Carolina, Baroness Nairne

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Carolina, Baroness Nairne, also known as Lady Nairne, (August 16, 1766October 26, 1845), was a Scottish songwriter, born in the auld hoose of Gask, Perthshire.


  • There's nae sorrow there, John,
    There's neither cauld nor care, John,
    The day is aye fair,
    In the land o' the leal.
    • The Land o’ the Leal.
  • Gude nicht, and joy be wi' you a'.
  • Oh, we ’re a’ noddin’, nid, nid, noddin’;
    Oh, we ’re a’ noddin’ at our house at hame.
    • We're a' Noddin'.
  • A penniless lass wi' a lang pedigree.
    • The Laird o' Cockpen
  • She's mad for refusing the Laird o' Cockpen.
    • The Laird o' Cockpen

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