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The numerous deaths across all different media in the James Bond universe have yielded many memorable last words.

Last words

  • At least I shall have the pleasure of putting you out of my misery…
  • I am invincible!
    • Who: Boris Grishenko
    • Source: Goldeneye
    • Note: Said numerous times earlier in the movie after moments of triumph or near-death experiences. On the final occasion, is yelled when character realises he is the last living person in a destroyed control centre - moments before a vat of liquid nitrogen bursts, covering him and freezing him to death.
  • Wait your turn.
  • For England, James?
    • Who: Alec Trevelyan
    • Source: Goldeneye
    • Note: Character repeats a line he had said to identify himself to James Bond when they were on their last mission together in MI-6. Bond says "No, for me," and drops him off the antenna cradle. He barely survives the fall and is killed when the cradle falls on top of him. In the video game, the only difference is that Bond replies by saying "For England, Alec," instead of "No. For me."
  • I'm just a professional doing my job.
    • Who: Dr. Kauffman
    • Source: Tomorrow Never Dies
    • Note: Bond, who has forced Kauffman's own gun on him, replies, "So am I" and then shoot him in the head.
  • No! No!! NOOOO!!!
    • Who: Elliot Carver
    • Source: Tomorrow Never Dies
    • Note: Said when his drill torpedo flies, uncontrollably, towards him.
  • I owe you an unpleasant death!
    • Who: Mr. Stamper
    • Source: Tomorrow Never Dies
    • Note: A fight ensues after this line is said, which results in Stamper being blown up with a bomb placed on a missile.
  • You wouldn't kill me. You'd miss me.
  • Dive! Bond…
    • Who: Elektra King
    • Source: The World is Not Enough
    • Note: Elektra says the first line in the video game version, the second is her last line in the film.
  • I…feel…nothing…
  • Liar!
    • Who: Viktor "Renard" Zokas
    • Source: The World is Not Enough
    • Note: The first line is his last line in the video game, a reference to the fact that as a result of being shot, he cannot feel any pleasure or pain. Renard yells the second line in the film, when Bond tells him Elektra is dead. He proceeds to beat Bond into submission while screaming this repeatedly. He then attempts to meltdown the sub with his plutonium rod, which Bond causes to back fire and kill him, as he smirks.
  • I can read your every move.
    • Who: Miranda Frost
    • Source: Die Another Day
    • Note: Said during a sword fight. After the quote, Jinx stabs Miranda with a knife embedded in a copy of "The Art of War" and snarls, "Read this…bitch!"
  • You see Mr. Bond, you can't kill my dreams. But my dreams can kill you. Time to face destiny!
    • Who: Gustav Graves
    • Source: Die Another Day
    • Note: Bond then pulls Graves' parachute cord - and replies "Time to face gravity!" as Graves is sucked out of the plane and into .
  • This is where you die.
    • Who: Nikolai Diavolo
    • Source: James Bond in Everything or Nothing
    • Notes: Diavolo delivers the line before attacking Bond with a missile battery attached to the tower where he is. Bond then damages the tower with a rocket launcher, sending Diavolo plummeting down a missile silo.
  • Made you feel it, did he? Well, you needn't worry. The second is…
    • Who: Dryden
    • Source: Casino Royale
    • Notes: Character is a traitor in MI-6 and Bond has told him that he has just killed his accomplice after a brutal fight, and made the first of two kills required to become a "Double-0" agent. Before he can say "easier", Bond shoots him dead and responds, "Yes…considerably."
  • I'll get the money. Tell them, I'll get the money.
    • Who: Le Chiffre
    • Source: Casino Royale
    • Notes: Character had interrogated Bond in order to get the money he had lost in the card game. However, Mr. White kills him, saying that knowing who to trust is more important.
  • I'm sorry James.
    • Who: Vesper Lynd
    • Source: Casino Royale
    • Note: Said before killing herself, after Bond found out she had used him.

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