see I am a wounded porpoise?
    Shego: Yeah, I said 'tortoise.' With a 't.' Tuh. Tuh. Tortoise!
    Junior: Father, see how confused you make me!
-Two to Tutor (Season 2)
  • Junior: There did not seem to be this many cars on the map.
    Shego: Jus-just stop the car! I'll get the book.
    Junior: But I thought we'd steal it perfectly together?
    Shego: Yes I'll steal it... perfectly, and you'll find a space... perfectly.
    Junior: Perfect!
-(The Big Job) Season 4
  • Junior: We should steal the device and use it for our own evil ends!
    Senior: Junior, you came up with that evil plan all on your own! I am... so proud.
    Junior [giggling]: I was looking over your shoulder, hehehe!
    Senior: Junior, that was cheating! I am... so proud.
-(The Cupid Effect) Season 4
  • Senior: Your genius cannot beat my evil or my treachery. Oh, by the way, have you met my bodyguards, Evil and Treachery?
-(The Cupid Effect) Season 4

Monkey Fist

  • Mr. P: There's nothing "cool" about stealing a spacecraft.
    Monkey Fist: Oh, really?
    Mr. P: That's right! In fact, I'd say that it's quite ..."whack."
    Monkey Fist: Doctor, I am guided by the ancient prophesy of the Mystical Monkey Monk ...I am not "whack."
-(Monkey Ninjas in Space) Season 1

MF:Waffle away, gents. I'll be getting a head.[As he jumps on Drakken and Killigan's head].

-(A Sitch in Time-Present) Season 2
  • MF: Let's just bring it, shall we?
-(Exchange) Season 2
  • MF [to monkey with camera]: Oh, that last mission was a failure! I told you scrapbooking the incident wouldn't make me feel better!
-(Oh No! Yono!) Season 4

Motor Ed

  • Motor Ed: Seriously!
-Various episodes
  • Motor Ed: Dude, never get a babe mad when she's driving. It just makes it worse. ...her driving, I mean. (Shego blasts him with her powers)
-(Steal Wheels) Season 3
  • Motor Ed [Sees Shego and whistles]: Green babe. [Grabs Shego as if he's about to kiss her] Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again. 'Cause, I'll totally walk by again if I have to, seriously.
    Shego: Uh huh, uh huh, walk... and keep walking! [Blasts Motor Ed across the room]
-(Steal Wheels) Season 3
  • Motor Ed [After being blasted across the room by Shego]: I love a woman who can scrap! I think I'm in looove!
-(Steal Wheels) Season 3
  • Motor Ed [To Shego]: Whoa! babes don't drive, dudes drive! [Gets blasted by Shego] I love that woman, she's got the green magic!
-(Steal Wheels) Season 3

Motor Ed [To Shego]:Not! The fuzzy dice are an ornament. You, are an accessory.

-(Car Alarm) Season 4

Frugal Lucre

  • Ron: Drop it, mama's boy!
    Lucre: Am not! And don't come any closer. This thing's loaded!
    Kim: With what?
    Lucre: Beef bullion, if you must know. Ever try to get the smell out? Huh? You can't! Hahahaha!
    Kim: Ew.
-(Low Budget) Season 1
  • Lucre: You might've stopped me this time, Kim Possible, but Frugal Lucre will return! Muahahahaha! If my mom bails me out.
-(Low Budget) Season 1
  • Drakken [about Frugal Lucre]: Of all the prisons of all the world, and I got stuck with the blabber-mouth!
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Drakken [after seeing Motor Ed]: I knew I can count on family. Freedom is in hand. No more lockdown, no more prison food, and no more yakkity-blah from you, Lucre.
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Lucre: I'm still waiting for my mother to post my bail!
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Lucre [To Motor Ed]: Do you have to go on and on and on about things no one even cares about? And why do you have to say that word all the time? Seriously!
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Lucre [To Drakken]: Oh! Oh! Or we could put state-of-the-art robotic technology in kiddie meals all over the world! Can you hear me okay through that pillow?
-(Big Job) Season 4
  • Lucre: So anyway, I was in line behind Big Tony, you know with the glandular problem, and he takes two puddings, two!, and the guards didn't even bust him for it. I tell you, the money this prison wastes, its criminal!
-(Mad Dogs & Aliens) Season 4
  • Shego: So, Frugal Lucre really bugs you?
    Drakken: To the max! Now hide! [whispering] Maybe if we stay hidden he will leave...
    Lucre: [whispering] Who will leave?
    Drakken: Frugal- WAAH! How did you get here?! [looks at Shego]
    Shego: Meh, figured I'd let him in.
-(Mentor of our Discontent) Season 4


