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Lawrence Kudlow (born 1947-08-19) is an American conservative economic commentator, journalist and broadcaster.


  • The shock therapy of decisive war [against Iraq] will elevate the stock market by a couple-thousand points. We will know that our businesses will stay open, that our families will be safe, and that our future will be unlimited. The world will be righted in this life-and-death struggle to preserve our values and our civilization. But to do all this, we must act.


  • I'm here to help you cut through the maze.
  • Stop this daily nitpick.
  • Our goal is to show you how freedom at home goes hand in hand with freedom and democracy overseas.
  • [...] [O]ur capitalist free-market economy is the best path to prosperity.
  • I see the manure. Now let's find the pony.
  • About Henry Merritt "Hank" Paulson Jr. [12/10/07]: "Like a boy with his back to a fire hydrant !"

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