Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (キングダムハーツ チェインオブメモリーズ, Kingudamu Hātsu Chein obu Memorīzu) is the second installment in the Kingdom Hearts series of Game Boy Advance video games. It bridges the gap between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II. The game was released in the United States on December 7, 2004 and in Europe on May 6, 2005.


  • How can I be anyone besides me?
  • So if we keep going, we'll lose our memories... No wonder they call it Castle Oblivion.
  • Memories — even important ones — don't come back to us whenever we want them to. But that doesn't mean the memories are gone.
  • The way I felt was no lie.
  • Even if you take apart the chain of memories in my heart, the links will stay there. This memory will always be inside me somewhere.
  • I know. Forgotten, but not lost.


  • Remembering one thing leads to remembering another, and then another...Your memories are connected, like links in a chain. Those same chains are what anchor us all together. I don't destroy memories. I just take apart the links and rearrange them. You still have all your memories.
  • Who needs false memories, right? Especially when you have real memories of people who are really important to you. (looks sad) Anyone would say the same.
  • Follow the darkness, Riku. It'll show you the way to the friends you miss.


  • Something...tastes kind of funny... What is it? It's so familiar...Darkness. The taste of darkness. What's happened to me... The darkness even seeps into my senses.
  • When this slacker wakes up, I'm gonna tell him off good. I told him to take care of Kairi, and here he is taking a nap! But I can't chew him out if I've been sleeping, too. Keep your lock. I'd rather just finish Ansem off once and for all.
  • I hate talking to air!
  • "Watch" as in support me or "watch me get toasted"?
  • Hey, FAKE. I thought you were gonna wipe the floor with me.
    • after beating the Riku Replica

Riku Replica

  • You're through, you fake!
    • ironically, just before Naminé reveals that he is Riku's replica
  • What did I ever have? My body and heart are fake. But there's one thing you can't take from me anyway... even if it is a lie! I will protect Naminé. Phantom promise or not, it's MY promise!
  • So...this is the end. Figures. But I'm not afraid. Good riddance to an artificial life. I never had a real heart. Even what I'm feeling now is probably fake.
  • What happens when someone whose not real dies? Where will my heart go? That is, if it doesn't disappear completely...
  • It's not every day you meet your twin.
    • upon meeting Riku
  • It's sooo good to have Darkness on my side.
  • Hold it, Real Thing.
  • Hmm, how original. (Just before he vanishes as he lost for the final time)
  • I'm you...(after Riku replies "No! I'M me!") "I'm me," he says, it must be nice being real, a fake like me could never get away with saying that.


  • To reach the outside world, you passed through the door to darkness. Behind you, you left family, friends, home — everything — all in pursuit of darkness.
  • You are special. You exist between light and dark. You stand in the twilight.


  • In this place, to find is to lose and to lose is to find. That is the way of things in Castle Oblivion.
  • This castle and the girl Naminè have been entrusted to me. Defy me, and you defy the Organization.
  • In the name of the Organization, I pronounce your project a failure. This lapse must be reported to the Superior.
    • to Vexen
  • Know your place! You would chain your heart with false memories? Cast your heart's freedom aside? You turn from the truth because your heart is weak. You cannot defeat me!
  • Drown in the heart-lorn world of nothingness! I shall scatter your heart to the empty winds!


  • But be forewarned... When your sleeping memories awaken, you may no longer be you.
  • But unlocking its secrets is the whole reason we, the Organization, exist.
    • talking about the heart
  • We're nobodies, Vexen. We've got no one to be — but we still "are." So look on the bright side. You're off the hook. Now you can be nothing instead of just being nobody.
  • All the actors are in place. Now, Sora! Naminé! Riku! Marluxia! Larxene! It's about time you gave me one hell of a show!
  • Moving on, I believed you ordered me to "rid us of our traitors" (his weapons appear) I always follow orders, Marluxia.
  • My name is Axel. Commit it to memory.
  • You've lost sight of the light within darkness Sora, you've forgotten forgetting


  • I'm a scientist. Experimentation is what I do.
  • Disappoint YOU? You presume too much No. 11! I am No. 4 and I will not stand for your snide remarks.
  • Splendid! As expected, you don't die as easily.
  • The memory's wiles are cruel. In its silence, we forget. And in its perversion, it binds our hearts firmly.
  • If you remain bound by the chains of memory, and refuse to believe your heart...then you may as well throw your heart away. You're no Keyblade master, no master of anything — just a slave to twisted memories.


  • People who lose their hearts also lose their minds, their feelings...They're consumed by the darkness.
  • I bet it's nice to peel all the worthless memories away...and awaken the true memories that lie deep in your heart.
  • She broke his heart. More like smashed it, really.
  • Excuse me? It's a little late to grow a conscience, witch.
  • Thrice the pain for you means thrice the fun for me!
  • Nighty night, you sham!
  • Hey, you're not half bad. Guess you really are a hero - a heartless hero!
  • It makes me tingle to think how easily you were duped!
  • It'll kill you to hear this — but I can live with that. That thing lying there is a puppet Vexen made. Nothing more than a toy. It's laughable, really. It called you a fake, but IT was the fabrication all along.
  • I'm not going to BREAK the toy Axel, just play with it.
    • Talking about Sora
  • Here's more cards from your memories. say "Thank You" like a good boy. Ta-ta!