(3.1) Bonnie
(3.2) Barkin
(3.3) Middleton High Sign


  • Bonnie: You know, just because you saved us doesn't mean you're not still, you know, you. But it would really stink if that jerk had turned us into mutants. And you were kinda brave, and all.
    Ron [high fives Rufus]: Who rocks?
    Bonnie [sighs]: You do.
-(Sink or Swim) Season 1
  • Bonnie: In case you're wondering, Kim, that's what giving 130% looks like.
    Kim: Careful, Bonnie, I hear when you reach 160, you spontaneously combust!
-(Number One) Season 1
  • Bonnie: He's HYPNOTIZED By her Big Hoops!!
-(So the Drama) Season 3
  • Ron: What's the big deal with letting Bonnie be in charge of the dance?
    Kim: Letting her chair the dance? She wouldn't settle for chair-- she'd want throne.
-(Queen Bebe) Season 2
  • Ron: Kim's in here somewhere, moving too fast to see!
    Bonnie: Uh?! Why does SHE get to be invisible? Is she gonnna lord that over me, too?
-(Queen Bebe) Season 2
  • Bonnie [to Kim after she was dropped by Bonnie during cheer practice]: So what if I answered a phone call? I thought you liked flying and falling all over the place!
-(Bonding) Season 3
  • Connie [to Kim/Bonnie]: I got all the brains...
    Lonnie: I got all the looks...
    Connie/Lonnie: ...And Bonnie got the rest!
-(Bonding) Season 3
  • Bonnie: Oh, it's all about YOU, isn't it KIM?
-(Bonding) Season 3
  • Bonnie: But you're a cheerleader! Cheerleaders are supposed to date jocks. It's non-optional. It's like a rule!
    Kim: Ron's the exception to the rule.
    Bonnie: He's the reason for the rule!
-Ill Suited (Season 4)
  • Bonnie: Me? Snore? Must have been the crickets.
    Kim: Only if you inhaled them.
-(Return to Camp Wannaweep) Season 2
  • Kim: Are you going to complain the entire time, Bonnie?
    Bonnie: Somebody has to!
-(Cap'n Drakken) Season 4
  • Bonnie [seeing Ron in a bubble]: No. Too easy.
-(Mathter and Fervent) Season 4


  • Barkin: This is a democracy, people, now DO AS I SAY!
-(Royal Pain) Season 1
  • Barkin: CHEESE and CRACKERS, I'm mutatin'!
-(Sink or Swim) Season 1
  • Barkin: Nobody escapes MY detention! Possible, you're going down!
-(Tick Tick Tick) Season 1
-(Downhill) Season 1
  • Barkin: I knew this day would come. Just me and the mutant wiener dogs.
-(Bonding) Season 3
  • Barkin: Stoppable, how did you get in my house?
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Barkin: [Sees Ron at his front door] Stoppable, I told you: Home time is MY TIME! Doubly so at BATH TIME!
-(Big Brother) Season 4
  • Barkin: Aaww, what a lovely thought! [tears up] A plus, Stoppable... [wipes tear] A plus!
-(Cupid Effect) Season 4
  • Ron: It's your worst nightmare!
    Barkin: You mean the one with Abe Lincoln and the pool sharks?
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Barkin's dad: Do you take me for a cock's comb, lad?
    Ron: Uh, I'm... not... sure?
-(Cap'n Drakken) Season 4
  • Barkin: [To Ron] ...and while in the confines of a certain "infinity dome", [your dad] can convert pure mathematical thought into blasts of energy that fire out of his skull?!
    Ron: Uh, yeah... it's an actuary thing...
    Barkin: Stoppable... Your dad ROCKS! A PLUS!
-(Mathter & Fervent) Season 4

