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Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud (born 1924) is the monarch and prime minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • "Fanaticism and extremism cannot grow on an earth whose soil is embedded in the spirit of tolerance, moderation, and balance. Good governance can eliminate injustice, destitution and poverty." [1]
  • "The real blame should be directed at us, the leaders of the Arab nation". King Abdullah criticizes his fellow Middle East leaders for not resolving the Arab conflict.[1]

Conflict in Iraq

  • In beloved Iraq, blood is flowing between brothers, in the shadow of an illegitimate foreign occupation, and abhorrent sectarianism threatens a civil war.

Unity of Muslims

Interfaith dialogue

  • "We state with a unified voice that religions through which Almighty God sought to bring happiness to mankind should not be turned into instruments to cause misery," **Saudi king promotes tolerance at U.N. forum November 2008

Last chance to terrorists

  • Allah says [in the Koran]: "If they repent before you overcome them, you should know that Allah is forgiving and merciful."...we are opening the door of forgiveness[...] and acceptance of Islamic law, to all who have strayed and committed a crime in the name of religion...Everyone who belongs to this group that has wronged itself who has not yet been apprehended in terrorist operations – we offer them a chance to return to Allah...Anyone who accepts this and surrenders of his own free will...will be treated according to the law of Allah.


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