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Mark Rosenfelder is an American amateur linguist, creator of a fictional world called "Almea".


Fictional sayings

  • What harms no other is not sin.
  • The invariable sign of doctrines invented by men is confusion, contradiction, absurdity, and obscenity
  • Idleness, theft, and viciousness dishonor your mother who in pain bore you.
  • If he met resistance he threw men at it; if the obstacle was insurmountable he went around it; if the odds were hopeless he trusted in Jippir (God)
    • About a leader of the Tžuro


  • Some creationists suggest that Noah took not dogs, wolves, and foxes on the ark with him, but only one animal which after the flood generated all the species of canines. This is actually stupider than simply saying "God just did it; don't ask questions." It seems to come from a worry that, after all, canines do seem to be genetically related; but then it sweeps away the genetic relationship to felines, primates, birds, chordates, etc.
    • On the theory of evolution

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