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Lech Wałęsa (born 29 September 1943) is a Polish political activist and politician, who became President of Poland (1990 - 1995).

On presidency

  • We have only the presidency we deserve.
Takiego mamy prezydenta, na jakiego sobie zasłużyliśmy.

From an election debate

  • To you, sir, I can extend only my leg to shake (to Aleksander Kwaśniewski during election debate, after he refused to shake his hand).
Panu to ja mogę co najwyżej nogę podać.

On communist system

  • Without a single shot we've managed to liberate the world of communism ... but now there is a need for a global solidarity.
  • We've had enough generals (an allusion to Polish military ruler General Jaruzelski). What Poland needs now are the American generals: General Motors, General Electric, and General Dynamics.
  • The Polish Communists are just like radishes. They are only red on the outside (from an interview with Charles McDowell).
  • If there were fish in the lake, fishing would've been uneventful.
Gdyby w jeziorze były ryby, wędkowanie nie miałoby sensu.
  • There should be a left leg and a right leg. And, I am sort of between them.
Powinna być lewa noga i prawa noga. A ja będę pośrodku.

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