Middleton High Sign

  • "Need a Date? Call Ron" Crush (Season 1)
  • "Detention: Room 12" Tick-Tick-Tick (Season 1)
  • "Warning: Mutant Vermin on Campus" Tick-Tick-Tick (Season 1)
  • "Detention: Still Room 12" Tick-Tick-Tick (Season 1)
  • "Procrastinator's Club: Meeting Postponed" Number One (Season 1)
  • "PICK BRICK! Paid for by Bonnie Rockwaller." Royal Pain (Season 1)
  • "Home of Kim Style" Kimitation Nation (Season 1)
  • "Lunch Special: Chicken Fried Sushi" Low Budget (Season 1)
  • "Middleton Medical Center: Ask about our specials" (Middleton Hospital) Fearless Ferret (Season 2)
  • "Chez Ron Now Serving" Two to Tutor (Season 2)
  • "History Field Trip Yesterday" Rewriting History (Season 2)
  • "Those Who Fail History Are Doomed to Repeat It" Rewriting History (Season 2)
  • "Pun Club Sign Up" The Truth Hurts (Season 2)
  • "Look into our pupils" The Truth Hurts (Season 2)
  • "We have class" The Truth Hurts (Season 2)
  • "Lunch on The Ron" Ron Millionaire (Season 2)
  • "Vegan club meating canceled" Go Team Go (Season 2)
  • "Mutated Roach Awareness Week" Roachie (Season 3)
  • "Sinkhole Awareness Week" Roachie (Season 3)
  • "Home of the Gravy Ghost" Gorilla Fist (Season 3)
  • "Home of Double-Cheese Pizza" Gorilla Fist (Season 3)
  • "Reading: It's a Novel Idea" Overdue (Season 3)
  • "THE END" So The Drama (Season 3)
  • "not THE END" Ill Suited (Season 4)
  • "Pep Rally: Some Assembly Required" Grande Size Me (Season 4)
  • "Come for the classes, Stay for the pie" Grande Size Me (Season 4)
  • "Freshman Orientation!" Trading Faces (Season 4)
  • "Freshman Re-orientation!" Trading Faces (Season 4)
  • "Testing, Testing 1-2-3... and 4 pm." Clothes Minded (Season 4)
  • "If you lived here, you'd be home schooled by now." Big Brother (Season 4)
  • "Unemployment starts now." Graduation Part 1 (Season 4)

Kim's Family

Mr. & Mrs. P

  • Mr. P: Kimmie, let's not talk about "hotties" at breakfast any more. [Mrs. P comes in]
    Mrs. P: Who's a hottie?
    Mr. P: We're not talking about it!
-(Crush) Season 1
  • Mrs. Dr P: Interesting. There's a high density molecular process involved in this bonding agent.
    Mr. Dr P: It's a sticky situation!
    Mrs. Dr P: Ha! Good one!
    Mr. Dr P: Thanks.
    Kim: So not helping.
-(Bonding) Season 3

  • Mrs. P: As a board-certified neurosurgeon, I've got to say: It's just not possible to swap brains.
    Ron as Kim: Point taken, Dr. P, but how else do you explain my bare midriff?
-(Mind Games) Season 1
  • Mr. P: Drew dropped out of school and we never saw him again. He never forgave us, and I think, in some small way, we never forgave ourselves.
    Kim: For just a giggle fit?
    Mr. P: Oh no, we laughed looong and hard... with youthful abandon!
-(Attack of the Killer Bebes) Season 1
  • Mr. P: Honey, you know how I feel about 'show people'.
    Mrs. P: They're just like you and me. Except they're wealthy, beautiful and live by no recognizable moral code!
-(And the Molerat Will Be CGI) Season 3
  • Mrs. P: We're just tickled pink about you and Kimmy.
    Ron: We are?
    Mr. P: But not to pink. Time for a fam to Ron talk.
    Ron: It is?
    Mrs. P: We want Kim to be happy.
    Ron: We do?
    Mr. P: If not, it's a one-way ticket on a deep space probe.
    Ron: H-how deep?
    Mr. P: Black hole deep, Ronald.
    Ron: Greeeaaat...
-(Emotion Sickness) Season 3
  • Mr. P: Jim, Tim, scoot over and make some room for your sister's arch foe.
-(Stop Team Go) Season 4

