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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (abbreviated MGLN) is an anime series by 7arc.

Spoiler warning: Plot, ending, or solution details follow.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

  • Nanoha: I, the one who accepted this mission by the ancient contract, order you to release your power! The wind is in the sky and the stars are in the heavens and a resolute heart beats within my chest! This magic in my hand Raising Heart, Set up!
  • Fate (when she first uses Plasma Lancer): Arukas, Krutas, Eygias... Heavenly gods who shine over all, descend upon us now as I guide you.Baruel, Zaluel, Browzel. Strike with lightning and roar with resonant thunder... Arukas, Krutas, Eygias.

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's

  • Vita: (seeing nanoha walk out of a fire) You devil...
    Nanoha: It's okay if I'm a devil... I'll just use my hellish tools to get you to listen!
  • Vita: It's you... Takamachi Nantoka!
    Nanoha: It's NANOHA! NA-NO-HA!
  • Signum: If you take even the slightest hit, you will die. Are you crazy, Testarosa?
    Fate: That is so I can defeat you.
  • Signum: Can't stop---You can't stop us!
    Fate: You will be stopped - by me and Bardiche!
  • Reinforce: I'm the happiest magical tome in the whole world.
  • Raising Heart: I can be shot.
  • Chrono: As for me and the ferret-changeling, we'll be in the witness seats this time. You should be answering questions like they're worded here...
    Yuuno: Yeah, I understand... Er, HEY!
    Chrono: What's wrong?
    Yuuno: Who's a 'ferret-changeling?! WHO?!
    Chrono: You are. Is there something wrong with that?
    Yuuno: Argh...I may be in my animal form a lot, but "Yuuno Scrya" is a great name, you know!!
    Arf: Y-Yuuno, calm down...
    Fate: Chrono, you shouldn't be too mean...
    Chrono: Don't worry. I only meant it as a joke to lighten the atmosphere...(Said in a monotone voice)
    Yuuno: Grrr....
  • Fate: According to Lieze apparently, I'm suited for executive officer work, and Nanoha is suited as a Combat Instructor for the Combat Division.
    Chrono: Really, that's pretty upfront talk from those two... I wonder what they're up to.
    Fate: What do you think Chrono?
    Chrono: It's pretty accurate. It suits you, that is to say... Comparing all other qualities, it's a perfect match.
    Nanoha: Really?
    Chrono: Nanoha's combat ability is considerable. Your irresponsible reliance on your magic power complements your basic true character.
    Nanoha: Er...
    Chrono: You're extremely solid and quick to recover too.
    Nanoha: Er... Are you praising me or are you insulting me?
  • Signum: Had we not meet like this... we may have been really good friends...
    Fate: There still time for that...
    Signum: (starting to cry) Stop...
  • Reinforce: Everything's ended, once again. How many times must I repeat this sadness?
  • Nanoha: Will Hayate-chan really be happy if you grant this wish?! Keeping your heart locked away and being nothing...but a tool to grant your mistress' wish , with no feeling of your own... Are you really okay with that?
    Reinforce: I am a magical tome, I am nothing but a tool.
    Nanoha: But you can use words, can't you? You have a heart, don't you? It would be weird if you didn't. If you didn't have a heart, you wouldn't be crying as you are right now!
    Reinforce: These tears are my mistress' tears. I am a tool. I have no... sadness.
    Fate: You have no sadness? You say those words with such a sad face... who would believe you?!
    Nanoha: You also have a heart! It's okay to admit that you're sad!
  • Fate: You... think so? Seems aiming for that would mean going through all sorts of troubles. If Nanoha were to work at the Bureau, what would you...
    Aria & Lotte: ENFORCER!
    Nanoha: EEEH!
    Aria: Looking at your data, other choices are unthinkable.
    Lotte: You've got a flair for battle anyways. Aren't you glad Nanoha? Your future is set!
    Nanoha: Should I be happy?
  • Hayate: My light is fading away slowly and gives way to the light of the night sky.
  • Vita: I'm Vita, the iron hammer knight with the iron count, Graf Eisen!
  • Signum: The sword knight,Signum. I am the soul and the fiery demonic sword is Levantine! By combining the sheath with the sword, its other form becomes visible.
  • Zafira: I am the Shielding Guardian Beast,Zafira! I'll not allow you to fire anything!
  • Hayate: Approach form the beyond, mistletoe branches, and become spears of the sliver moon! Pierce it! Stone spears, Misteltein!

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

  • Hayate:Oh white king of snow, with your wings of sliver, dye this earth before my eyes with an argent snow ! Breath of ice!
  • Nanoha: (to Vivio, who is running towards her) Don't fall!
    (Vivio falls over)
  • Signum: All I could ever teach them is how to get close their enemy and strike, and rip the enemy to shreds.
  • Nanoha: (to Fate, regarding Vivio) Aren't you spoiling her just a bit?
    Fate: It's just that Nanoha-mama is too strict.
  • Caro: White flash of light that streaks across the azure, become my wings and dash across the sky! Come to me, my dragon, Freidliche! Dragon Soul Summon!
  • Caro: What I seek is that with which to admonish, with which to seize. Answer to my words, binding chains of steel. Tempered Iron Summon: Alchemic Chain!
  • Caro: What I ask for are wings of the hurricane and the power to break through for this young lance-wielding knight.
    Kerykeion: Boost up: Acceleration!
  • Caro: What I ask for is a sword of holy silver. Give upon the blade of this young lance-wielding knight, the light of blessing.
  • Caro:A light of prayer that gives power to its noble self...
    Kerykeion: Boost up: Strike Power.
  • Caro: Twin boost: Slash and Strike!
  • Caro: Glorious howl which pierces the heavens,
    that which will forever protect a distant land;
    come to my side.
    O black flame that is the land's protector.
    Dragon Mount Summon: Thunderous roar of the Heavens
    Come forth, Voltaire!
  • Vita: The Knight Vita of the Iron hammer, and the Steel Count, Graf Eisen. There's nothing in this world we can't destroy.

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