Kashmiri proverbs

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This is a list of Kashmiri proverbs and sayings (Kaesherye katthe).

If you are adding or altering an entry, please try to supply a literal translation (as against only supplying an equivalent English language proverb).



  • Anne poeshye tellye yellye wanne poeshye
    • Translation: "Food will last while the forests last".
  • Anyem soye, Wawem soye, Lajem soye paanesye!.
    • Translation: I got the (nettle)sapling, I cultivated it, Its me the nettle stung <One who digs a ditch for another himself falls into it?>".


  • Babban maer gaav te asye maa wonne kaensyee
    • Translation: "Hey listen, dad slaughtered a cow and were not telling anyone! <context: slaughtering cows was a serious crime under Dogra occupation of Kashmir>".
  • Balaaye aaye wakhtas; kokkerye khatche takhtas
    • Translation: "Bad times came to be; hens on thrones we were to see!".
  • Barre wotteye te daaryan taerye
    • Translation: "Bolted windows with the door ajar!".
  • Boennye taarun muhul
    • Translation: "Forcing a bludgeon through a chinar (tree) trunk. <Doing the impossible.>".
  • Byekel ne kanh, te garre patte dah!
    • Translation: "Its tough to find fools; theres only ten in every other house!".


  • Harkatye chye barkat
    • Translation: "Blessed indeed is striving".


  • "kokren mokhta chakun"
    • translation:"putting pearls in front of chickens"


  • Tellye gatchye toshun, yellye nosh garre waatye
    • Translation: "<Don't count your chickens before they hatch>".
  • Tchaerreye maette tchye wazaan
    • Translation: "Empty vessels make much noise".


  • Wanne chyan yaaryan; khoday sund sag
    • Translation: "Trees in the wilderness are watered by God".


  • Yaar kyah lavaan? tcharrye bacche kyah lavaan?
    • Translation: "What care is a friend worth? What handling can a chickling take?".