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Quotes from the TV show Nathan Barley.

Season 1

Episode 1 [n.m]

Nathan Barley:
  • I'm a self-facilitating media node.
  • Keep it chopped out, yeah?
  • Keep it dusty.
  • Peace and fuckin'; believe.
  • That's well coinci-mental

Episode 2 [n.m]

Nathan Barley:
  • Well cheeks, man, well cheeks.
  • You should come to the party Friday, it'll be well jackson.
Dan Ashcroft:
  • Shut up, fat arms.

Unattributed - Season 1

Nathan Barley

  • It's well weapon.
  • Well cheeks. Well cheeks.
  • Toby, rim licker! How's it fucking collapsing?
  • You should come, dollsnatch. It's gonna be totally fucking Mexico.
  • Futures, monkey muff.
  • Alright, spunk flake?
  • Keep it dense, yeah?
  • Awesome fucking Welles
  • Bum.
  • Check out the website, yeah? It's well fuckin' futile.
  • There's my desk A.K.A.S. Main Hub.
  • I kicked the brown door in and painted it white on the way out.
  • You can come, you can come twice, you can come multiple times.
  • (rapping to Claire Ashcroft while in bed with her) Taking the lips down to the nips. Gonna head down south, south with me mouth. Comin' up for air and me mouth say "yeah". Sure, yeah, lose the frown. I'm goin' all the way down. Soon I'll be showin' you my 'OHH' face. Soon I'll be showin' you my 'OHH' face. Got a strong hunch you prefer a big munch. You drift off. I'll have a scoff.

Ned Smanks

  • "Well plastic."
  • "Keep it foolish."