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Fillmore! is a Disney animated television series, created by Scott Gimple. Loosely based on popular cop shows of the 1970s like The Mod Squad, Fillmore is centered on a reformed delinquent teenager, Cornelius Fillmore, and his partner, Ingrid Third, working as part of the Safety Patrol at "X Middle School".

Season 1

Season 2

Next Stop, Armageddon

Danny O'Farrell: Oh merciful pancakes! Did I say pancakes? Oh why did I say pancakes?

Nappers Never Sleep [1.07]

Mrs. Konquist: I almost made it out until someone decided to read War and Peace in one sitting!

Mr. Almaden: I'm on page 220!

This Saviour, A Snitch

Reporter: (after Fillmore has broken a macaroni statue) Wow, he really hates macaroni.

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