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Menachem Wolfovich Begin (August 16, 1913March 9, 1992) was head of the Zionist underground group the Irgun, and became the first Likud Prime Minister of Israel. His term of office from 1977 saw him make peace with Egypt (for which he won the Nobel Prize) but later invade Lebanon. Amid economic difficulties and depressed after becoming a widower, he resigned in 1983.


  • The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.
    • On the 1967 (six day) war, excerpts from Begin Speech at National Defense College, The New York Times, August 11, 1982, p. A6.


  • Goyim kill goyim and the Jews are blamed.
    • On the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre of Palestinian Refugees by Christian Phalangalist militias in Lebanon.
  • There will be no fraternal strife while the foe is at the gate.
  • Israel is still the only country in the world against which there is a written document to the effect that it must disappear.
    • On the PLO Charter, which calls for the elimination of Israel.
  • No more wars, no more bloodshed, and no more threats.
  • No more wars, no more bloodshed. Peace unto you. Shalom, salaam, forever.
    • On signing the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty, Washington, D.C., March 26, 1979.
  • We shall defend our people with all the means are our disposal
    • On the 1981 bombing of Osirak

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