Manx proverbs

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If you want to be happy for a year, plant a garden; If you want to be happy for life, plant a tree.
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  • Boayl ta gioee ta keck, as boayl ta mraane ta pleat.
  • Translation: Where there are geese there is dirt, and where there are women there is talking.
  • Boght, boght dy bragh.
  • Translation: Poor, poor for ever.
  • Brishys accyrys trooid boallaghyn cloaie.
  • Translation: Hunger will break through stone walls.


  • Caghlaa obbyr aash.
  • Translation: Change of work is rest.
  • Cha dennee rieau yn soogh y shang.
  • Translation: The well-fed never felt like the ill-fed.
  • Cha jarg oo dty choayl y chreck.
  • Translation: You cannot sell your loss.
  • Cha nee yn wooa smoo eieys smoo vlieaunys.
  • Translation: It's not the cow that calls most which gives most milk.
  • Cha stamp rieau yn dow doo er e chass.
  • Translation: The black ox never trod on his own foot.
  • Cha vel eh laccal gerjagh ta soylley jeh aigney booiagh.
  • Translation: He lacks not comfort who enjoys a contended mind.
  • Cha vel fer erbee cha bouyr, as eshyn nagh jean clashtyn.
  • Translation: None is so deaf as the one who will not hear.
  • Commee obbyr commee bee.
  • Translation: Partner in work, partner in food.
  • Cur meer da'n feeagh as hig eh reesht.
  • Translation: Give a piece to the raven and he will be back.


  • Dy chooilley ghooinney er e hon hene, as Jee son ooilley.
  • Translation: Every man for himself, and God for all.


  • Eddyr daa stoyl ta toyn er laare.
  • Translation: Between two stools, your arse is on the floor.
  • Eshyn nagh gow rish briw erbee t'eh deyrey eh hene.
  • Translation: He who acknowledges no judge condemns himself.
  • Eshyn yiow skeilley, yiow eh craid.
  • Translation: He who is harmed shall be mocked.
  • Eshyn ta geddyn dooinney mie da e inneen t'eh cos ney mae. Agh eh ta geddyn drogh-chleuin t'eh coayl inneen.
  • Translation: A man who gets a good man to marry his daughter gains a son, but a man who gets a bad son-in-law also loses a daughter.


  • Faaid mooar moayney son oie'l fingan.
  • Translation: A big sod of turf for St. Thomas's Eve.
  • It is a Manx tradition on St Thomas's Day (21 December) to catch venison or mutton for the Christmas meal.
  • Foddee yn moddee s'jerree tayrtyn y mwaagh.
  • Translation: Perhaps the last dog is catching the hare.


  • Keeayl chionnit yn cheeayl share, mannagh vel ee kionnit ro gheyr.
  • Translation: Bought wit is the best wit, if it is not too expensive.
  • Kione mooar er y beggan cheilley, as kione beg gyn veg edyr. Towse cheilley rish.
  • Translation: A big head on the smallest wits, and a little head with none at all. Use it to measure sense.


  • Laa er-meshtey as laa er ushtey.
  • Translation: A day drunk, and a day drinking water.


  • Mannagh vow cliaghtey cliaghtey, nee cliaghtey coe.
  • Translation: If customs are not customary, custom will mourn.
  • Myr sloo yn cheshaght share yn ayrn,
    Myr smoo yn cheshaght s'reaie yn chloie.
  • Translation: The smaller the company, the better the share; the bigger the company, the merrier the play.
  • Myr sniessey da'n chraue s'miljey yn eill.
  • Translation: The nearer the bone, the sweeter the flesh.


  • Ny jean balk jeh thalloo mie.
  • Translation: Plough the patches you missed to make the earth good.


  • S'mooar ta eddyr y chair as yn aggair.
  • Translation: There is a great difference between the just and the unjust.
  • Soddag chamm bolg jeeragh.
  • Translation: Crooked bannock, straight belly.
  • Bannock is a type of pan-made bread distinctive to the Isle of Man and parts of Scotland.


  • Ta airh er cushagyn ayns shen.
  • Translation: There is gold on those ragworts.
  • T'ad beaghey bwoailley er keyt as bwoailley er moddey.
  • Translation: They are living hitting a cat and hitting a dog.
  • T'ad craa nyn moyrn er y chielley.
  • Translation: They are shaking their pride on each other.
  • Ta craplag smoo ayns dty hoyn nish na va roie.
  • Translation: There is a bigger wrinkle in your arse than before.
  • Ta cree dooie ny share na kione croutagh.
  • Translation: A kind heart is better than a crafty head.
  • Ta fooillagh naareydagh ny smelley na ee scammyltagh.
  • Translation: Shameful leftovers are worse than disgraceful eating.
  • Ta lane chyndaaghyn ayns carr y phoosee.
  • Translation: There are many turns in the marriage tune.
  • Ta'n aghaue veg shuyr da'n aghaue vooar.
  • Translation: The little hemlock is a sister to the big hemlock.
  • Meaning: A small sin is a sister to a big one.
  • Ta ynsagh coamrey stoamey yn dooinney berchagh, as t'eh berchys y dooinney boght.
  • Translation: Learning is the stately clothing of the rich man, and the riches of the poor man.


  • Yn chiuney smoo erbey geay jiass sniessey j'ee.
  • Translation: The greater the calm, the nearer to the South wind.