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Krzysztof Kononowicz (born 1963-01-21 in Kętrzyn) was a Polish mayoral candidate for the city of Białystok, Poland. He attracted some notoriety for his simple, unsophisticated political advertisements on television; they were enormously popular and featured heavily on YouTube.


  • I expect to get some 300, maybe 400 per cent of votes in the election.
  • And I am honest, because I am really honest. I haven't drunk alcohol since I was a little baby.
  • So that there will be no crimes, no thieves, so that there will be nothing! So that senior citizens will be able to walk.
  • I want to take the police out on the streets. I want to take the police and I want them to protect because the police and the municipal guard are for it. They are for it, for it they are. For it they are.
  • And drivers will be severely punished for alcohol, for cigarettes, for everything.
  • And in the city hall there will be order. There will be no bureaucracy, there will be no tatters, there really will be people.
  • In winter time the architects will be preparing projects of road construction, projects of road construction, I emphasize once again, projects of road construction. And in the spring we will go out with construction of streets and streets, because we all see what our roads look like.
  • To completely liquidate for the youth alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
  • To be no thievery, to be no violence, to be nothing.
  • What was happened in Jeżewo was, what was happened was?
  • Please canditate on me.

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