Jim & Tim

  • Jim/Tim: Hick-a-bick-a-boo? Hoo sha.
-Various Episodes
  • Ron: It's as fast as a rocket!
    Jim/Tim: Hicka-Bicka-DUHH!
-(Car Alarm) Season 4
  • Jim: Thanks for the ride, Mr. Sinclair.
    Driver: It the least I could do after you tutored my Kenny with calculus.
    Tim: Derivates of inverse functions, so not the drama.
    Kim: Huh?! Can you not?
    Tim: You can use "hicka bicka boo"!
    Kim: Why would I?
    Jim: So you could be cool.
    Kim: I'm already cool!
-(Trading Faces) Season 4
  • Kim [about Jim & Tim]: They're old enough to be in high school but not old enough to stay home by themselves?
    Mr. P: Not without vaporizing the garage.
-(Trading Faces) Season 4
  • Kim [about Jim & Tim]: This is what happens when a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon reproduce.
-(The Twin Factor) Season 1


Various Villains

Contained here are the villains who don't have enough interesting quotes for their own sections: Gill, DNAmy, Aviarius, Dementor, Jack Hench, and Camille Leon.

  • Gill: He's in a motorboat, on my lake? How dumb can he be?
-(Sink or Swim) Season 1
  • Gill: Oh, I am no longer Gil, now I am Gill!
    Ron: ... what's the difference?
    Gill: I added an "L". Y'know, as in gill, as in, these things that grew when I mutated?!
-(Sink or Swim) Season 1
  • DNAmy: We would have been so cute together, Stevie. But now you'll know what it's like to be genetically fused with a hairless rodent!
-(Downhill) Season 1
  • Aviarius: Heat-seeking hummingbirds, attack!
    Kim: Hummingbirds?
-(Go Team Go) Season 2
-(Go Team Go) Season 2
  • Dementor: Why did you have to break down the door? It wasn't locked, and i just had it painted!
-(Bonding) Season 3
-(Ill Suited) Season 4
  • Kim: I've been foiled by a man in a dress.
    Dementor: IT'S A HOUSE COAT!!!
-(Ill Suited) Season 4
  • Camille: There are plenty of suspects: 1, Star Lette -- Her last three movies tanked. 2, The Holston Twins -- They fell to number 3 on the world's richest kids list. 3, MC Honey -- Things must be bad. I hear she flew commercial.
-(Trading Faces) Season 4
  • Camille: Do you know who I am?
    Ron: Lady the question is, do you know who you are?
-(Trading Faces) Season 4
  • Jack Hench: That's the downside with working with villians, they are always stealing your stuff! Oh, that reminds me, has anyone seen my stapler?
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4

Various Others

  • Agent Will Du: I've got no time for games.
    Big Daddy: That's too bad. I was going to suggest you and my friend play "Thud."
    Will: "Thud"?
    [Big Daddy claps; large goon emerges from the shadows; Will Du is tossed through a window.]
    Big Daddy: [laughs] I love that game!
-(Number One) Season 1
  • Ron: Is that a clip-on tie, Ned?
    Ned: [clipping and unclipping tie] For quick removal in the event of a grease fire.
-(Bueno Nacho) Season 1
  • Rufus 3000 [in front of an audience of future Rufuses]: Rufus prime, what is the meaning of life?
    Rufus: ...uh, cheeeeese!
    [audience applauds]
    an audience Rufus [to neighbor]: You owe me a buck.
-A Sitch in Time: Future
  • Contestant: Can I pick Kim twice?
    Drakken: How come no one ever picks me?
    Contestant: 'Cause you're the creepy blue guy!
    Evil Eye for the Bad Guy Host #1: Blue is so last season.
    Evil Eye for the Bad Guy Host #2: This year is evil umber!
    Doctor: Blue skin? That means he's not breathing! Quick, somebody, get the jaws of life!
-(Dimension Twist) Season 3
  • Ned: Ron, this isn't like you!
    [Mutated Ron drinks whole vat of cheese.]
    Ned: OK maybe that is like you.
-(Grande Size Me) Season 4
  • Martin Smarty: Oh, look at him. He's more rebel than boy, now.
-(Mentor of Discontent) Season 4