  • You know, it's deplorable... The Organization used to be the rope that binds us. And now it's full of kinks.
  • If you do not believe me...(throws Riku the Destiny Islands world card) had best see the truth for yourself.
  • You destroyed your home!
  • Ngahh...Hypocrite!
    • after Riku accepts his darkness and attacks Zexion


  • See the power of Darkness! I, Lexaeus, will not yield to a frail-hearted craven!


  • I don't know whether to say "nice to meet you" or "good to see you again." It feels like a little of both. I don't think I know you, but I still feel like you belong here.
  • In the journey to come, you'll be faced with more illusions. Sometimes the shadows of your memory will deceive you, try to lead you astray.

Jiminy's Journal

  • And Sora - he wants to keep the promise he remembers. Naminé may not be his friend, but in his heart, protecting her is the only choice.
    • Sora's Tale IV
  • But we've made a promise. No distance can separate us and we'll be friends even if we can't remember it to be so.
    • Castle Oblivion
  • Sora knows that promises don't fade as easily as memories.
    • Castle Oblivion
  • Hard to read... half the time he seems to be messing around, but for all we know he's done more thinking than everyone else put together.
    • Axel


  • Cheshire Cat: If you can't remember something, it's like it never happened. Likewise, if something never happened, you can't remember it. Try too hard to remember, and your memory might lie to you.
  • Jack: Fear and insecurity are signs of a strong heart. Without that strength, your zest for life would would your taste for fear. And believe me, that would really ruin my fun.
  • Gepetto: There's nothing better than being reunited with someone you care about.
  • Beast: The memories of our days together are my most precious. I won't cast them aside. So I'm sorry, but I can't leave you here... even if you hate me for it. Consider it my final selfish act.
  • Winnie The Pooh: Even if you forget Pooh, I won't forget you!
  • Goofy: It's easier to face the scary stuff when you've got a promise to keep!
  • King Mickey: Your darkness belongs to you. Just like your light. Until now, I thought darkness was nothing but bad. But my time with you made me change my mind. You've chosen a road I never thought of. Light and dark, back to back. With you, they mingle in a way no one's ever seen before. I want to see where that road leads. And if it's okay, I want to walk the road with you.
  • Goofy: Castle Oblibbity?


Axel: Can we help you, Vexen? It's not very often we see you topside.
Vexen: I came to lend a hand. I remain unconvinced of any potential in this "hero" you've been coddling. Perhaps an experiment would put my doubts to rest.
Larxene: I knew this would happen. Everything's an experiment with you.
Vexen: I'm a scientist. Experimentation is what I do.
Axel: Whatever, Vexen. Do what you want. But cut the act. Testing Sora is just an excuse to test your little follower.
Vexen: Follower? I'll have you know he's the product of much research.
Larxene: What he is, is a toy.
Vexen: Hmph. I see I'm wasting my time.
Axel: Have your fun. But take this with you. A wild card to keep the game fresh.
(Axel throws Vexen the Destiny Islands card and he catches it.)
Axel:Now don't tell me I don't respect my elders.
Vexen: I dare say I won't.

Riku Replica:Well, well. You've changed. Last time we met you were afraid of the darkness, but not anymore.
Riku: How can you tell?
Riku Replica: Because I'm you.
Riku: No, I'M me.
(Riku Replica pauses)
Riku Replica: "I'm me," he says. It must be nice, being real. A fake like me could never get away with saying that. That's right, I'm a phony! The way I look, the way I feel, everything! I thought by finding some new strength I could be someone, someone who's not you! But nothing changes... I'm still just empty! Everything about me is borrowed. As long as you're around, I'll never be anything better than a shadow!

Riku Hey, Voice. DiZ. Who are you?
DiZ: Nobody...or anybody. It all depends on whether you choose to believe in me or not.
Riku: Boy, you really like pushing decisions on other people.
DiZ: And you pushed away slumber and chose to face Ansem.
Riku: What, wrong answer?
DiZ: It was your answer. I'm just here to watch.
Riku: "Watch," as in support me, or "watch me get toasted"?
DiZ: You choose. Then you need only believe in your choice.

(Riku and Mickey walk towards DiZ, who stands at the middle of an intersection)
Riku: What are you making me choose now?
DiZ: Will you take the road to light — or the road to darkness?
Riku: Neither. I'm taking the middle road.
(Riku walks past DiZ)
DiZ: You mean the twilit road to nightfall?
(Riku turns around)
Riku: No...The road to dawn.