Lethal Weapon 3

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Lethal Weapon 3 is a 1992 action film. It is the third film in the Lethal Weapon series.


Murtaugh: Word Riggs!
Riggs: Word Rog!
Murtaugh: What the hell are we taking about?
Riggs: Word. Four letters.. starts with W, OR in the middle, D on the end. Word.
Murtaugh: Oh, that word.

Travis: Go to hell, Riggs.
Riggs: You first.

Riggs: Rog?
Murtaugh: Yeah?
Riggs: Grab the cat!
Murtaugh: Grab the cat!

Riggs: Hiya, Hubie! We're lookin' for a friend of yours named Travis.
Hubie: I never heard of him.
Riggs: Never? Errr! Errr! Errr! Wrong answer? Wrong answer? Errr! Errr! Errr!

Tyrone: What the hell! It's Jack Travis!
Murtaugh: That's what I wanted, baby.

Murtaugh: Do you have to solve everything with your fists?
Riggs: Well, I couldn't use my guns, there were people around.

Murtaugh: I knew you couldn't stop smoking.
Riggs: I'm only smoking to take my mind off my dog biscuit problem.
Murtaugh: What dog biscuit problem?
Riggs: Well, I've been chasing more cars lately, and uh, y'know , when I try to lick my balls I keep falling off the couch.

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