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Kirpal Singh (also called Sant Kirpal Singh) Indian guru

His Life

Kirpal Singh was born on February 6th, 1894 in Sayyad Kasran, a part of the Punjab which now belongs to Pakistan.

Since His early youth, He has been confronted with nationalism, religious intolerance, and bigotry. After a profound study of the basic scriptures of the Sikhs, Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Zoroastrians etc., He found that they all witness the same basic truth – the birthright of man to attain self-knowledge and God-knowledge.

Out of this Kirpal Singh decided: God first, World next.

At the feet of His Master Baba Sawan Singh He experienced practically what is described in the scriptures. He dedicated His whole life to the ideal of unity: the brotherhood of man under the fatherhood of God.

His Master Satguru Baba Sawan Singh appeared within to Kirpal Singh seven years before they both met physically. During this time Kirpal Singh already enjoyed His presence, protection and guidance. Later under the inner dictation of His Master He wrote the monumental spiritual work of the Gurumat Sidhant and out of gratitude towards His Master He first published it under the name of Baba Sawan Singh.

Due to His universal view He could create mutual understanding among the different religions. So Param Sant Kirpal Singh was invited in 1956 to address a fundamental speech at the general assembly of the Unesco. His speech was about World Peace in the Atomic Age.

During fourteen years He was repeatedly elected President of the World Fellowship of Religions which came into being in 1957.

On His three world tours in 1955, 1963 and 1972 He visited major cities of the Western hemisphere, where He met religious leaders, politicians, and personalities of public life. Everywhere He conveyed the importance of self-knowledge and God-knowledge and emphasized the need of selfless service.

His selfless being combined with the love to develop right understanding and unity among all humans, to create peace in the world and tolerance among the religions was an inspiration for those who were allowed to meet Him, to change their own life for the cause of the right path and even today He is a living cynosure for all who hear of Him.

The convention of the first World Conference on the Unity of Man, which took place in New Delhi, India from February 3rd until February 6th, 1974 was considered by many as the highlight of His mission. This World Conference was for the entire humanity the beginning of Unity of Man consciousness.

As a result of the conference, Param Sant Kirpal Singh was invited by the government of India to address Parliament on August 1st, 1974. It was the first time that a spiritual leader was given that honour.

Until His physical departure on 21st of August 1974 more than 150,000 people received the true holy initiation by Param Sant Kirpal Singh, Naam the holy Word.

To honour Param Sant Kirpal Singh, the government of India officially declared the year 1979 as the year of national unity.


  • "God made man, and man made religions"
  • "Love is the beginning and end of spirituality"
  • "We never lose anything when we give. When you give Love, do you find that you have less love in your heart?
  • "Man is older than all philosophies of the world"
  • "Unity already exists (on the level of man or soul), but we have forgotten"
  • "Stay in your religion, but become a true Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, etc."
  • When Sant Kirpal Singh first came into the West he quoted from the Bible, "God does not reside in temples made out of bricks and stones, but HE resides in the Temple (the human body) HE has created".
  • Then he was asked, "When will (Jesus) Christ return?" and he responded, "It is already in the Bible, 'I shall not leave you nor forsake you till the end of the world', so HE (Christ - the Christ Power or WORD from John 1) has not left you at all and the question of coming back does not arise".
  • Then people requested, "Can you give us the same experience which Christ used to give to HIS disciples?" and he answered, "Sit and see yourself".
  • Be Good, Do Good, Be One
  • Go Jolly