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King is a character in the Art of Fighting and King of Fighters video games.


Art of Fighting 2

  • "I am woman! Feel my kick and moan."

KOF '94

  • (vs. Brazil): "Find another job!"
  • (vs. China): "Strong. Worthy of your fame."
  • (vs. England): "You can't beat a real fighter!"
  • (vs. Italy): "Challenge me anytime."
  • (vs. Japan): "Weaklings!"
  • (vs. Korea): "My kick is matchless!"
  • (vs. Mexico): "It seems we won this time."
  • (vs. USA): "Great power. But that's all."

KOF '95

  • "Okay, let's call it a day before you're seriously hurt!"
  • "So you won't be saying 'babe' anytime soon, right, beefcake?"
  • "Hit the showers, stud. I am woman, hear me roar! Uaaah!"

KOF '96

  • "You lack nothing as an opponent. You have nothing, either."
  • "What? Over so soon? Talk about fast!"
  • "Next time, come to my place. The drinks are on me.

KOF '98

  • "In battle, one's sex means nothing. Who's left standing is what matters."

KOF '99

  • "I said, don't mess with me. Now get lost, limpy!"

KOF 2000

  • (Win) "Fait accomplis bore me silly. I hunger for a worthy opponent!"
  • (Lose) "Okay, okay.... Now, I'm ready!!!"

KOF 2001

  • "I warn you. The pursuit of mere might is but folly."
  • "Ask yourself this: 'Why do I fight?'"
  • "Know your place. Your failure to do so is why you lose."
  • (vs. Fatal Fury Team): "You regulars sure are tough. Whooping you's no small feat."
  • (vs. Art of Fighting Team sans Ryo and Takuma): "I want to party with you again sometime soon!"
  • (vs. Ryo Sakazaki): "Still worried about last time? You think too much, buddy!"
  • (vs. Takuma Sakazaki): "True, you did save my life. But that doesn't matter here."

KOF 2002

  • "Might may be trite, but weak's no good either."
  • (vs. Female Team): "If you were a regular customer, I'd toss you out on the street!"
  • (vs. Takuma Sakazaki): "Well, what about it? Where's your tough talk now?!"

KOF 2003

  • "Oh, you're bleeding. Wipe it off with this."
  • "Speed isn't the everything. Make the contact count!"
  • "Fighting is a test of intellect. Prove it? Who won, fool?"
  • "Look, game over. Beat it, or I'll boot you into space!"
  • (vs. K'): "You're quite a gallant kid. But you need more practice."
  • (vs. Ash Crimson and Duo Lon): "Quite a learning experience. Let's do it again next year!"
  • (vs. Malin, Hinako Shijou, Shingo Yabuki, and Leona): "When you turn 21, come see me. I'll fix you a drink!"
  • (vs. Ryo Sakazaki): "I held back, if I didn't you wouldn't be whimpering now!"


  • "You can't play your hand after the cards have been shown!"
  • "Tournaments are all the same. They are all full of slobs like you...."
  • "Your turn is over. Leave right now or I will kick you again!"
  • "You should have known that your luck was going to run out sometime!"
  • "You say I caught you off guard? I'm tired of hearing your excuses!"
  • "Your attacks were so slow that they almost put me to sleep!"
  • "Oops, sorry about that! I guess I don't know my own strength!"
  • "In this game there are no rules, no cutting corners, and no forgiveness!"

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