Season 1

All The News

  • Ron Stoppable: It's an expose I call...
    Editor: 'Math: You'll Never Actually Use It In The Real World'
    Ron Stoppable: I'm already working on a follow-up piece about semicolons!
  • Adrena Lynn: Fuh-reaky! (repeated line)
  • Kim Possible: Some kid's gonna get hurt trying to imitate that girls stunts!
    Jim: Hey! Let's see if we can sneak into the bear cage at the zoo, like Adrena Lynn!
    Tim: Cool!
    Jim: Here, tie this steak on!
  • Ron Stoppable: Sorry, KP, but discovering your favorite action hero is a big fake is not something you just 'get over'.
    Kim Possible: And this from a wrestling fan?
    Ron Stoppable: I don't see the connection.
  • TV Announcer: And reports that Adrena Lynn is a fake, coupled with a rash of copycat stunts across the country...
    Jim: That's us! (high fives Tim, prompting pain, given they bungee jumped off a roof with yarn shortly beforehand)
    TV Announcer: ...has prompted this network to cancel Adrena Lynn in favor of more... responsible programming. (reaction shot) So! Stay tuned for an extra hour of... "Stuff on Fire!"
  • Mr. Dr. Possible: Jim, Tim, there'll be no rooting for your sister's foe.
  • Kim Possible: Listen, I'm sorry you almost plunged to your death on worldwide television...
    Brick Flagg: Kim, stop. I get it now.
    Kim Possible: (dubious) You do?
    Brick Flagg: Sure. You had that skinny guy expose Adrena Lynn so she'd freak out and set up this whole 'Save Brick' thing, just to prove you dug me! Kim, you're nice and all, but you try too hard. If you just asked me out, that's cool, but this is too much. I'm sorry, but it's over.

Season 2

Golden Years

Rufus vs. Commodore Puddles

  • Shego: "Now what did we agree on?"
    Drakken: "If I wanted a dog I had to promise to take care of him."
  • Ron: "That would be the coolest shot ever... if it weren't for the 2000 ton poodle that has been unleashed into an unsuspecting world."
  • Kim: "I know that this is going to sound weird, but you've got to let us in. There's this monster poodle...."
    Soldier: "Name?"
    Kim: "Commodore Puddles"
    Soldier: "Your name"
    Kim: "Oh, uh Kim Possible."
  • Ron: "What's the real deal, what are you hiding here?"
    Simms: "I'll show you."
    Kim: "It's Flying saucers"
    Ron: "Alien technology"
    Simms: "Yada, yada"
    Kim: "But that means all the rumors are true!"
    Simms: "Every last one of them. We've implemented a double-negative cover story. We make sure only to leak out information that is one-hundred percent accurate."
    Ron: "But then it's not really secret."
    Simms: "That's exactly what we want you to believe."
    Ron: "Yeah, but then...never mind."
  • Simms: "The secrets in Area 51 must never be exposed"
    Ron: "What secrets? Everybody knows already!"

Very Possible Christmas

  • Ron: That's it! The absolutely perfect gift for Kim! Christmas with her family!
    Wade: Then who will stop Drakken?
    Ron: Me!
    Wade & Rufus: Uh oh...
  • Drakken: She'll be busy with her twinkle lights, and mistletoe, and carols... [SNIFF!] and roast beast! And FLIM FLANGLERS!! AND ZOOB ZOOBLERS, AND...!!
    Shego: Whoa whoa, Dr. D!
    Drakken: WHAT?!
    Shego: You stopped using words.
  • Mrs. P: Kimmy! ...Where's Ron?
    Kim [crying]: I don't know!!

Mother's Day

  • Mama Lipsky: (seeing Drakken's lair) Is this all for your radio show?
    Drakken: Yes...for show. (to Shego) Mother doesn't know I'm a supervillain. She thinks I'm a radio talk show doctor. (presses button and his henchman listen) OK caller, you should get in touch with your feminine side, yes. (as henchman look confused)
  • Mrs. Possible: "You were a big help in there Kimmie, and you didn't faint once."
    Kim: "Oh, well, I was too busy throwing up"
  • Kim: (seeing her mother dressed in the same style of mission outfit as Kim) Mom, this is a mission. I need Ron.
    Mrs. Possible: Well now you don't have Ron. You have Mom.
  • Dr. Drakken: "So, Kim Possible and her, eh... Sister?"
    Mrs. Possible: "Is he hitting on me?"
    Kim: "Nah, sidekicks really confuse him."
  • Mr. Possible: "What would Ron do now?"
    Kim: "Probably cry....or run"
  • Drakken shows his plans to steal the plasma with a model of the cargo train and describes them to Shego. At the end he snatches the train off its tracks and turned to see his mother.
    Mama Lipsky: Aren't you a little old to be playing with your Peter Puffer Puff toys?
    Shego: She's got a point, Choo Choo Boy.
  • Mama Lipsky: Isn't it about time you settled down and married a nice girl? (points to Shego)
    Shego: EEEYUCK!!!
  • Showing the henchmen his plan, Drakken smashes the pickle with his hand
    Mama Lipsky: Drewby, what did I tell you about playing with your food?
    Drakken: (embarassedly) My food is not a toy. It's for my tummy to enjoy. (Henchmen giggle)
  • In the woods as the train with the synthoplasma draws near.
    Mama Lipsky: (points to the sonic disruptor) What is that for?
    Drakken: It's for man-in-the-street interviews.
    Shego: And where is the street?
    Drakken: Zip a lip, Shego.
  • Drakken: (about Kim) It's a complicated relationship.
    Mama Lipsky: She must be a special girl. (to Shego) Looks like you missed your chance with my boy, honey.
    Shego: (sarcastically) Yes, how will I ever live with myself?

