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Kodocha: Sana's Stage, known in Japan as Kodomo no Omocha (こどものおもちゃ, Child's toy), is a manga written and drawn by Miho Obana, helped periodically by her sister, Kaori Obana, originally run from August 1994 till November 1998 in a Japanese monthly manga manazine for low teenage girls Ribon.

The entire story goes around the protagonist Sana, a Japanese young girl and child actress and her troublesome classmate boy Akito. In the beginning of the story they go to a elementary school, and in the cource of story, they enroll a middle school (junior high) as well other friends. The story include social topics, disorder in schools, divorce of parents and climes conducted by young generation.

The manga was adapted into an OVA and later into an anime series. The anime version consists of 102 TV episodes, which aired in Japan weekly from April 5, 1996 to March 27, 1998. The first 52 episodes deal with the elementary school story arc and the remaining 50 episodes deal with the middle school story arc.

Kodocha was published in the United States in English by TOKYOPOP as Kodocha: Sana's Stage, although as of 2006, it is out of print. The anime was licensed for North American distribution by FUNimation and currently airs as part of the FUNimation programming block on CoLours TV.


  • I'm sorry, but I just don't think of you as my mother. To be honest, I don't even want to be friends. I don't want to see you again. But there's just one thing I want to say... Thinking how easily you might have... had an abortion... and I'd never have been born. I'd never have met my mom, or Rei... my friends Akito and Tsuyoshi. I'd never have known how wonderful life is, and that's such a sad thought. I want to thank you... for giving birth to me. I mean it. Thank you.
    • Kurata Sana
  • Hi, there! I'm Sana! ...Fourteen!? You were only fourteen!? I'll be fourteen in two and a half years! Well, in that case, I certainly don't blame you! I'd dump the baby, too! And don't worry, I think it's great that you dumped me! I love my life right now! So, what's my dad like? Is he still around? ...WHAT!? You did it with your uncle!? Is that legal? You gave birth by yourself? On the toilet? Like a poop? Well, let's not dwell on the past. It's not important to me, anyway. But there's one thing I must know - when is my birthday?
    • Kurata Sana
  • Akito can't call me a bra-less brat anymore! Hee-hee. I can't wait to tell him... I'll call next time... hee-hee. But maybe calling to tell him that is too weird... ** Kurata Sana
  • What do you want from me Sana what you want to have it with me, well you should ask your mom... I'm just kidding you can meet me at my house in like four minutes!** Akito


Sana: Why did you kiss me?
Akito: I don't hate you.
Sana: What? You kiss people you don't hate?
Akito: ...
Sana: Do you hate my dog?
Akito: No...
Sana: Come on! Give him a kiss!

Sana: Aren't you Akito's best friend, Tsuyoshi? Why are you helping?
Tsuyoshi: I know Akito's really rough, but I think deep inside there's an amazing person that I can reach if I help you...
Sana: Eww! You pervert! (Knocks him over and keeps running) Now let's go save Mami!
Tsuyoshi: Wait! Sana! I didn't mean it like that! No! Wait! Sana, the truth is I... I... Sana, I love you!
Hisae: Sana, he has a crush on you.
Sana: So what? I only need my gigolo!
Hisae: What? You mean that's true?
Sana: Of course!
Aya: Guys, we've gotta save Mami!
Sana: No of couse not oh Aya you look hot in that swimming suit top!
Aya; Thanks, oh Sana so you want to have your way with me!
Sana: Of course see you at my house real soon, okay...
Aya: Okay!

Sana: (thinking) It's stange - Akito comforts me more than anyone. When did this happen...?
Akito: Sana?
Sana: Hm?
Akito: You don't wear a bra yet?

Sana: What's that on his side?
Natsumi: A birthmark - a big mole. I think it's kind of weird.
Sana: I don't. I have three of them in a straight line. Like Orion's belt.
Natsumi: Oh, really? Can I see?
Sana: He he, no way! Embarrassing...
Akito: On your butt, eh?
Akito: I was right...?
Sana: Don't tell anyone, OK? Only my mom is supposed to know that!
Akito: Big deal. Like anyone cares.
Mr. Hayama: *pops out of nowhere* What's up, kids?
Akito: She has three moles on -
Sana: SHUT UP!!

Sana: Hey, Akito, Tsuyoshi. If you stay in the water too long, your butt will melt.
Akito: ...
Tsuyoshi: Ha ha...
Akito: ...
Tsuyoshi: Hehe... your butt will melt...
Akito: (whack)

Naozumi: I know your secret!
Sana: I have no more secrets!
Naozumi: Oh, yeah? What about the moles on your behi-
Sana: WHAAA!?

Sana: Rei, I'm going shopping down the mountain with Asako, OK?
Rei: What?
Sana: Mr. Kinoshita's giving us a ride.
Rei: Sana, that's a four-hour round trip. I can take you shopping. What do you need?
Sana: Bras!
Rei: See ya.

Sana: Rei! We're back! Wanna see?
Rei and Asako: Sana, NO!!!
Sana: I'm just kidding! Like I'd really do that!
Ono Mikio: Let's get to work!
Sana: Hey, Naozumi, I got a bra!
Naozumi:You really didn't need to tell me...
Sana: But I'm excited! *holds up flag that says "FIRST BRA DAY"*
Naozumi: Sana... a girl isn't supposed to tell boys things like... *gets a strange look on his face*... they have a new bra... *bolts away, trumpet in mouth*
Sana: NAOZUMI!!! Where is he going??
Asako: Sana... you really embarrassed him. He's right, you know...
Rei: Naozumi... I feel for you.