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Keith Matthew Thornton, better known as Kool Keith, is an American hip hop artist and record producer.

Notable lyrics

  • "I saw the Grammy, I wasn't impress with that, a lot of stylists overdressed that

Was I wrong? Who was the best at ?"

  • "Skate on comp' like Guy Lafleur, many call me the great Boston Bruin Bobby Orr"
  • "I don't wanna meet with Insane Clown Posse and collaborate, I'm tryin' to innovate."
  • "Kurt Cobain was here but Doc Ock has novocain."
  • "Leave my diapers moist in the back seat of your Rolls Royce"
  • "Don't sleep on me, you slept on Bernhard Goetz."
  • "I don't give a fuck about Funkmaster Flex, he don't give a fuck about me."
  • "You can call 1-800-PP5-1-DOODOO, I'm in your corner."
  • "Back in Spyro, I roast humans like a Gyro, New York to Atlanta to Africa to Cairo."
  • "Dr. Octagon now serving coleslaw and pink pickles."
  • "Live, from the Great Western Forum, May 17th 1996, Dr. Octagon (Oncologyst) performed live with Chewbacca Uncircumcised, Kurt Cobain, and Roger from Zapp."
  • "That's word to Mom Duke, you wack you get the boot."
  • "Pack your stomach in a compartment, old dingy fucked up Bronx apartment."
  • "Me standin' on the top of your tour bus butt naked with a fuckin' hockey mask."
  • "Your camera flash on corny ass critics reflect off my leather coat."
  • "Devastating, piss on your champagne bottles."
  • "Comin' at you like 2Pac in Juice, I'ma get loose."
  • "Sweaty as a muthafucka, the best rapper can lick my ass."
  • "Pissin' in ya face, pissin' in the right place."
  • "Museums worship me like pyramids."
  • "Close the George Washington Bridge when we attack, carryin' duffel bag sacks."
  • "Touch my private, my thing made of steel, shootin jism, she ride like a Geo Prism."
  • "You haven't recouped... I called Carroll Lewis and she can't use any of you guys."
  • "Writin' with a local style, talkin' bout competitive shit you never mastered."
  • "You never lived in the projects... you ain't no drug dealer."
  • "Sideline nigga, you's a fuckin' coach."
  • "You are the monsters of the original Mr. Softee ice cream trucks."
  • "Star struck with one buck your girl look like Donald Duck."
  • "Pretty girl standin' with an ugly man. I don't wanna shake his hand."
  • "Now my helmet's on, you can't tell me I'm not in space with the National Guard United States Enterprise."
  • "Bitch you got a fat stomach. Your braids look tacky and you're fuckin broke. Like Rakim said 'I Ain't No Joke'"
  • "I got my shades, big rock star compared to Elvis, signin autographs for rappers while girls move they pelvis"
  • "I can throw a hundred thousand pound walrus right through the wall"
  • "Y'all move over, we honking the horn behind your Escalade. BEEP BEEP BEEP"
  • "18 times let my record play like Dr. Dre and Jay-Z"
  • "Keep it real! Represent...my nutz!"
  • "When I wrote this record, I was thinking about all the hotels." [in reference to Sex Style]