Season 3

Team Impossible

Team Impossible Leader: Aren't you supposed to be some Mystical Monkey Master?
Ron: You know, it comes and goes...

Emotion Sickness

Drakken: Find your own hiding place.
Ron: Oh, right. Like you called dibs.
Drakken: Well, I am now. Dibs! Ha!
Ron: Well, I'm calling double dibs.
Drakken: Agh. Fine. You've won this round with your superior dib calling.

Ron: Thanks, man. You've been a big help.
Barkin: Stoppable, how did you get in my house?!

Season 4

The Big Job

Monique: If the stuff in that coupon book was worth anything, they wouldn't be giving it away.
Ron: I won't dignify that with a response!
Monique: Cause you don't have one.
Ron: Well duh! Why else do you pull that line?

Monique: You know Ron, if you had a job, then you'd have...
Ron: Impossible hours.
Monique: No.
Ron: Mean bosses.
Monique: No!
Ron: On the job injuries.
Monique: No! Money! You'd have mad money!
Ron: Oh, yeah, that reminds me KP. Can I borrow five bucks?

Trading Faces

Jim & Tim: [first lines in the series dressed in radation suits] You didn't open the drier did you? Our ruined it!

Tim: [as Mrs. Dr. Possible goes to pick up the cheerleader outfit] I wouldn't do that.
Jim: [holds up a pair of tongs] Not without these!

Jim & Tim: Which way to homeroom?
Kim: Homeroom? What do you mean homeroom?
Tim: That room you go to before you go to your other classes?
Jim: You think a senior would know the basics? [Tim nods in approval]
Ron: Try middle school...about four miles [Points to his left] That way.
Jim: We're not in middle school anymore...
Tim: We've been skipped ahead!
Jim: We're Freshmen!
Tim: We're Here!
[outside the whole school shakes as Kim screams]

Kim: There is no way you two are freshmen! [breaks conversation to wave at someone] Hey Amanda, see you in science. [returns] It must be a mistake... and I'm going to get too the bottom of it!

Tim: Miss Guide is our S.K.I.P. Counselor!
Kim: ...And S.K.I.P. is?
Miss Guide: SUPERIOR. KNOWLEDGE. & INTELLIGENCE. PLACEMENT....a pilot program your brothers tested at high school levels so they're being enrolled as Freshmen...I will be observing the transition!
Kim: So this is really happening?
Miss Guide: [with an exaggerated smile] Exciting isn't it?
Kim: [through an exaggerated happy face] Oh I can't begin to describe my feelings!

Kim: I'm sorry you must be this [holds her hand high above their heads] tall to ride.

Kim: [repeated line] Height limit.

Tim/Jim: ...and then when we went to Yosemite...
Kim: [gasps] No...Not the poison oak story!

Camille: It's so hard to be me.

Camille: (as she is being arrested) Do you know who I am?
Ron: Lady, the real question is, do you know who you are?

Ron: (attempting to stop Camille, disguised as him) I got me.
(Ron fumbles into a clothing rack)
Ron: You know, I'm surprisingly nimble for an heiress.

Barkin: Listen up cafeterians. In compliance with district guidelines, we have been ordered to divulge to you the contents of mystery meat.
(film reel begins playing)
Film announcer: Mystery Meat. From the slaughterhouse to your house...
(scene cuts to all the students running out of the school screaming)
Ron: I knew there was snouts!

Kim: Oh, Ron. I'm not a model.
Ron: Why not? You're beautiful.
(Kim is left speechless, then looks at him and smiles)

Ron: She's not in wardrobe. Hey look, I'm already here.
Kim: Two Rons...but only one (Calls out) Rufus!

