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Lixion Avila is a meteorologist at the National Hurricane Center who is known for making humorous statements in advisories on tropical cyclones.


  • On the regeneration of Hurricane Ivan in 2004:
    • After considerable and sometimes animated in-house discussion of the demise of Ivan...
  • On Hurricane Epsilon in 2005:
    • On Epsilon's strengthening:
      • There are no clear reasons, and I am not going to make one up, to explain the recent strengthening of Epsilon.
    • On Epsilon's longetivity:
      • I heard that before about Epsilon... haven't you?
  • On Hurricane Ernesto in 2006:
    • Since neither I nor the [forecast] models are good enough to precisely know if Ernesto will have an intensity of 64 knots at landfall...which is the border between hurricane and tropical storm intensity and 4 knots above the forecast...a hurricane watch has been issued for a portion of the coast.
  • On Tropical Storm Juliette in 2007:
    • If some of the dynamical models have their way...Juliette could meet her less-than-Shakespearean demise sooner than indicated in the official forecast.
  • On Hurricane Bertha in 2008:
    • Bertha HAS to weaken and begin to become extratropical...famous last words.