Macedonian proverbs

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Proverbs in the modern Macedonian language, the official language of the modern Republic of Macedonia.

  • Што една будала ќе заплетка, илјада мудреци не можат да отплеткат.
  • Što edna budala će zapletka, iljada mudreci ne možat da otpletkat.
    • Translation: What one fool can ensnare, not a thousand sages can fix.

  • Два пати помисли, еднаш кажи.
  • Dva pati pomisli, ednaš kaži.
    • Translation: Think twice, say once.

  • Храни куче да те лае.
  • Hrani kuče da te lae.
    • Translation: Feed a dog to bark at you.

  • Добриот другар во неволја се познава.
  • Dobriot drugar vo nevolja se poznava.
    • Translation: A good friend is recognized in times of trouble.
    • The equivalent of "a friend in need is a friend indeed".

  • Каде има сила, нема правдина.
  • Kade ima sila, nema pravdina.
    • Translation: Where force rules, justice does not exist.

  • Умот не е во џебот, туку во главата.
  • Umot ne e vo džebot, tuku vo glavata.
    • Translation: The brain is not in the pocket, but in the head.

  • Брат брата не рани , тешко кој го нема.
  • Brat brata ne rani , teshko koj go nema.
    • Translation: Brother does not feed his brother but it is hard not having one.
    • Meaning: You are not dependent on your brother, but it is still better having one.

  • Лежи лебу да те јадам.
  • Lezhi lebu da te jadam.
    • Translation: Lie bread so I can eat you.
    • Meaning: Lazyness will get you nowhere.