Mc Honey: Say what?

Camille: But I can't be seen buying socks! Eww! Socks are gross.

Britina: Camille?
Camille: Brit, I came as soon as I heard.
Britina: But I called you three days ago.
Camille: Silly, my callbacks were epic this week. It's so hard to be me.

Britina: These are BFF's from way back, Kim Possible and ... (turns to Ron) this guy, who's usually with her.
Camille: Kim Possible! I wore your look once-- for about five minutes.

Jim I'll be the bad cop
Tim No way...I'm playing bad cop

Bofox (First lines) Are you me 3:30 tummy tuck?

Jim This guys all talk
Tim Radical if
Bofox Oh really...Nano-Morphing radical enough for you
Jim & Tim:Nano-Morphing? Shapeshifting

Kim: Mc Honey?
Jim & Tim: It's not Mc Honey's Camille...she's a plastic surgery expirement she's a shapeshifter
Camille: Oh and you're a model!
Jim & Tim: Hick-a-bick-a-boo?
Kim: Hoo sha [she hugs them]
Miss Guide: [confused] How do you spell Hoo sha?

Car Alarm

Ron: [attacked by crows...yet again] This is so random

Mad Dogs and Aliens

Jim & Tim: Hicka Bicka bow wow

Grande Size Me

Ron: [Barkin berates the unhealthyness of Buano Nacho] LIES

Mathter and Fervent

The Mathter: Time to subtract you from this equation.

The Mathter: Let me throw some numbers at you.

The Mathter: What makes you think you're a hero?
Mr. Stoppable: I am no hero. I'm Actuary of the Year.

Bonnie: [seeing Ron in the containment ball] No, too easy.

Kim: Time to crunch your numbers.

Kim: [seeing the math fight between Mr. Stoppable] Who knew your father had it in him?
Ron: True, but who knew we'd be fighting a crazed math villain?

The Mathter: [defeated by Mr. Stoppable] How did you calculate my every move?
Mr. Stoppable: Simple, I did the math.

Mr. Barkin: Your dad, a.k.a "Hero", is a, er, member of the Middleton Search and Rescue?
Ron: Yep.
Mr Barkin: He also volunteers at the local fire department!
Ron: Affirmative.
Mr Barkin: And while in the confines of a certain "infinity dome" he can convert piri-mathematical thought into blasts of energy that fire out of his skull?!
Ron: [Nervously] Yeah, it's an actuary thing.
Mr. Barkin: I see. Your Dad rocks!!! A+!!!

Ron: [hugging Kim] Oh yea, that's nice.
Kim: I was starting to think I was never going to do that again.

The Mentor of Discontent

Artie Smarty: [first lines] What up Punk Breath?

Ron: Artie my main man, well i'm Ron
Artie Smarty: [childishly imitating him] I'm Ron
Ron: Er yeah that's what I said
Artie Smarty: [Now spitefully] Er yeah that's what I said
Ron & Artie: [in stereo] Hey stop that
Ron & Artie: [in stereo] Stop saying what i'm saying
Ron: KP! He can't...[Artie takes off]

Artie Smarty: [on seeing Rufus] Hey little naked dude [waves to him]

Artie Smarty: To bad...So sad [pretends to cry] Wah...Wah...Wah

Artie Smarty:[Overjoyed on seeing baby Otters] OTTERS [goes to hug them but contains himself] cool

Artie Smarty:[Last lines] Hi Dad [sees Shego] Hi New Mom [Shego leaves]

Oh No Yono

Hana Stoppable: [Repeated words] Page/Brother


Kim: So, payback's the sitch.

Drakken: You... were a worthy foe. You were indeed 'all that'. Farewell... Kim Possible!
Kim: [Tying graduation sash around her waist] Hello Drakken!

Ron: Where's Drakken?
Shego: [Points to sky, in depressed voice] See previous.

Shego: Woah, the two teens have a 'thing', but there is nothing going on between me and Doctor D!
Kim: Nothing?
Warhok: Denial. It's more than just a river on the planet which we now control.

Ron: Oh, complain complain. Y'know, when life gives you lemons-
Drakken: I complain about the lemons!

Drakken: Wait. What happened? What did I miss.
Shego: I don't know. But I think the sidekick just stepped up... monkey style.
Drakken: Monkey style? What's that?
Shego: You had to be here.

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