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Michael Franti (born April 21, 1966) is an African-American poet, musician, and composer.



  • "Television, the drug of the nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation..."
  • "They say they blame it on a song when someone kills a cop, what music did they listen to when they bombed Iraq?"
  • "You can bomb the world into pieces, but you can't bomb it into peace..." - Bomb the World.
  • "Love is the shit that makes life bloom and you never know when you might step in it!"
  • "Music is too big for just one station, love is too big for just one nation and God is too big for just one religion." - East to the West.
  • "Those who start wars never fight them, and those who fight wars, they never like them." - Time to Go Home.
  • "Don't fear your best friend, cause a best friend would never try to do you wrong. And don't fear your worst friend, cause a worst friend's just a best friend that's done you wrong." - Never Too Late.
  • "My cup is half full, but his is empty." - Hole in the Bucket.
  • "Don't want a cigarette, cause that's a form of slavery." - Hole in the Bucket.
  • "Hope to the people who be feeling down, smile to the people who be wearing a frown, and faith to the people who be seekin' the truth. All of the time." - Sometimes.
  • "Everyone deserves music, even our worst enemies..." - Everyone Deserves Music
  • "Mary, Mary, quite contrary how does your garden grow? Hydropnic, ultra-supersonic, or does it grow naturally slow?" - Ganja Babe
  • "Cinnamon skin be bringin sin to my mind." - Ganja Babe
  • "The government says that killin's a sin, unless you kill a murderer with a lethal syringe!" - Rock the Nation


  • "Music has the ability to pull emotions out of people that they didn't know existed. Through the beat and melody and through storytelling we are all part of a long ancient tradition and music can be used as much for good as it can be for evil."
  • "If the first casualty of war is innocence, then perhaps with each bullet fired, bomb detonated, leader overthrown, wall built, economy destroyed and family member killed, we are not creating goodwill and harmony, but rather another child who believes violence is the only means to bring about change in the world."
  • "My goal has not ever been to change minds; my goal is to open minds."
  • "It shouldn't be a republican or democratic issue whether we take care of the environment. That should be a human issue."
  • "The human interest, and the natural interest, and the spiritual interest of this planet need to begin to take a priority over the corporate interest, the military interest, and the materialistic interests." - Republican National Convention, NYC, prior to singing Never Too Late.

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