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Mrs. Doubtfire is a 1993 film comedy about a family separated by an impeding divorce. The father takes on the job as the family housekeeper, unbenownst to his ex, who believes him to be a middle aged english woman.

Directed by Chris Columbus.
She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She's a blessing... in disguise. taglines

Mrs. Doubtfire

  • (After setting fake bust on fire and putting it out) Looks at me, my first day as a woman and I'm getting hot flashes.
  • Carpe dentum. Seize the teeth.
  • It was a run-by fruiting!
  • I can hip-hop, be-bop, dance till ya drop, and yo yo, make a wicked cup of cocoa.
  • Ohh thank you, dear. Yes, touch me again and I'll drown you ya bastard!
  • Look, Natty. That's called liposuction.
  • (Is walking across the street, then almost gets mugged. Hits mugger in the face.) (As Daniel) Back off, asshole! BEAT IT!

(As Mrs. Doubtfire.) Broke my bag, the bastard.

  • You know they often say a man with a car like thats trying the compensate for smaller genitals sissy, but not in your case, cause i see that you're a strapping aren't ya.
  • She's got a power tool in the bedroom (Stuart spits out his drink back in the glass). She Could break a sidewalk to that thing. Surprised she hasn't chipped her teeth.
  • (Drops false teeth in drink, Stuart doubletakes and pulls a strange face). Oh (pretends to talk with no teeth)
  • Upstairs, my little noseminers! Go! Flee before me! Onward and upward! Go pump some neurons. Expand your craniums.


  • Ever wish you could freeze frame a moment in your day, and look at it and say "this is not my life"?

Daniel as Pudgey the Parrot: 911! 911! Police! Authorities! ASPCA! ASAP! Murder! Betrayal! Kidnap! No. BIRDNAP!!


  • Chris: You don't really like wearing that stuff, do you Dad?
  • Miranda: Oh my god! oh my god! The whole time? The whole time? THE WHOLE TIME?! I have to go. We have to leave now. We have to go. I have to leave. We have to leave.


Daniel: Could you make me a woman?
Frank: Honey, I'm so happy!

Daniel: How about we take a vacation, take the kids, get you away from work, you'll see that you're a different person. You are. You're great.
Miranda: But our problems would be waiting for us when we got back.
Daniel: Well we'll move, and hopefully our problems won't follow us.
Miranda: Daniel, please don't joke. We're far apart. We're different. We have nothing in common.
Daniel: Sure we do. We love each other... We love each other... Don't we?
Miranda: I want a divorce.

Daniel: What kind of idiot kept this guy on the air of twenty-five years?
Jonathan Lundy: Me. [offering his hand] Jonathan Lundy.
Daniel: Jonathan Lundy, general manager, owner? Daniel Hillard, former employee.

Mrs. Doubtfire: He was quite fond of the drink. It was the drink that killed him.
Miranda: How awful, he was an alcoholic?
Mrs. Doubtfire: No, he was hit by a Guinness truck, so it was quite literally the drink that killed him


  • She makes dinner. She does windows. She reads bedtime stories. She's a blessing... in disguise.


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