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Mnemonic verses are a type of mnemonic using rhyme, metre and meaning to help in remembering facts. Template:Seealso

Science and technology


  • The difference between prone (face-down) and supine (face-up):
In muggings, muggers must attack
The victim's proper zone:
The belly if he's supine,
And the spine if he is prone.
Brain: Neo-cortex, frontal lobe
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Hippocampus, neural node
Right hemisphere.
Brain: Pons and cortex visual
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Sylvian fissure, pineal
Left hemisphere.
Brain: Cerebellum left!
Cerebellum right!
Synapse, hypothalamus
Striatum, dendrite.
Brain: Axon fibers, matter gray
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Central tegmental pathway
Temporal lobe.
Brain: White core matter, forebrain, skull
Pinky: Brainstem! Brainstem!
Brain: Central fissure, cord spinal
Brain: Pia mater!
Menengeal vein!
Medulla oblongata and lobe limbic
Pinky: Naaarf!


A way taught among primary or junior high school students to know the differences or dangers of confusing acids is:

Johnny was a chemist,
Johnny is no more,
because what he thought was H2O
was H2SO4

(The former being Water and the latter, Sulfuric acid )


  • How many yards are in a mile:
George the third
said with a smile,
yards in a mile"
(The year 1760 was the year George III took the throne)


  • Matrix multiplication, a common mnemonic uses the song "Oh, My Darling Clementine"
Row by column, row by column
Multiply them line by line
Add the products, form a matrix
Now you're doing it just fine!
  • Quadratic formula, sung to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel"*
"x" equals opposite "b"
Plus or minus square root
"b" squared minus "4ac"
All divided by "2a" / all over "2a"
  • Remembering the formulae for the area and circumference of a circle
Fiddle de dum, fiddle de dee,
A ring around the moon is Pi times D;
But if a hole you want repaired,
You use the formula Pi r squared.



Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han
Shang, Zhou, Qin, Han
Sui, Tang, Song
Sui, Tang, Song
Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic
Yuan, Ming, Qing, Republic
Mao, Deng, Jiang
Mao, Deng, Jiang
(note: in 2002 Hu Jintao becomes president of the People's Republic of China)
divorced, beheaded, died
divorced, beheaded, survived




  • Which letter to put first while spelling (has some exceptions):
"I" before "e" except after "c"
Or when sounding like "a" as in neighbor and weigh (or sleigh)
Exceptions: weird, science; these can almost all be accounted for by appending when the sound is e

Popular culture


  • The order of the zodiac signs:
The Ram, the Bull, the Heavenly Twins,
And next' the Crab, the Lion shines,
The Virgin and the Scales.
The Scorpion, Archer, and the Goat,
The Man who holds the Watering Pot,
And Fish with glittering scales.

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