Last words in Aliens media

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Following is a list of last words from various Aliens media.



  • Here, kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty...
    • Who: Brett
    • Note: Said while looking for cat; shortly afterward the alien ambushes him.
  • Lambert, am I clear? I want to get the hell out of here.
    • Who: Dallas
  • Note: Searching for Alien in ventilation shafts.
  • I can't lie to you about your chances... but, you have my sympathies.
    • Who: Ash
    • Note: revealed to be an android sent by the Company, that knows about the alien. The crew interrogates him on the alien's weaknesses before disconnecting and burning him.
  • Get out of the way, Lambert! Get out of the way!
    • Who: Parker
    • Note: Trying to shoot the alien but Lambert is in the way.


  • Maybe they don't show up on infrared at all!
    • Who: Dietrich
    • Note: Said right before an alien grabs her from behind.
  • Dietrich! Frost! Sound off!
    • Who: Apone
    • Note: Said shortly before Aliens pull him into a ventilation shaft.
  • You always say that, Frost! You always say, "I got a bad feeling about this drop"!
    • Who: Crowe
    • Note: His last line before being killed later in the film, during the drop he is talking about.
  • Hold up a sec, there's something-
    • Who: Spunkmeyer
    • Note: Finds alien "goo" on dropship ramp, interrupted by Ferro who yells at him to get to the cockpit.
  • Spunkmeyer? God damn it. [Door opens] Well, where the fuck-
    • Who: Ferro
    • Note: Said while waiting for Spunkmeyer in cockpit; interrupted when an alien enters and she thinks it's Spunkmeyer.
  • Come on! Come and get it! Come on! Let's go, yeah! YEAH! Come on! Come and get it, bastards! Come on, you too! Oh, you want some of this? Take it! Yeah, fuck you!
    • Who: Hudson
    • Note: As he guns down aliens, one grabs him from a vent below him and pulls him down.
  • Go!
    • Who: Gorman
    • Note: Said to others escaping while he goes back for Vasquez.
  • You always were an asshole, Gorman.
    • Who: Vasquez
    • Note: As aliens close in around them, Gorman arms a grenade that will kill both of them and all of the aliens.


  • Spike? Spikey? Is that you?
    • Who: Thomas Murphy
    • Source: Alien³ (assembly cut)
    • Note: Sees outline of alien hiding nearby in a ventilator and thinks it's his dog; walks towards it and it spits acid into his eyes, causing him to slip and fall into the ventilator fan.
  • Alright, who's the joker?
    • Who: Daniel Rains
    • Note: Sees candles being put out and thinks it's a joking convict, but it's the alien who soon tears him apart.
  • So, do you still trust me with a needle?
    • Who: Jonathan Clemens
    • Note: Has just told Ripley of his past morphine abuse and how it ruined his medical profession; alien comes from behind him and crushes his head.
  • Stop this raving at once!
    • Who: Harold Andrews
    • Note: To Ripley who hysterically tells her about the alien's killing Clemens; shortly afterward the alien, from a duct above him, jumps out and pulls him into the duct.
  • I hate this place. I hate this place. There's definitely somethin' in here with us!
    • Who: Frank
    • Note: Said right before the alien attacks him.
  • Come and get me fucker!
    • Who: Junior
    • Source: Alien³ (assembly cut)
    • Note: Getting the alien's attention to keep it from killing the other prisoners and Ripley and to trap it in a secure waste disposal dump. Also redeeming himself for his attempted rape of Ripley earlier.
  • You can't go in there, dickhead. The big mother fucker will eat you alive.
    • Who: Arthur
    • Source: Alien³ (assembly cut)
    • Note: Said to Golic right before Golic assassinates him.
  • Tell me what to do next.
    • Who: Walter Golic
    • Source: Alien³(assembly cut)
    • Note: Said to alien (Golic insanely worships it) after freeing it, shortly afterward it kills him.
  • This thing is REALLY pissed off!
    • Who: Kevin
    • Note: Alien has almost killed him but he escapes it; a couple minutes later it ambushes him.
  • Hahaha, you wanker!
    • Who: Gregor
    • Note: Has just run into another prisoner and has mistaken him for the Alien.
  • HELP ME!
    • Who: Jude
    • Note: Said just before the Alien snatches him from the ceiling.
  • Is that all you bite, motherfucker?!
    • Who: Leonard Dillon
    • Note: The alien has ripped his intestines out while he buys time for Ripley to pour the lead on it.
    • Who: Francis Aaron
    • Note: Said as he hits Michael Bishop (who turns out not to be an android) after realizing the company is as evil as Ripley says. A soldier then shoots Aaron, and pushes him to his death.
  • Can you help me?
    • Who: Ellen Ripley
    • Note: To prisoner Morse, asking him to help her to commit suicide by helping her move to the top of the furnace.

Alien Ressurection

  • You are a beautiful, beautiful, little butterfly.
    • Who: Dr. Gediman
    • Note: Saying this to the alien hybrid, who crushes his skull right after he says that.
  • I'm fine. Really. I feel good.
    • Who: Larry Purvis
    • Note: Says this after going into mild convulsions as a result of the alien embryo inside of him. Shortly afterward, it bursts out, killing him and Dr. Wren.
  • Why does nobody listen to me?
    • Who: Dr. Mason Wren
    • Note: As an enraged Purvis, whose alien embryo is about to burst out, attacks him while Wren threatens the other survivors.
  • Oh.
    • Who: Pvt. Vincent DiStephano
    • Note: said right after realizing the alien hybrid is right next to him, who crushes his skull.