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The numerous deaths across all different media in the Transformers universe have yielded many memorable last words.

Beast Wars

  • Tell my tale to those who ask it. Tell it truly - the ill deeds along with the good - and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence...
    • Who: Dinobot, "Code of Hero"
  • Friend, good. Friend, dark. I am hurt.
    • Who: Transmutate
    • Note: Transmutate was a greatly damaged transformer with very limited inteligence, great power, and no transforming ability. It was looking at Silverbolt when saying good, and Rampage when saying dark, only Silverbolt, and Rampage, out of both the teams wanted to give it a chance. Transmutate died using it's powers to keep Silverbolt and Rampage from killing eachother. Optimus Primal and Cheetor wanted to take care of Rampage after it's death, but Silverbolt did not let him, saying, "No. Let him be. For the moment, we are brothers."
  • You've done it, Megatron!
    • Who: Scorponok
  • What sort of work?
    • Who: Terrorsaur
  • Raw energon, right through your twisted spark. TAKE IT! TAKE IT STRAIGHT TO THE PIT, YOU SICKENING PIECE OF SLAG!
    • Who: Depth Charge, said to his archenemy Rampage before destroying him, at the cost of his own life when Rampage's body explodes.
    • Note: The Pit is the Tranformers’ version of Hell.
  • I was your assignment... and you failed!
    • Who: Rampage
    • Note: Said as he prepares to kill Depth Charge, before Depth Charge overpowers and kills him.
  • Farewell, Optimus Primal.
    • Who: Dinobot 2
    • Note: Said to Optimus Primal as he chooses to remain aboard the Nemesis as it falls into the ocean. May not have died.
  • Decepticons forever!
    • Who: Ravage
    • Who: Tarantulas
    • Note: Tarantulas is attempting to fend off Vok ghosts. They enter his body, and his gunfire causes his own laser cannon to backfire, incinerating him.
  • Go back to your fellow Maximals, I will hold the line here.
    • Who: Tigerhawk
    • Note: Said to Optimus Primal, telling him to return to the Ark while he held off the Nemesis. After he attacked it, he was obliterated by the ships fusion cannon.
  • Royalty! My Queen! We are down here!
    • Who: Inferno
    • Note: Said to Megatron, pleading with him not to fire the Nemesis fusion cannon at the valley that he was in. He was obliterated by the cannon along with Quickstrike.
  • I don't like the looks of this!
    • Who: Quickstrike
    • Note: Said when he saw the Nemesis fusion cannon powering up. Was then obliterated by the cannon.

Beast Wars/Beast Machines

  • MEGATRON !!!
  • The great transformation awaits, Megatron... Prepare to be reformatted.
    • Who: Optimus Primal
    • Note: Character actually died twice. The first line is said to his nemesis, Megatron, who had sabotaged Primal's shuttle to kill him. The second line is said to Megatron as they both plummet into Cybertron's organic core, reformatting the planet into a paradise and killing them both.
    • Who: Megatron
    • Note: Said as he and Optimus Primal fall into Cybertron's organic core, where Optimus reformats the planet into a paradise, killing them both.

The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

  • Megatron? Is that you?
    • Who: Starscream
    • Note: Said to Galvatron who replied "Here's a hint!" before transforming to his cannon mode and blasting Starscream into ash.
  • NO!
    • Who: Ironhide
    • Note: Character has been mortally wounded by Megatron, but grabs his heel in one last attempt to stop him. Megatron shoots him in the head.
  • Destiny... you cannot... destroy... my... DESTINY!
    • Who: Unicron
    • Note: The head of the character was later resurrected in the animated series.
  • Do not grieve. Soon I shall be one with the Matrix. Ultra Magnus, it is to you, old friend, I shall pass the Matrix of Leadership, as it was passed to me. [But Prime, I am just a soldier. I'm not worthy.] Nor was I, but one day an Autobot shall rise from our ranks, and use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour. Until that day, till all are one.
    • Who: Optimus Prime
    • Note: Character was later resurrected in the animated series.
  • Megatron?
    • Who: Brawn
  • Decepticons!
    • Who: Prowl
  • No! I accept your terms, I ACCEPT!!!
    • Who: Megatron
    • Note: Was accepting Unicrons offer to rebuild him in exchange for his servitude. He was then rebuilt into Galvatron, effectively killing the Megatron version of the character.
  • Decepticons! We are under attack! Scramble! Scramble!
    • Who: Shockwave
    • Note: Said as Cybertron was under attack by Unicron.

Transformers (2007)

  • I HATE YOU!!!!
    • Who: Bonecrusher
  • You wanna piece of me?! You wanna piece of me?!
    • Who: Jazz
    • Source: Transformers
    • Note: Jazz utters this as Megatron carries him to the top a Building, then replies "No, I want two!" and rips him in half.
  • Mine! Allspark!!!
    • Who: Megatron
    • Source: Transformers
    • Note: Said after being heavily damaged, while going after Sam and the Allspark, before he has it rammed into his chest.

Transformers Animated

  • So this is what it feels like to be a hero.
    • Who: Optimus Prime
    • Source: Transformers Animated, Transform and Roll Out, Part III
    • Note: Said after falling several hundred feet from an altercation with Starscream. Shortly afterward, Sari's AllSpark key reformatted him and brought him back to life.